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Posted on May 15th 2012 at 10:05:21 PM by (Slowman)
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My experience with what we now call retro gaming began in 1989 when I received an NES Action Set for Christmas '89.  Included with the NES were two controllers, a Zapper, and a copy of Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt.  Needless to say, I played Super Mario Bros. that entire day.  Shortly thereafter I received SMB2 and appreciated it's odd gameplay and new enemies.  Contra came shortly after that and I had many good memories of playing co-op with friends through what was at that time the most difficult game I'd ever played.  Over the years I also had Super Mario Bros. 3, Bucky O'Hare, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Mega Man 4 and 6, The Adventures of Lolo, Super C, and Tiger Heli.  I owned the NES with these games until around 1996 or so. 

I never had a Super Nintendo or a Genesis for whatever reason.  I remember asking Santa for one but it never showed and I kept playing my NES.  I got a Playstation 1 in 1997 but I don't really remember many games that caught my interest until Gran Turismo dropped.  THIS was *the game* for me until a year later when Gran Turismo 2 came out, which replaced it.  These games along with a few others such as Metal Gear Solid and Einhander kept my interest until the PS2 came out. 

With the PS2, naturally, came Gran Turismo 3 and 4.  So many PS2 games have gone through my hands that I couldn't begin to list them all.  There are a ridiculous amount of A1 quality titles available for PS2 and I'd still go so far as to say that the PS2 is the best value for money in gaming right now. 

I bought a PS3 in 2009 and an Xbox 360 in 2010.  I started coming to the realization that gaming is moving towards becoming something where they just push games out as quick as they possibly can (many in an unfinished state), collect your money at point of sale, attempt to collect more with DLC, then sell you the same game with a new skin next year.  Gamestop (evil destroyer of FuncoLand) is basically out to rip you off.  Then we now have digital distribution.  A way that they can charge full price without actually giving you something that you can hold in your hand, look at the artwork, lend to a friend, trade in for value, etc.  Now your digital copy's validity is checked with a license online; essentially you're asking permission to use something you paid for.  And with the latest announcements of the good possibility that new consoles may actually block the playing of used games, I'm done.  They're now operating under the assumption that I NEED to have their latest games and I most certainly do not. 

I've sold most of my newer game stuff and I am now down to 3 Xbox 360 games and 4 PS3 games.  My gaming time is now almost entirely spent on Super Nintendo games, which as I've discovered, are just as fun to play as anything made now.

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