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Posted on Jun 14th 2008 at 04:51:01 PM by (Xizer)
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Today's garage sale finds!

Lot 1
Working PlayStation 2 (fat)
-2 first party controllers
-1 third party memory card
-1 first party memory card
Six games:
-Beach Volleyball: Summer Heat
-The Mark of Kri
-Tetris Worlds
-Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
-Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Total: $20

Lot 2
Working Genesis Model 2 w/ all hookups
-Turbo controller
-Super Battleship game

Total: $5

Lot 3
Working Game Boy
-Cool Spot
-Plastic cases for all three, as well as big Game Boy case

Total: $7.50

Lot 4

Azurik Rise of Perathia
Blinx (Brand new and sealed, Platinum Hits)
Blinx (opened, non-Platinum Hits)
Wreckless The Yakuza Missions
Dead to Rights
Outlaw Volleyball

Jeremy McGrath Supercross World
Seek and Destroy
NASCAR Heat 2002
The Thing
Black & Bruised
The Mummy Returns
Max Payne

Super Monkey Ball
Shrek Extra Large
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Total: $10

Overall Total & Summary for the Day: $42.50 for 31 games, a PlayStation 2 (w/ 2 controllers & 2 memory cards), a Genesis (w/ 1 controller), a Game Boy, and a Game Boy case

Today was a good day for last gen gaming. All last gen games had cases, most had manuals too

Posted on Aug 16th 2007 at 08:25:47 AM by (Xizer)
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King of Swords is a pretty nifty website. I recently discovered them and if you like swords, you should probably check them out.

Currently, they offer various kinds of swords, such as anime swords, and they even have stun guns! So if you're not in the mood for lugging around a massive hunk of steel, they've got you covered. I was impressed by their selection of Final Fantasy related swords. You want to know what really sold me on King of Swords? This. This is pure awesome.
Link's Master Sword and Shield!

King of Swords is a great place to get swords and I would recommend it to anyone.

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