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Posted on Sep 9th 2010 at 08:30:38 PM by (TraderJake)
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As Site Director Emeritus (and Current Acting Site Director), I wish to announce the appointment of Adam Bickley to Technical Director of RF Generation.

What does that mean? That means that Adam is now responsible for the back end of the site. More simply stated, he gets to assist Mike and make sure the site runs smoothly from a simply keeping going standpoint. He will have a lot to learn, so be nice to him.

This may seem abrupt to some, but Adam has had access to the back end for a while as a third set of eyes watching over the site in the event the server has a "hiccup". He has the technical background necessary to keep the site in tip top shape.

In case you are wondering, Eddie and I will still be around. We are not going anywhere. We will still be the programmers. We will do what we can to bring new stuff to the site. I am about to lose internet for two weeks so my only internet comfort will be my test site. Maybe I'll tinker with something that is needed for the site...

Congrats Adam! I hope you find your new abilities exciting and don't use your new found powers for evil!

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Congrats Adam!
Great guy for the job and a wonderful addition to the team!
Nice! Congrats Adam!!!!
Thank you very much! I'm very excited to be working with everyone in this new capacity and to keep the site running smoothly as we continue to grow as a community.

And it will take at LEAST 5 weeks before the evil sets in... Cheesy
Congrats man!
Congrats. Couldn't have ended up with a better guy... until the evil sets in.
@Izret101: You have to be a little bit evil be a director....
That is why i call you guys Fearless Leader(s).
Congrats Adam!  Well deserved.
@Izret101: Don't you worry you're an Editor. You also have to be a bit evil (or crazy) to do that.
Congratulations Adam!  I can't wait for the evil! Smiley
Come to the dark side. We have cookies!
@TraderJake: Now that IS evil!
Thumbs up Wink
Well deserved - congrats Adam!
Congrats Adam!

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