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Posted on Apr 12th 2019 at 08:00:00 AM by (Pam)
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Sine Mora was developed by Digital Reality and Grasshopper Manufacture and first released in 2012. In 2017 an extended version was released which is available on PC, PS4, Switch and XBox One. It is a horizontal 2.5D shooter, which means the plane you control moves on 2 axes, while the backgrounds are 3D. The game has gorgeous environments, uses some novel time-based mechanics and has a heavy focus on story. However, I found a heavy story in a scrolling shooter wasn't that welcome of a feature. Check out the video for more.

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Wow, what a coinkydink— I saw this in my Amazon recs list a couple weeks back. The time-shift dealie struck me as a novel, attractive mechanic, and it was reasonably priced. However, after reading up on it a little further (and consulting RFGen’s resident shmup-maven MetalFRO (love ya, bro)), I got the impression that it had real potential, but lacked polish—an impression with which your review largely concurred. Still, this wouldn’t necessarily deter me from trying it out if I acquired it on the cheap—

Wait, did you say the characters in this game are furries? Oh sweet God-Jesus, no…  NOOOOOOO!!! Oh the horror! That’s just so wrong! All right, never mind—I’m crossing this one right off my list. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to play some StarFox 64 3D, followed by a few levels of Ratchet & Clank.

On a (somewhat) more serious note, I thought the game was pronounced “SINE Mora,” as in “sine-cosine-tangent,” NOT “See-Nay Mora.” It led me to think there was some sort of trigonometric mechanic to the game. So I have to calculate firing angles or something? Look, I just wanna mindlessly shoot at the bad guys & blow ‘em up real good; the last thing I want is to experience horrible flashbacks to my college trig classes, you know?

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