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Posted on May 25th 2013 at 05:48:53 PM by (Reps911)
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                                            --- 05/19/2013 - 05/25/2013 ---

 A very slow week as expected but I still manage to acquire some stuff. GrayGhost81 had some Odyssey2 games he was tired of looking at so I offered to give them a good home. And my son got a new game for the WiiU but I'm gonna claim it as mine Smiley

RFgeneration Forum - Odyssey2 Games

Paid only Shipping for the lot
  • Las Vegas Blackjack Boxed
  • Football! Boxed
  • Cosmic Conflict
  • Baseball
  • Freedom Fighters
  • Alien Invaiders
  • UFO

Nintendo WiiU

  • Need For Speed Most Wanted

  I didn't even have to leave the house this week! The Odyssey2 games came from GrayGhost81 and even though he was only charging shipping for them, he packed them very well and got them to me safe and sound. I'm not quite sure I'll have anything to post next week as money and time are still tied up around here. Things should be back to normal next month though...

Weekly Totals
Games = 8
Hardware/Accessories = 0
Other = 0
Current Gen = 0

Posted on May 20th 2013 at 01:26:13 PM by (Reps911)
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                                            --- 05/12/2013 - 05/18/2013 ---

  This past week I was busy and due to some unforeseen expenses I had to hold back on unnecessary spending until things get sorted out (also why this post is a little late) Unfortunately that made me pass up really good local deal Sad

  I did manage to score some stuff early in the week. On Monday I went to a Goodwill near me that I haven't been to in a long time and found a Virtual Boy in the box with several Import games. I had to hunt down all the pieces as someone before me (probably a kid) opened the box and scattered everything throughout the store. I found the Head unit on top of a piano, the stand by the Books, The controller on top of a TV,  one game (Mario Tennis) next to the VHS Tapes and the box was with the toys! I could not find the eye shade though...
   Inside the box were 6 Import games. The price on the box was $9.99 but the color of the week was purple and it just so happened the virtual boy had a purple tag, so my total price for The console and 7 games came out to $5 Smiley I also picked up Outrun for The Sega Master System for $5.

Nintendo Virtual Boy

$5 for the lot
  • Nintendo Virtual Boy Boxed
  • Virtual 3D Shooting Game (Red Alarm) Import
  • T&E Virtual Golf Import
  • Tobidase! Panibon Import
  • V-Tetris Import
  • Vertical Force Import
  • Virtual Professional Baseball '95 Import
  • Mario's Tennis

SEGA Master System Game

  • OutRun CIB $5

  Not too much this week but for what I got I think I did well. I was really surprised to find the Virtual Boy at a Goodwill, I guess not all of them are as bad as I thought...

Weekly Totals
Games = 8
Hardware/Accessories = 1
Other = 0
Current Gen = 0

Posted on May 12th 2013 at 02:37:52 AM by (Reps911)
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                               --- 05/05/2013 - 05/11/2013 ---

  This past week was pretty good. Found some CIB NES games, some more PSX games, 1 Saturn game and made some forum/ebay deals. Also found a SNES at a yard sale and missed a SEGA power strip by seconds at a thrift store... maybe next time...

Forums and Ebay

PSX lot for $12
  • Road Rash
  • Test Drive 4
  • Test Drive 5
  • Test Drive 6
  • Test Drive off Road 3
Was really only interested in Road Rash but couldn't pass up the Test drive games
  • Genesis - Clue $.99 Sealed
  • GBC - Vigilante 8 Box $.99
  • Lynx - Steel Talons $3.00 Sealed

Nintendo NES CIB

Picked these up at a thrift store for $2 each
  • Double Dragon II
  • Double Dragon III
  • Fester's Quest
  • Image Fight
  • NARC
  • Sky Shark
  • Star Force
  • Star Voyager
  • Time Lord
  • Twin Cobra

Other Thrift Store Games

All PSX games were half off Smiley
  • Rally Cross
  • Test Drive off Road
  • Twisted Metal 4
  • Arcades Greatest: Atari collection
  • CoolBoarders 3
  • Tripple Play Baseball
  • Grand Tour Racing
  • Tony Hawk's Pro Skater
  • Freestyle Motocross
  • Crash Bandicoot
  • Warhammer: Dark Omen
  • Fade to Black
SEGA Saturn
  • Quarterback Attack $4.95
Playstation 2
  • Buzz! Junior: RoboJam $3.95 Sealed


  • SNES console only (no cords) $5.00 - Yard Sale
  • Sega Saturn Controller $5.00 - Thrift Store

Current Gen Stuff

  • Deadly Premonition Directors Cut
You wont believe how hard it was around me to find this sealed. Every Gamestop near me only had 1 in stock and of course they open it for display (that really ticks me off about them). Gamestop's website was sold out as well. I had to use "site to store" at just so I could get it at a "real store"

Weekly Totals
Games = 31
Hardware/Accessories = 2
Other = 1
Current Gen = 1

Posted on May 4th 2013 at 02:30:08 PM by (Reps911)
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                               --- Is it just me or has Collecting gotten harder? --- 
  Some time around 2009, my collecting slowed down to an almost non-existent crawl. The only additions were mainly new releases and the random game/console given to me from a friend or co-worker. Family life had taken up most of my free time and tracking down yard sales and searching thrift shop after thrift shop on a daily basis was just not going to happen like it used to. Now the want to collect never went away and of course it only takes one good find to get things going again.

  That one good find happened a few weeks ago. While on my way to my parents I decided to stop at a thrift store that was on the way. Immediately upon walking in I saw it, right there in front of me with a very friendly price of $19.99... A Pioneer LaserActive with the SEGA PAC-S10. A console I have had near the top of my want list since I first saw it as a kid and of course near the top of my want list as a collector as well. Now I know I could have just spent x amount of dollars and purchased one of these through E-bay or craigslist but I wanted to "find" one and made it a collecting goal of mine.

  Now as you can imagine this has fueled the urge to collect and I have been doing just that. I realized that during my commute to work I pass through three counties (Yeah, I drive a lot) and found several thrift stores and pawn shops just off the freeway(s) I use to travel. So on my way home I've been dropping by a few and seeing what I could come up with. Boy o' Boy have things changed! It would appear that almost every thrift store has gone "Ebay mad" with their pricing. $100 for a yellow NES, $60 for a Genesis 2 and if they have the box forget about it. A lot has changed in 4 years.

  Now my local Goodwill doesn't even put game related items on the shelf! According to the manager they all go to their auction site... What??? Needless to say, I was taken back a bit with the current pricing trends and lack of availability. As a result my newly re-fueled collecting has taken a different approach. No longer will I hold out for the big stuff or less common. As long as the price is fair, I don't already have it and it's not complete junk... well I'm going to buy it. I'm still going to buy the good stuff too, but now I'm going to Start picking up the small stuff along the way. I will be keeping track of my weekly findings from thrift stores, pawn shops and yard sales.

 So lets get started, For the week of 04/28/2013 - 05/04/2013

All PSX games were $1.95
  • Coolboarders
  • Coolboarders2
  • Coolboarders4
  • Demolition Racer
  • Wipeout
  • Air Combat GH
  • Motocross Mania
  • Sesame Street Sports - Sealed (Remember, No Restraint! LOL )
  • Final Fantasy GH (Only disc 2&3) - $6.00  Yard Sale
  • Silent Hill disc only, no case - $FREE (Found inside the Final Fantasy case)

  • $2.99 PS2: Persona3
  • $1.99 PS2: WRC Evolved, New-Sealed(PAL)
  • $2.99 PS2: Colin Mcrea Rally (PAL)
  • $1.95 PSX: Sa'i (NTSC-J)
  • $4.95 Mega Drive: Altered Beast (NTSC-J)
  • $1.99 Dreamcast: MDK2
  • $1.99 Dreamcast: Typing of the Dead, New-Sealed

And something I never thought I would see at a Thrift Store

  • $14.99 PSX: Playstation Debugging Station (Heavily discolored)
  • Not pictured is a 360 controller that I got at the flea market for $10

Weekly Totals
Games = 16
Hardware/Accessories = 2
Other = 0

  Overall, not a bad week. Most of the games came from Thrift Stores, Final Fantasy VII / Silent Hill was at a Yard Sale. The biggest surprise was the DTL-H1000 Debugging Console. It's not nice and blue like it should be and the drive doesn't work (yet) But still something you don't expect to see at a Thrift Store.

Posted on Mar 31st 2008 at 10:38:49 PM by (Reps911)
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SEGA SATURN Vs. 3DO Multiplayer

Winner: Draw!!!

 We all know about the battle between the Sony Playstation and the SEGA Saturn. But what about the other "NEXT GEN SYSTEM"? Let's take a look at just how many games were released on both the SEGA Saturn and the 3DO.
 Below is what I believe to be a complete list of games that saw a release on both consoles. If I have missed any please let me know.

          List of games released on both consoles:

1. World Cup Golf:   
 In Hyatt Dorado Beach   

2. BattleSport   
3. Brain Dead 13   
4. Casper     

5. Creature Shock   

6. D     

7. Defcon 5   

8. Doom     

9. Gex     

10.Horde, The   

11.Johnny Bazookatone 


13.Need for Speed,The 

14.Off-World Interceptor

15.Olympic Soccer   

16.Pebble Beach Golf Links

17.Primal Rage   

18.Road Rash   

19.Shanghai: Triple Threat

20.Space Hulk Vengeance
 of the Blood Angels   

21.Star Fighter   

   Okay... Wow... a whopping 21!

Below are some small reviews for each game in an attempt to find the "Best" version. Each review is compiled from searching the net, reviews, word of mouth, personal experience and any info found on game forums.
Just like any other review, these are just personal opinions and are intended for fun. I
will try my best to review each game in an unbiased manner.

Note: Not all 3DO players are equal. One game might run smoother on a Panasonic model than it does on a goldstar model. I've tried my best to take this into consideration when making my review.


Battlesport is exactly the same on both consoles. I've heard of a slight graphical difference, but nothing really stood out to me. I'm calling this one a draw.
Best version: Draw

-Brain Dead 13-

Same game on both systems. Frame rate can get bad on 3DO, causing choppy playback. Not good when your playing a FMV game.
Best version: Saturn


Same Game on both consoles. I noticed the Saturn version had some brighter colors but
nothing to brag about. Game play is exactly the same.
Best version: Draw

-Creature Shock-

Creature shock on the Saturn seamed a little bit more grainy than it's 3DO counterpart.
3DO can have the usual slow down but all in all runs fairly smooth.
Reader ratings on IGN:
Saturn: 5.0
3DO: 6.8

It seams that the readers prefer the 3do version.
Best Version: 3DO


In 1994 development began on "D" with only the 3DO in mind and was released in 1995.It was then ported over to the Saturn and PSX in 1996. These Ports were just that...Ports! Nothing Special was added and neither port took advantage of the
more superior hardware. For some reason the Saturn port looks "grainy" at times.
Best version: 3DO

-Defcon 5-

With the 3DO version being PAL only, I have had a hard time finding one to play. I have
heard some rave reviews on Forums about the 3DO version being better than the Saturn. Ive seen video for both and did not notice the usual frame rate issues that the 3DO usually has, and the 3DO graphics are outstanding. Users have actually
commented that the 3DO version runs smoother! so based on forum comments...
Best Version: 3DO


This one was kind of Hard. Both versions are kind of crummy (Both are real slow) The 3do
version does have the best soundtrack. But thats about it. 3DO lacks full screen from the
start, has noticeably worse frame rate, and has far less levels than the Saturn version.
Best version: Saturn


Gex is another game created with the 3DO in mind. In fact it kind of became 3DO's Mascot. Honestly, when you think 3DO what's the first thing that comes to mind?... GEX! Just like "D" GEX was made for the 3DO, then ported over to the Saturn and PSX. Everything is exactly the same on all 3 consoles... except one thing. Gex on 3DO allowed saving to the internal Memory. Saturn used passwords... I don't know about all of you but...I hate passwords.
Best version(Barely): 3DO

-Horde, The-

All in all The Horde is the same on both consoles. The FMV scenes were turned into
slideshows with full sound on the Saturn. This may be the reason for the lower user scores. Although FMV's can sometimes make the game worse, I have to agree with gamespot users... Having the FMV's is definitely a plus for this game.

Based on gamespot user scores:
3DO: 8.0
Saturn: 6.3
Best version: 3DO

-Johnny Bazookatone-

Same Game on both consoles and equally horrible.
Best version: Draw


Myst on the 3DO is amazing. Honestly any version of Myst thats not on Saturn or PSX is
going to be good. Saturn and PSX got the worst Ports.
Best Version: 3DO

-Need for Speed, The-

Ever hear the term 3D-Slow? Well here is a prime example. Need For Speed on the 3DO has so much lag that I wanted to throw my Controller! visuals are nice though...
Best version: Saturn

-Off-World Interceptor-

The 3DO version The textures and polygons have higher resolution, and are brighter. Sprites are brighter too. The texture mapping seems to have smoothing to it, while the Saturn is blocky. But the Saturn has some transparency the 3DO doesnt have, be it somewhat blocky transparency. Saturn has almost twice the frame rate and much better controls. Also on the Saturn the cars seam to drive faster making battles more intense. Most importantly Theres also a cockpit/chase view toggle button in the Saturn. 3DO is fixed to chase-mode. However, the camera always points down the Z-axis, even in cockpit mode, which makes cockpit mode mostly useless, since the camera doesnt actually point where youre driving when you turn.
Best version: Saturn

-Olympic Soccer-

an okay soccer game on both consoles. It's only let-down is the ridiculous distance players slide tackle. The Saturn version does have a graphical advantage with noticeably better colors and smoother game play.
Best version: Saturn

-Pebble Beach Golf Links-

While it was never a great game, Pebble Beach Golf Links was an all around "good" golf
game... for it's time. The graphics were okay, the ball view was a nice touch and who
didn't love the help from the fat guy? The Saturn version got a little bit better treatment
in the graphics dept. The Saturn version also runs a bit smoother.
Best version: Saturn

-Primal Rage-

While all versions hold a tribute to it's arcade counterpart, The most accurate Arcade port
is on the Sega Saturn.
Best version: Saturn

-Road Rash-

Same game on both systems. The 3Do does have the cool 90's licensed bands like sound garden etc... that won best game soundtrack of the year in 94'. But all of those songs are only played in the options menu and in the FMV cuts. the game still uses the boring midi garbage from it's 16 bit predecessors. While the Saturn version did get real bands music, it was mostly garage bands that people sent in. all in all the music makes no difference. I'm calling this one a draw.
Best version: Draw

-Shanghai: Triple Threat-

Same Game on both consoles. Nothing really noticeable was changed.
Best version: Draw

-Space Hulk: Vengeance of the Blood Angels-

In my opinion Space Hulk is one of the best games for the 3DO. Made By EA (one of the bigger supporters of the 3DO) Space hulk is a pre rendered first person shooter/ strategic Game. The game itself is nicely done an very easy on the eyes. This one was close, Both games are on par with one another and not many differences are noticeable. One difference is the grainy look that most Saturn Ports seam to have. I'm going to give this one to the 3DO mostly because I was surprised to see it look/play so well on my Goldstar. But overall Both versions are well matched
Best version: 3DO


Starfighter (3DO) - Shooter and Sim fans alike will really dig Starfighter, a Studio 3DO
product that just suddenly appeared on store shelves, with practically no advertisement. It looks pretty mediocre on the box, but on the 3DO its amazing. "60 stages of furious action". The Saturn port Seams a little washed out. Controls are crummy, draw distance is horrible and the graphics are less than par to the 3DO version.
Best version: 3DO

-World Cup Golf: Hyatt Dorado Beach-

Also known as World cup golf: professional edition on the Sega Saturn. Same game on both systems. The Saturn version does have a slight graphical advantage and a faster frame rate. But got a lower user score on IGN. After reviewing both games on both systems, I have determined the Saturn version, having much better controls and a slight graphical advantage to be the better one.

IGN Scores:
3DO: 5.8
Saturn: 4.6
Best version: Saturn

3DO : 10.5/21
SEGA SATURN : 10.5/21


(each draw counted as 1/2 point)

WOW! Looks like the 3DO and Saturn were equally matched in their respected categories... or the Saturn just got the short end of the stick with crummy ports... Any way you look at it though the 3Do held it's own against the SEGA Saturn. Who knows...maybe if the 3DO wasn't so overpriced they may have gotten some more big developers on board and maybe just maybe could have been a big contender in the 32bit battle...

I hope everyone enjoyed this... Look forward to
More SATURN Vs.__________ in the future.
If anyone has any input please feel free to
contact me.

Posted on Mar 28th 2008 at 03:47:57 PM by (Reps911)
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          SATURN Vs. JAGUAR/JAGUAR CD               

            WINNER: SATURN!

 While the Jaguar was never really a big Contender in the 32 bit era, It was a Contender nonetheless. Below is a list of Games that saw a release on both the Atari Jaguar and the SEGA Saturn.

1. Braindead 13
2. Doom

3. Myst

4. NBA Jam T.E.

5. Primal Rage

6. Rayman
7. Theme Park

8. Tempest 2000
9. Worms

 Not very many.... Most of the games that came out on both console were nothing more than Ports. When I decided to do a Saturn/Jag comparison I expected it to be one sided... I was wrong...
 Below are some short reviews for each game in The list above. Just like any other review, These are just personal opinions and are intended for fun. I will try my best to review each game in a unbiased manner.

-Braindead 13- 
 Exact same Game On Both Systems! I'm going to Call this one a draw.


 Jaguar Doom featured most of the levels from the PC, though the majority of them were
Modified, or even completely remade. The lighting and textures were less complex and
There is no in game music. Best Version: Saturn


 Myst looks Amazing on the Jaguar. It does have a slight longer load time... but well worth it. Saturn and PSX owners really got the short end of the stick. The Saturn Port is just plain horrible... The Two worst versions of Myst are on PSX and Saturn.
Best version: Jaguar CD

-NBA Jam T.E.- 

 Exact same game on both consoles. Saturn has CD quality sound while Jaguar has no load times. I guess it all depends on what you prefer... better sound or shorter load times. Keeping in mind that even though the Jaguar's sound is not CD quality; its pretty darn good. I'm going to have to call this one a Draw!

-Primal Rage- 

 Graphics baby, Graphics! And Saturn's got em' Primal rage is basically the same game on both consoles. But put them up next to each other and man! The Saturn version just jumps right out of the screen.
Best version: Saturn


 Rayman was a game made from the ground up specifically for the Jaguar. Because of this
Rayman remains as one of the Best Jaguar games today. The Saturn later received a port in 97, but User scores were slightly lower than it's Jaguar Predecessor.
 From IGN:
Jaguar: 8.9
Saturn: 8.5
Close Call...
Best Version: Jaguar

-Theme Park- 

 Great game on both consoles. But the Jaguar lacks the ability to save your park. So once
the console is turned off you lose all your hard work. Also when your park starts getting
fairly Large The Jag Version will slow down noticeably... Kind of Frustrating.
Best version: Saturn

-Tempest 2000-

 Another game developed for the Jaguar and then later ported to other consoles. Tempest 2000 is considered by many to be one of the best games created for the ill fated Jaguar. The Saturn version used a limited amount of sound channels causing "thin sound". The third type of bonus level was completely removed.The game also fails to recreate the wild framebuffer effects of the original satisfactorily.
Best Version: Jaguar


 Worms plays exactly the same on both consoles. The Jag version does have a little less content and less scaling than the Saturn. Probably due to storage issues on the 2MEG cart that JAG used.
Best version: Saturn





(each draw counted as 1/2 point)

 Wow some of those were kind of close. I guess When developers made these games, the Saturn was never really used to bring out the full potential.

 I hope everyone enjoyed this... Look forward to More SATURN Vs.__________ in the future. If anyone has any input, or feel I have missed something please feel free to
contact me.

Posted on Jan 31st 2008 at 06:57:08 AM by (Reps911)
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  Some of you may remember a funny little device that pluged into your Sega Saturn that
allowed you to surf the net and play a whopping 5 games online. What? ... you don't? Well that's okay, many people have never heard of this before. The Device I am talking about is the SEGA Saturn Netlink.
  The Netlink allowed Saturn users to play games against another anywhere in the World, Much like online gaming today. You could surf the net at a "Blazing" 28.8 kbit/s (and later a 33.3kbit/s modem). At the time Web TV was just hitting the market and it was actually cheaper to buy a saturn w/ a netlink modem than the web tv and service.
  Playing Games against someone was as easy as dialing their phone number... actually thats exactly what you did. The best part about the netlink was you didn't need a isp to play the games. You dialed the other person's number and made a direct connection. So that 28.8 kbit/s modem actually played games real smooth with verry little slow down.
  Five games were released to support the Netlink modem:
 1.) Sega rally Netlink Edition
 2.) Daytona U.S.A C.C.E. Netlink Edition
 3.) Virtua On Netlink Edition
 4.) Saturn Bomberman
 5.) Duke Nukem 3D
  Some decent Titles worth playing...If you only had someone to play with... Well the good news is, you do have someone to play with! Remember the sega netlink uses a direct connect feature so you can still play those netlink games today. All you need is someone with a netlink that is willing to Play. During my travels I stumbled across . Basically i'ts a community of netlink owners dedicated to keeping the netlink alive. Lots of netlink info for newbs. Use their forums to set up netlink matches and track your scores.

  Any netlink owners out there should definatly check it out.

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