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Posted on Jul 13th 2009 at 01:18:03 AM by (TraderJake)
Posted under RFG Aside, Mario, NSFW, Googly Eyes, Lara Croft

Some things defy explanation. This video is one of those things. Did you ever think you'd see a pixelated Mario urinating behind a pipe? No? Well, it gets stranger, much stranger. I could explain all the wonderful / weird things that occur in the video, but perhaps it's just better for you to take a gander yourself. You'll find it in its relatively NSFW glory, after the jump.

Well, how was that? Was it what you expected? Was your mind blown? Personally, I was humored greatly. A strange video indeed, a strange video indeed.

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UMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!  WTF was that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
David being your clone and what not I should have expected you to post something like that lol.
@cincy012: Oh that's right, you are over the age of 13. No COPPA violation from little brother tonight!
wow. Definitely weird. I really liked the Doom scene. Too funny.
Nice.  What's with the wolf at the end?
That was awesome!! XD
Lol, that was weird! A lot of work went into that, I'm sure. Shocked
as if Lara would let that happen to her leg!
Yeah...................Definitely strange.
Well that was odd
I lol'd massively Dave. Cheesy
I've seen some odd things in my life but that's definitly something I'd swear involved LSD at one point or another.
Well, that was...strange.  Nonetheless, it was still funny Smiley
That was amazing.

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