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Posted on Sep 14th 2019 at 08:00:00 AM by (Pam)
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Today I'm reviewing an NES game that was originally supposed to be an adaptation of The Terminator. The gameplay is reminiscent of Mega Man (though many feel Contra is a better comparison - I disagree) and uses many designs that seem to borrow from popular sci-fi properties.

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Spot on review. I really love this game, but every criticism you brought up is valid. Sunsoft rules!!
Good stuff, Pam, as usual! This is a classic, and one I remember a friend renting a couple times when we were kids. The music is great, as Sunsoft NES fare normally is, and you're right about the control. That could definitely have used some tightening. With the whole Terminator tie-in, it makes me wonder if the player character was originally supposed to have been Kyle Reese. I've never managed to beat this one, though I haven't put enough time into it specifically, to get that far. I can usually make it to stage 3, before I have to start burning through continues. I think I've managed to hit Stage 4 once, but I haven't seen past that. One day, perhaps!

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