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Posted on Oct 3rd 2008 at 01:10:30 AM by (Wolfman Walt)
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I'm late this week because of personal problems I'm going through. Sorry all. Probably not a good move to go "I'M GONNA BE DOING WEEKLY REVIEWS" and then be late on the second week. Rest assured, I'm doing it and not stopping. Just need abit of time to handle some stuff.

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Quite alright. We will have to deduct 3% from your final grade, however.
@The Metamorphosing Leon: Only 3%? I thought that the District required it to be 7.5%! laugh

@Wolfman: I was already wondering what was taking your next review so long. Tongue

Maybe not naming them "weekly" reviews anymore would be a good thing since it would lift the pressure of your shoulders of having to write a new one every 7 days. (Especially if you have real life issues that make it hard to do so) Wink
Well, it appears to be your birthday today, so yeah, you should be celebrating that. Also, you're a not a staff member, so the only schedule you have is the one you set. Smiley

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