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Posted on Nov 22nd 2019 at 12:00:00 AM by (Spoon)
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Hello game collectors.  Spoon here with a few tips for those of you who have begun the monumental quest for the rarest of the rare.  Yea I know, its a wild goose chase, but the fun is in the search right.  Besides, its better than being at home listening to the wife complain!  For me, walking into a retail video game store is like pulling teeth. Plus finding something that is actually rare is next to impossible at these places.  Most game stores wont even buy back anything more than a few years old anyways.  However, there are other places to commence your never-ending search.  If youre like me, youre not paying retail for anything!  Heres a list of a few places to keep in mind.

#1 Pawn Shops:  I get great pleasure scouring pawn shops.  Most of the time games are priced the same no matter their value.  Good for us, bad for them.  If they only knew what I would of paid for that NES Top Loader!  I even occasionally pull my nerd card out and call the pawn shops to see if they got any new video games in!  Laugh all you want, but you gotta be proactive at this.  No matter how big a nerd you are there is always someone out there that trumps you.

#2 Flea Markets:   Always beware the overly priced game stands at flea markets.  The better bet is finding someone who has acquired a stack of games and just needs a few dollars.  Also keep a look out for the little guys.  I have a regular that I visit every week.  I may only get a couple games per week from him, but guaranteed I got them for rock bottom prices.

#3 Antique Shops:  I hate hate hate antique shops, but I have scored some really good finds.  Always keep your eyes open or your game collecting ass of a friend will snipe a Vader 2600 right out from under you!  Also, be sure to ask the shop owners if they can contact you when they get something in. Ive got several shops that email me when they get video games in.

#4 Crackheads!:  For me this kind of ties in with antique shops since theyre in the same neighborhood.  Crackheads can be your best friends.  Im sorry but I could care less about theyre drug habit if Im getting a PS3 for $20.00. Besides, they can use the cash for food.   Its not my fault they would rather get high!  My best dealings with crackheads will be discussed in #7.

#5 Home town game shops: These can be the best or worst thing thats ever happened to you.  If you get in good with the owner, you can usually score some pretty good deals. Always be sure you know the value of what your buying!  For me I keep my iPhone at the ready.  There is a decent app called "VGT Price Guide" that shows the current eBay prices for a ton of different games.

#6 Ebay:  Im not gonna give away my secrets here.  Just keep in mind there are a lot of people out there that dont know what theyre stuff is worth.  If youre a quick draw you never know what youll score at 3:00AM.

#7 Online classifieds: There are a few of these on the internet.  (Craigslist, Kijiji, etc.) There is a major one I use with great success.   Search through the for sale ads often then be proactive.  Bring the goods to you, post a want ad.  Also be prepared to meet up with the #4s.  Late night runs are a bit risky but yield the best rewards.  When in doubt bring a gat!  Also dont forget the online forums.  You will pay more most of the time, but every once and a while you can pick up a great deal (especially if you buy in bulk).

.. ..

Well there you go gamers.  There are just a few tips for your pleasure!

Good Gaming!


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