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Slowly but surely I have been setting up my new Room of Doom (or as a friend of mine calls it the "Geek-a-Torium") for the past several months (picts. coming soon!).

In the largest room of our house, my comics, games, and assorted other long forgotten relics of my childhood have been stored away, virtually forgotten for the past 5+ years.  Now that we live in a house big enough for me to have my own abode, I have been slowly opening each dusty box, waiting to see what I find inside.

One particular box I came across a few days ago was my huge collection of arcade tokens, which I had truly forgotten about.  I stayed up 'til 2am looking through what I could before I collapsed from exhaustion.

One of the little gems I found was this very early Chuck E. Cheese token from 1982.  I was 14 at the time and I remember getting this token out of the changer at Showbiz Pizza.  Back in the day, Showbiz was an excellent place to go play games (saw my first Dragon's Lair there)...nothing like what Chuck E. Cheese's is now.  The Showbiz here was temporarily shut down and became Chuck E. Cheese a few months later sometime back in 1985.  My friends and I used to call it Up-Chuck Cheese's...Showbiz pizza was so much better...there was a pizza buffet and you could order beer!

Anyway, I've held on to this particular token for 25 years and thought I'd share it.  The pictures are of the same coin, but just showing the front and back.  I'll see what other goodies I can find and post them later.


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I've done've done it...we've ALL done it!  We have all, at one time, cheated.

No, no, I'm not talking about that late-night show on G4...I'm talking about cheat codes!  Those glorious unlockable rewards hidden in nearly every game in existance.

To celebrate Cheaters Week here at RF Generation, our Featured Hardware is the good ol' Game Genie.  The featured game of the week is Serious Sam for the Xbox, which has a moderate cheat menu hidden within the game.  The Featured Image is a screenshot from Serious Sam: the Second Encounter for the PC.

The honor of Featured Collection goes to GagaMan, with his real nice collection of Dreamcast and Megadrive games, so be sure and check it out!

To further promote Cheaters Week, I'd like to send out a personal challenge to everyone to submit as much "Cheat" info as possible.  Cheat codes, whether they be your standard "up+down+circle+circle" or the old Game Genie codes, can all be submitted under "Easter Eggs" in each game page.

With all that being said, let's all go forth and promote God Mode to the underachievers in gaming!

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