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Posted on Jul 7th 2017 at 05:28:06 AM by (ReddMcKnight)
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Let's face it. Fighting Games are becoming geared more and more towards people who play online, and to me, that's a problem. Don't get me wrong, if I'm playing with friends online, that's one thing, and not a bad thing at that, but when I'm forced to go up against random people who are likely cheating or do nothing else with they're time, it's just not fun anymore. So how do we remedy this? We go back to a time before things like Xbox Live or PSN existed (or when they were just coming into play).

Today, I'm here to talk about Fighting games with proper offline modes, or more specifically, Fighting games with a proper Arcade Mode. A proper Arcade Mode is defined by me as such:

-A mode where you battle CPU Opponents in succession, one after the other.
-Individual character endings.
-Difficulty selection.

That said, games like Street Fighter V and, sadly, Killer Instinct (2013) must be left out. While Killer Instinct's 1st Season does indeed have a proper Arcade Mode, it does not apply to every character in the roster, and therefore, I must leave it out. Don't get me wrong though, I still love the game. Let's begin!

Street Fighter II' - Champion Edition

I'll be honest. I have very mixed feelings on Street Fighter II. As it's many re-releases came about, it got harder, and it took every fiber of my being to beat the Hyper Version on MAME, and when I finally did it (using M. Bison, who is all I'm good with), the game basically presented me with a "Game Over" Screen, not even allowing me to enter my initials, all because I used him. That made me mad, so to say. The salt was real. That's where the Champion Edition on PC-Engine comes into play. Not only can I beat it without getting mad, but the Character Ending for M. Bison isn't just the game saying "Great job, you beat it with M. Bison, so you still lose". If your gonna play Street Fighter II, and you don't want to lose your temper, this version is the way to go.

SVC Chaos

This is another one I have mixed feelings on. I have always loved SNK and they're Fighting games, but this one is a bit different. Rather than being developed by Capcom, SNK made this one, and it shows. That's not a bad thing, but it does have a problem. While it does qualify as having a proper Arcade Mode according to what I said above, you only get a Character Ending if you beat one of the two secret final bosses, both of which are extremely difficult, and both of which you can't continue against if you lose. While I can beat one of them, SNK's Athena, I have never managed to defeat the other one, Capcom's Red Arremer, who I still consider to this day to be the hardest boss I have ever fought in a Fighting game. Complaints aside, I still like this game, even if some of the opponents are a bit too broken.

The King of Fighters 2006

The King of Fighters 2006 isn't the most beloved game in the series, and I fail to see why exactly. It's one of my favorite Fighting games, and I can't get enough of it. It's just plain fun! It's 3D, has English Voice acting, and the move inputs are still the same. Besides that, it carries on the traditional SNK Challenge, and that prevents it from being dull. It's worth it if you like Fighting games, but I'm unsure on how hard it may or may not be to find these days, as I haven't seen a copy in a long time.

These days, it seems like the best place to find Fighting games as I've described them is on Steam, which still feels a bit odd to me, but hey, a fight is a fight, and I'll keep fighting until my reflexes can't keep up anymore. FIGHT ON!

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DISCLAIMER: I made this entry to direct people on my YouTube Channel who were curious about who I am and what I do. That's all.

That's me in front of the TARDIS at a Comic Book Convention.

Hi there. If you've made it to this Blog Entry, then you likely came from my YouTube Channel's "About" Section, here:

If you were looking for information about me, you've found it, so here it is.

Name & Basic Info
I am Stuart, but my YouTube Moniker is ReddMcKnight. As of this entry, I am 28 Years Old, and I'm an Advanced Level Gamer. (Yes, there is a difference between Advanced and Expert.)

What I Do
Officially, I'm a Freelancer. I don't keep a steady job, instead choosing to do odd jobs. Online, I'm just a Gamer.

The Point of my YouTube Channel
I am not here to collect views or make money. I play what I want, when I want, and when my friend developed an interest in watching me play something to find his own game to play, it just sort of went from there. That said, I guess I just want Gamers to discover other games they may like too.

I will play almost any genre of game. The main question is, is it fun? Good or Bad according to moronic Critics is irrelevant. However, my favorite genre will, without a doubt, always be RPG. Fighting is a distant second.

The Best Game Ever & The Worst Game Ever
My favorite game of all time, Chrono Cross, is the best game ever. Nothing is ever going to top it. Without a doubt, the worst game ever is Rise of the Robots. Never has a game made me rage as bad as that one did.

I generally keep calm when playing games on YouTube Videos, but it's a different story when I'm not recording. I have an extreme temper when I screw up at a game repeatedly. I have yet to break any controllers or anything else in my anger yet.

The Battle Begins
I was born in 1988, and began gaming in 1990, with Super Mario Bros. on the NES. My Grandmother taught me the Way of the Game, and there is no doubt in my mind that I will be playing games until the day I pass.

The First Success
The first game I ever beat was The Magical Quest for SNES, back in 1995. Amazingly, I have never forgotten the feeling that came with that victory.

The War I Fight
One thing I take kind of personally is long wait times between sequels. That said, you've likely noticed that I post quite a few videos of Killer Instinct, targeting the villains of the game. The reason for this is that I loved Killer Instinct 2, so when the new one was released in 2013, I went nuts. I bought it the moment I was able to, and haven't stopped since. Once it's Story Mode was released, it was quickly made public that a secret final boss was found. When I couldn't beat it, I was pretty upset. One year later, I came back to it, and finally overcame the boss. At that point, something woke up within that said "This game is YOUR forte. You will become the best Single-Player Fighter in the State.", and the rest is history.

Misc. Info
There's not much to me, really. As you can see, I'm just a Gamer. I love to play games, and that is never going to change. Ever.

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What is the Holiday Season for you? For me, it's the idea of "free time" (and spending time with friends and family, above all else). I am always getting into something, but during free time, I like to experiment with many technical things, ROM Hacking being one such example. I also do other "technical" things that involve long, drawn out processes due to modern hardware being a pain to work with in regards to retro stuff. That said, let's begin...

Experiment 1!
The Video CD, according to Philips

This is going to sound strange to everyone, I am sure, but I really like what one would describe as "dead formats", but "dead" is far from the truth! While the Video CD is not making a comeback, Laserdiscs and (as far as I know) Betamax Tapes have big collector markets these days. In fact, one store here in my Hometown sells Laserdiscs and makes a lot of money doing it. Anyway, to get to the point, ever since I learned of Video CDs' existence, I've been fascinated with them. So I decided to try my hand at making some. It was hard. See, when the Philips CD-i released (note that my CD-i is the only method I have of playing these Video CDs), Philips added 4 certain files to their Video CDs that prevented them from playing on standard Video CD Players. This odd setup also prevents standard Video CDs from playing on the CD-i. Anyway, the 4 files can be found easily enough by searching the internet, but they can't be added to a CD easily. I learned how to do it thanks to the very helpful folks at the forums here: What's more, your video files need to be of a specific file type and at the same time, encoded a very specific way to work. So why is all this hard? You can't do it on a modern Operating System. You need to use a VM (Virtual Machine), which is an Operating System that works like a program within your current Operating System. Was all this difficult? Yes. Did it take me around 3 days to get it right? Also yes. Was it worth it? To me, very much so. I like older technology, and I'm sure we can all relate in one way or another, considering what this website is.

Experiment 2!
ROM Hacking, because I can

ROM Hacking is hacking an older game's data to modify/add stuff to the game. One thing I love about RPGs is that you can name (or rename) Characters to whatever you want. The example above is from an NES Game called Faxanadu. In the Famicom Version, you could name the Main Character, but for reasons unknown to me, they took this feature out of the NES Version. I found out about this about a year ago, and at the time, I couldn't do anything about it. As time passed, I learned how to hack ROMs, so I did what you see above to remedy it. I did something similar with The Goonies 2, also an NES Game (though you couldn't name characters in that one in any version). At some point after this, I thought "What if I could do this with a 16-Bit Game?", so I tried my hand at ROM Hacking Shadowrun for the Genesis. This was surprisingly easy, and while I don't have a Screenshot on hand to show it, it was also just a simple Name Change. Was this whole thing stupid? To a few people, yes, but I can say that at least two friends thought it was cool.

I get a lot of free time in October, November, and December, and those are just a couple of things I did this year in said free time. The Holiday Season is great: Time with family and friends, time off from work/free time in general, giving and receiving items, and much more. What do YOU like to do during your free time this time of year?

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WARNING: This entry contains a rant.

You ever had such high hopes for something, only to have that hope shot down at every turn? That's how I feel today. Where to begin...

Some years back, Mega Man Legends 3 was announced for the 3DS, and then canned, because, to be blunt about it, Capcom are jackasses, not even giving the fans a real reason to justify they're decision. This prompted someone on Facebook to start a group called 100K Strong For Bringing Back Mega Man Legends 3. Despite achieving the goal of gaining 100K Members, Capcom said it "did not matter". Around this time, Keiji Inafune, one of the central men behind Mega Man, started a Kickstarter Campaign for a new, Mega Man-like title called Mighty No. 9. People praised this idea, and it was called an "in your face attack at Capcom for they're negligence". However, several promised release dates later, now into 2016, Mighty No. 9 is nowhere to be found, and it's development team appears to have gone quiet, leading many to believe it was a scam the whole time, myself now included.

What I don't understand, is why would anyone do this? You take the money of hopeful fans, only to knock them down. What is the logic behind that? Can one really be so bored they they feel the need to steal money out of fans' wallets? My only guess is that the publisher, Deep Silver (who was already terrible anyway), caused a lot of this grief for people.

What *really* doesn't help matters is that the market is overflowing with stupid, weak, and just plain un-fun indie titles. Once trusted companies like Nintendo are also falling. If there is one thing I want to make very clear, Indie Devs are NOT saving gaming, they are speeding up it's inevitable second crash.

My point is, it doesn't seem like anyone, Triple-A Devs included, are going to step up and wipe out this Indie Plague. That said, as Mighty No. 9 has failed to release (since it was likely a scam, as I mentioned before), that failure to appear has only pushed Indie Devs into further thinking they can save gaming, when they can't.

And yes, I know I'm ranting, and all of you will probably disagree with me, but seeing all this, especially in my current life situation, which is not helping the matter, I really do believe a second crash is coming soon, and it is NOT going to be pretty.

Posted on Feb 18th 2016 at 01:20:46 PM by (ReddMcKnight)
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Before I begin, I'd just like to state that if you own a Wii U, and your friends with me, and it says I've been playing nothing but Netflix, ignore that. I hate Netflix, and my cousin has been using it on my Wii U. I do use Hulu Plus, but that's mostly on my PS4. Now then...

Xenoblade Chronicles X

Although I wasn't too big into the first Xenoblade Chronicles for Wii (and later the New 3DS), this game really sucked me in. It is absolutely massive in scope and scale, and could easily overwhelm a casual gamer. Fortunately, I'm not a casual gamer, but it STILL overwhelmed me at first. This huge open-world game tasks you with surviving on a new home planet after Earth is blown to bits in a conflict between 2 Alien Races. It gives you a basic goal to work towards, but being an open-world game, you can pretty much do as you please. Your not forced to progress in the story at some fixed pace, and can approach it however you want. Do you want to do Sidequests first? No problem. Feel the need to max out affinity with other characters first? Go ahead. You do have to do some basic plot stuff first, but that's to be expected, like doing the prologue in an Elder Scrolls game. As I mentioned before, this game is absolutely overwhelming, so I don't recommend starting it until your ready to put in a lot of time above any other game.

Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric

I think I've talked about this one before, but I'll go again. First off, this is NOT a bad game! People will tell you it is, but a lot of those people probably haven't even actually played it. While the character designs are a departure from previous Sonic games, and it's more about exploration than speed now, that doesn't mean it's bad. Also, a recent patch made it even better than it already was. I personally believe this is a new start for Sonic, and at the risk of making a pun, it really did start with a boom. Granted, it can get a little repetitive, but the boss battles keep it fresh most of the time.

Unfortunately, that's it for now. However, I can tell you now, that you can look forward to me going on about Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water next time.

Posted on Jan 19th 2016 at 08:19:24 PM by (ReddMcKnight)
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First things first, remember that PC I got for Christmas? (http://www.rfgeneration.c...16164.msg233177#msg233177) Yeah, neither do I. Heh. I returned it because it used proprietary parts, so I couldn't upgrade it. That said, I bought an Alienware Steam Machine (which I put Windows on right away. SteamOS? Really??) and I've been having an absolute blast with it. Sure, it's a pre-built PC (could've fooled me, it's only a little bigger than a Wii!), but it has a ton of power, and has played every game I've tried on it so far perfectly. That said, here's a couple games I've been playing on it, as well as an Android Game I promised to write about from one of my previous Gaming Adventures. (See here: http://www.rfgeneration.c...ts-At-Maker-City-3143.php)

ARK: Survival Evolved

"It's like, Minecraft combined with Castle Miner Z on STEROIDS! You must try this game! As of this post, it's on sale in the Humble Store!" That's what I typed on my Steam Profile about this game, and it's 100 Percent True in my opinion. This game is crazy fun, crazy difficult, and it's STILL being developed! (It's an early access game). Take the crafting elements of Minecraft, the survival elements of Castle Miner Z, upgrade the graphics, throw in some Character Customization, and you have ARK: Survival Evolved. I was initially nervous upon purchasing it due to the high number of negative reviews on Steam, but don't let those people lie to you! This game is VERY good! I wish I had someone to play it with, and I HATE Online Co-Op, so that should say something right there.

Doom (Doomsday Source Port)

First things first. For those who don't know, a Source Port is a program that allows one to play Doom (as well as Doom II) on a Modern PC, often with upgrades (like Graphic Effects, HD Resolutions, and Controllers). Now then, I'm sure we all know Doom. Described by some as "The Son of Wolfenstein 3D" (which it basically is), Doom is what I like to call the definitive First Person Shooter game. I don't think I need to explain too much about the game itself, but playing it using the Doomsday Source Port is tons of fun. You ever seen a 1993 Game run in 1080p HD? It's intense.

Five Nights At Freddy's

Five Nights At Freddy's is an indie-horror game developed by a guy named Scott Cawthon for PCs and Android Devices (I don't know if it's on IOS Devices too), and it...doesn't make much sense, actually. As far as gameplay goes, it's a solid horror title (I played it on my Android Phone), and it scared the hell outta me more than once. Story wise though, it makes no sense at all. When you start a new game, your greeted with a Newspaper Ad that requests a Security Guard to work the night shift at this kid's restaurant. Sounds basic enough, sure, and a guy on your phone explains that the Animatronics can and WILL hunt you down, but what is the reason for it all? And it just gets more confusing from there. Whatever the reason, as I said before, it's still a decent game, and it's not even 5 US Dollars (last time I checked), so if your looking for a cheap scare, try this one out.

I think that about covers it. Check back soon for more of my Gaming Adventures. Also, if you have Steam, and you end up getting ARK, let me know please.

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To everyone who was expecting the conclusion to my 5th Christmas Story today, it will NOT be ready today, as I initially planned. The holidays have taken a big toll on me this year, and it's effecting my judgement and writing, so it will not be finished today, but fear not, for it WILL be finished. Probably tomorrow, the 25th, or the 26th. I apollogize for the delay, but I've also got a massive headache, and I just cannot type it up today. Please bear with me, I WILL write it soon. Thank you.

Posted on Dec 23rd 2015 at 04:04:35 PM by (ReddMcKnight)
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Ladies and Gentlemen, live from somewhere in Virginia, it's a Christmas Story 5!


ReddMcKnight, with bickman2k, izret101, Slackur, Zagnorch, ShadowKisuragi, and Nupoile!

And now, heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere's Redd!

Before I begin, I'd just like to thank everyone here for being so nice to me over the years. It's been quite a thrill being here. I've had my share of rough times, as we all have, and the good people here at RFGeneration have supported me through it when I asked for help, and I really do appreciate it so much. Here's to many more years! Now, enough with my sentimental stuff, let's get on with the story!

Redd: Merry Christmas, one and all!

Izret: What's there to be merry about?

Zagnorch: Yeah! I haven't played a decent game in weeks!

Redd: Ummmm...Well, I just got a new Computer, and I have a Steam Library full of games. We could go play those.

Izret: (Sighs) Fine. Better than nothing.

(Our intrepid heroes make they're way to Redd's House)

Bickman: Good lord, Redd, this place is a mess!

Slackur: Mother nature died in here!

Redd: Shut up!

Nupoile: Eh. I've seen worse.

ShadowKisuragi (Shadow): Your kidding me, right?

Redd: Look, just bear with me while I boot this thing up. (Turns on Computer)

Nupoile: What kind of hardware does it boast?

Redd: 4GHz CPU, 16GB of RAM, and an nVidia 900-Series Video Card.

Nupoile: ......Mine's still better.

Bickman: Wah wah wah.

Redd: ............Right, anyway...Check out this ga--Huh? What's this? (Points to a game title)

Zagnorch: "Enter.EXE?"

Slackur: What is that?

Redd: I have no idea. I didn't add any such command to this thing.

Izret: Cool, let's click it! (Shoves Redd out of the way and clicks it)

Shadow: You moron! We have no idea what that does!

(Monitor starts flashing)

Izret: Whoa! Seizure-riffic!

Bickman: This can't be good...

(A flash of light bursts from the monitor, and upon disappearing, our heroes find themselves in a different area)

Nupoile: What the...?

Redd: Where are we?! What did you do, Izret?!

Izret: All I did was click that thing!

Bickman: Yeah, and now we appear to be in...Wait a this Hell?

Zagnorch: What are you talking about?

Bickman: Well, look. We all have guns now, and there's one of those brown creatures from Doom.

Slackur: What the?! Kill it with fire! (Blasts the creature) Hey, that was kind of fun!

Shadow: Is this REALLY happening?

Izret: This is awesome!

Redd: This is insane! We could all die here!

Bickman: I did NOT want to spend my Christmas in Hell!

Zagnorch: Shut up, you wussies! I bet the only way out is to beat the boss at the end of this level! (Loads Shotgun) Let's kick some ass!

Nupoile: We are SO dead.

Slackur: Yep.

Our Heroes seem to be in some real trouble this time! Can they possibly escape the world of Doom and get back home in time for some Holiday Eggnog?! Tune in tomorrow for the exciting conclusion!

DISCLAIMER: Is a disclaimer really needed this time? There is no way the events in this story could EVER happen.

Posted on Nov 12th 2015 at 07:42:45 AM by (ReddMcKnight)
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First off, a very special thanks to nupoile for sending me a Steam Code for ORION: Prelude. It's an amazing game, and a great time killer, and I highly recommend you buy it if you like Team-Based Shooters. Now then...

As I mentioned above, nupoile sent me a Steam Code for this game after I told him I was curious about it (I saw that he posted several screenshots of it on the Steam Community Page). Initially, I thought it was a Simulation Game, but it's actually a Team-Based FPS with RPG Elements. The basic idea is that your part of a team, and you have to shoot dinosaurs. Yes, dinosaurs. Big bad lizards. There's also a huge crocodile, but I digress. That being said, you shoot the dinosaur bastards, get credits (that's in-game currency), and upgrade your weapons and abilities between waves. This game is heavy on game modes, but I've only played Survival, a mode where you fight 10 waves of dinosaurs. In a way, it's like Left 4 Dead, in that there are a bunch of regular, commonly seen dinosaurs, and several unique dinosaurs, including but not limited to, a T-Rex and a Triceratops. Despite these huge creatures coming after you, I've found that on easier difficulty levels, you can easily bring them down with a few well placed Rocket Launcher shots. None the less, this is a great game wit lots of variety, and I had a ton of fun with it while waiting for Fallout 4 to release. That doesn't mean I'm done with it though, as I can see myself playing this a lot in the near future. Speaking of Fallout 4...

Fallout 4, the long awaited true sequel to Fallout 3 (and no, New Vegas is NOT officially Fallout 4, but it's still a great game), is a good game. In fact, it's a very good game. Of course, it's still a game from Bethesda, so before I continue, please note that bugs and glitches are present. If you buy this game based on my opinion, my advice to you is to save very often, and assume that anything can go wrong at anytime. Now then, this game is about your avatar, called the Sole Survivor, and they're search for they're kidnapped son. The plot starts out basic enough, but evolves quite tremendously by the halfway point. I'll spare you direct spoilers, and continue on about the gameplay though. This game is hard. Very hard. At first anyway...You'll quickly learn that you are literally powerless in the in-game world, called The Commonwealth. Only by moving cautiously, with intelligence, will you succeed. At first, you have no armor, and your only means of defense is a wimpy handgun. To survive in The Commonwealth, you NEED armor, and you NEED to fight smart. Running straight into combat, even on Very Easy, is a good way to die instantly. I learned this the hard way. Heh...In any case, once you start leveling up and finding armor, you'll have a lot more fun with the game, and find that you actually CAN run straight into a horde of enemies and survive. So why does all this matter? Is this not standard RPG fare? Perhaps, but it shocked me personally, since Fallout 3 and New Vegas actually were very easy. As for more gameplay aspects, I could go on for hours about this, but I think it's best you experience a lot of it for yourself. You be the judge. It just happens to be my opinion that this is a great game, and an excellent candidate for Game of the Year.

Okay, I think that covers it. Did I go on too much about Fallout 4? Let me know what you think. Once again, special thanks to nupoile for giving me the gift of dinosaur killing.

Posted on Oct 20th 2015 at 02:45:39 AM by (ReddMcKnight)
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Today is a sad day for me. My Launch-Day N64, which was literally bought for me on the day it launched, has finally met it's end. The shelf it was on collapsed for whatever reason, and I tried to power it on, to no avail.

It's not just the fact that it was a Launch-Day Console that upsets me, but the fact that it had a lot of sentimental value. It held tons of great memories for me, and it feels like a part of my childhood has been ripped away from me. Even when I replace it, it just won't feel the same playing a different one.

Some of my fonder memories include the day I upgraded from RF Video to Composite Video. The picture was clear, with absolutely no static, and at the time, it was the prettiest thing I'd ever seen in a game. Diddy Kong Racing was the game I was playing when I made the upgrade. The newly found bright colors nearly blinded me! Another fond memory is seeing the huge Star Fox 64 Box for the first time.

This event has seriously upset me, and as I don't have a steady job right now, I have no idea how I'm going to replace it. And I just upgraded my Everdrive 64 OS too!

Rest In Peace, My Launch-Day Nintendo 64. Your legend will never die!

Posted on Oct 7th 2015 at 04:43:08 AM by (ReddMcKnight)
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At last! It's been ages since I've updated this thing, but here it is! Another episode of my many Gaming Adventures! Here we go!

Five Nights At Freddy's

[To be written as soon as I gather the courage to actually play it]

Super Mario Maker

This game, Super Mario Maker, is so freaking neat! As the name implies, it lets you make Mario Levels to share with friends and the world, and it is glorious! I really like how you can scan in Amiibos to use as Costumes for Mario! I haven't been able to easily put this one down, and I'm not even that creative! Highly recommended for EVERYONE!

Animal Crossing City Folk

Now for something more relaxed and peaceful...yes, I'm serious. Mario Maker as a game is easy and simple, but people can make some damn hard levels on it. That being said, I figured it was time to pick up a more casual game. While this doesn't top the original AC for Gamecube in my eyes, it's still really good. It's easy to pick up and play, and barring the original, I can't think of a more relaxing game to play. At least not right now.

That's all for now, though the part about FNAF will be filled in as soon as I play it. I watched the fine people on Steam Train (a YouTube spin-off of Game Grumps) play it, and it was just great.

Posted on Aug 11th 2015 at 09:33:38 AM by (ReddMcKnight)
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Have you ever been influenced to buy a game (or other item) from watching a TV Show, or hearing about it on the radio? I have, and in my honest opinion, that doesn't have to be a bad thing, especially if it doesn't cost you an arm and a leg.

That Guitar Hero 2 Controller for 360 and copy of Guitar Hero 3 for PC are prime examples of this. I recently watched the Season 11 Episode of South Park, titled "Guitar Queer-O", and as it's title suggests, it deals with the game Guitar Hero. After watching the whole episode (twice actually, it was really good), I went out to the local Goodwill Store to find the game, as I often see Guitar Controllers and Guitar Hero Games in stock there. (GameStop doesn't appear to sell them anymore). Upon tracking down a boxed 360 Controller for 3 Dollars, I opened it up, and the controller was there (minus the break-away end of the cable, but I already had plenty of them), but the game was nowhere to be found. I put the box in my cart, and proceeded to check the shelf of DVDs and Games for the game, but it wasn't there either. However, I did find the PC Version of Guitar Hero 3, also for 3 Dollars, so I grabbed that instead. I bought them, and rushed home, to have my new habit begin.

Granted, GH3 is not DDR, what with all the catchy J-Pop Music, and probably never will be, but dang, is it fun to play. As of this writing, I can't play worth a crap on anything higher than Easy, but I'm not out to break a World Record or anything. I'm just playing to have fun.

The point here is this: Even if your not very good at a game, if you enjoy it, you should still play. While taking a break from it last night, I talked to one person who said playing it "makes you look like an idiot". My response to this was "So what?". I've come close to breaking bones playing DDR, and I'm pretty sure I looked pretty stupid when I fell down, but I didn't care. It's best to just laugh these kinds of things off. Does playing Guitar Hero make you look a little weird? Maybe. Should you care? Absolutely not. My name is Redd, I am a Guitar Zero, and dang proud of it.

This blog entry was brought to you today by the letter G, and exists thanks to my enjoyment of Video Games. Smiley

Posted on Feb 6th 2015 at 02:36:33 PM by (ReddMcKnight)
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For whatever reason, I've only been playing games at night lately, hence the title. Anyway, here's what I've been playing lately. Grab some popcorn, this is a long one!

Everyone knows I love Killer Instinct. It's the best fighting game ever. Recently, Version 2.3 was released via Update, and it included a new character, Omen, who totally kicks ass! He's a bit weak when it comes to actually doing damage, but he makes up for it by being able to do a lot of hits in one combo, often going up to 30 Hits or more! He's definitely my 2nd Character now, as my first will always be Jago. Also, here's his awesome Death Metal Theme!

Although I beat Dark Souls on the Xbox 360 a while back, I recently decided to go through it again (except on PC) to hype myself up for the Dark Souls 2 Enhanced Port coming for PS4 and Xbox One. Unfortunately, without a mod called DSFix, this game is broken performance-wise. It can also be hard to use for one who has never used a PC Mod or edited a .ini file. Fortunately, there are guides on the internet that teach you how to use it.

Finally! A game with bright colors and a cheerful atmosphere! I welcome this game with open arms into my Steam Library! Although it wasn't exactly perfect upon release, it's gradually being fixed with patches. This is actually a remake of the first Hyperdimension Neptunia game for PS3, and quite frankly, it is so much better now! Give it a try!

Not many people liked this game as I recall, but I do. Being able to play through 3 different campaigns is one thing, but the fact that one of those campaigns lets you play as a deadly Xenomorph makes this game all that much better. I can tell you right now, it's quite satisfying to stalk your enemies, them being completely unaware that your there waiting for them.

Before I bought this game, I had heard many good things about it. That being said, I bought it on those things, but this game is just plain awful. It punishes you for doing the most basic things, and it's plot is also stupid. I tried to like this game, I did, but it's simply awful, and I am absolutely serious in the following statement when I say that Bubsy 3D for the PS1 was a better game than this. If you like it, that's fine, but I think it's awful.

Whew...that's it for now! Check back soon for more!

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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword was the last LoZ Title released for the Nintendo Wii in 2011, and I love it! Utilizing the MotionPlus Accessory, whichever way you move your right hand, Link's hand (with the Sword equipped) will move the same way. Granted, there are a few flaws with this game, but they are mostly minor, and shouldn't hinder your enjoyment of the game. At least, they didn't bother me at all. It's worth mentioning that Link's helper is more annoying than Navi from Ocarina of Time though, so be prepared for that.

More LoZ? Yep! The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons was released for the Game Boy Color in 2001, alongside it's twin, Oracle of Ages. Personally, I enjoy Oracle of Seasons so much more, as I'm not too fond of the Time Travelling mechanic in Oracle of Ages. This game, as a 2D Zelda, ranks really high up on my list of great Game Boy Color games, and I personally believe everyone who likes LoZ Titles should try it at least once. Unfortunately, if you want the full experience, you have to complete Oracle of Ages too, so it's best to just get that one out of the way first.

"Hail to the King, baby!" Duke Nukem 3D Megaton Edition is a remake of Duke Nukem 3D for the PC, except I've been playing the Vita Version on my PlayStation TV. I honestly didn't think the game could get much better after playing it on the Xbox 360 a few years ago, but it did. More levels = more fun! However, there is some minor slowdown from time to time, and a few graphical glitches, but they did not hinder my enjoyment of this game at all! If you enjoy older FPS Games that are challenging, even on Easy Mode, this is for you!

Well, that's it for now. More Gaming Adventures coming soon!

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Last time, our heroes uncovered the truth! The Grinch, wanting revenge, set up this whole thing in an effort to get said revenge! The Grinch, having been found out, made an attempt to escape! Will he succeed, or will he be caught?! Find out now, on the epic conclusion!

(Two Lawyers are seen walking down the hall)

Lawyer A: I got those documents, but the boss wants them today.

Lawyer B: Oh, is that gonna give us enough time to cross check the--

Grinch: Outta my way! (Pushes them both aside)

Lawyer A: Ow! What the--

Redd: Get back here before I rip off your -Bleep- and feed them to my dog!

Bickman: Stop that son of a...! (Trips over Lawyer B)

Lawyer B: OUCH!

Bickman: Sorry! (Continues running)

Grinch: (Runs outside) You'll never catch me you fools! (Climbs up a building's walls)

Zagnorch: The hell?! Your not allowed to do that!

Izret: I got this! (Whips out Jetpack)

Slackur: Where did THAT come from?!

Izret: I got it from Scorpion. (Flies upwards)

Grinch: Crap! (Busts through window into building)

Izret: (Follows after him)

Grinch: Watch that first step Izret! It's a doozy!

Izret: OW! Toe toe toe toe! Ow!

(Woman screams)

Grinch: Ohh, sorry lady! Didn't see a thing!

(Glass breaking)

Grinch: (Jumps out of window onto another building)

Izret: Damn it!

Slackur: He's mine! (Runs inside building)

Grinch: Ha ha ha! What'cha gonna do now, punk?!

(Door opens)

Grinch: What the?!

Slackur: Nowhere left to run, jerk!

Grinch: Bah! You won't beat me again!

Slackur: I'm the Matrix! (Assumes Kung-Fu Stance)

Zagnorch: (Looks up) This is gonna be so awesome. (Smiles)

Evil Santa: Not so fast!

Bickman: Not you again!

Shadow: What do you want now?!

Evil Santa: I'm gonna knock you all down!

Redd: Not if I knock you down first, asshole!

Evil Santa: And how do you expect to stop me?! I have Evil Christmas Magic! I can UNMAKE you!

Redd: .........No you don't!

Evil Santa: .......You win THIS round, McKnight. But! I'm still stronger than you!

Redd: Prove it, you -Bleep-! Come at me!

Evil Santa: (Begins focusing strength)

Redd: Uh-oh...

Bickman: Great! Now this fat jerk is gonna kill us!

(Suddenly, a shout is heard from behind Evil Santa)

Huh?: Endoukuken!!

(An Energy Ball hits Evil Santa)

Evil Santa: Yowch!! (Turns around) You?!

Redd: Jago!

Jago: I'm afraid your path ends here, Evil Santa.

Evil Santa: You wouldn't kill me! .....Would you?

Jago: I'm not going to kill you.

Evil Santa: (Sighs)

Jago: Redd is.

Evil Santa: Wait! Let's talk about this!

Redd: You tried to get me and my friends thrown in Jail on bogus charges, asshole! There's nothing to talk about! Your a dead man!

Evil Santa: Wait! I can give you money!

Redd: Pfffft. (Rears fist back)

Evil Santa: NOOOOOOOOO--

(The Grinch falls on top of him)

Bickman: What the...?

(Everyone looks up)

Slackur: I got him!

Zagnorch: Yeah, we kind of figured that out.

Shadow: You literally killed two birds with one stone.

Slackur: (Looks down) Oops...

Redd: Oh, well. Who wants some Eggnog? I'm buying.

Bickman: I'm game.

Jago: Mind if I come along?

Redd: Not at all.

(Later that night)

Izret: Ugh...I never want to hear the name "Santa" again.

Shadow: Your not alone in that.

Redd: (Sighs) I'm hungry.

Bickman: Redd, weren't you getting ready to tell us a Christmas Story before this whole thing started?

Redd: Yeah, but I think I'll save it. Besides, this will make a good story for our kids.

Zagnorch: True that.

Redd: Right then...from all of us here at RFGeneration, we wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a very Happy New Year!

Thanks for reading this huge 4-Part Blog Entry of mine. I hope I could make you laugh a little, and brighten up your holidays, should stress be kicking in, as it usually does this time of year.

DISCLAIMER: Forget it. Lost point, lost cause.

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