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Posted on Nov 17th 2014 at 05:00:00 PM by (Zagnorch)
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And that's it for this year's Not-So-Secret Santa! Thanks for participating, and have yourselves a wonderful holiday season!


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First! I'll take it all. Wink
@Duke.Togo: I already have some stuff heading your way, so don't be all worried that you might miss out.
@Zagnorch:  Why?  Duke's so mean!  He's a mean one, Mr. Zagnorch.

Posted under Skylanders, you sly devil you.
@shaggy: Probably due to all the fame he's attained as the co-host of the CollectorCast. All the hookers 'n' blow's gotten him drunk on power.
@shaggy: Hint, hint.
@Zagnorch: Winners don't use drugs. Prostitutes are perfectly fine.
@Zagnorch:  On the next True Hollywood Story, Chris, also known as Duke.Togo blows his Collector Cast earnings on blow and prostitutes.  Hear the True Hollywood Story.
@Zagnorch: he he, I figured as much.  With as many Skylanders you get, I can see why you Skylanders is listed. lol
@Duke.Togo: Is that how we got Broccoli Guy? Is he Alfred Broccoli?

9)  Mystery box of video games
...NADA. Got clubbed by the flood control and posted after mumbo. HAHAH.
@mumboking: Just missed. Try again.
Actually, 6 if it's available and no one claims it in the next hour or so.
12)  Nintendo GameCube console it is then
Zagnorch: You can either have the washer and dryer where the lovely Smithers is standing. Or you can trade it all in (pulls out a box with question marks all over it) for what's in this box.

Ikariniku: The box! The box!

@Shadow Kisuragi:Wait, you don't have any of those yet? Indeed, I am disappoint.

All right, so 1, 6, 9, 11, and 12 are off the table (so far). Still a few things left, though, so don't lose hope...
13, if you pkease. Smiley
I looked at my Rovin books to make sure, and it's one of the few I'm missing. GO FIGURE.
As for the Atlas, I have it for the original I think...
Well, since I was too late on that, I'll actually go with 7, then.
Number 2, please!
This is fun.
4 Please I could always use some more Skylanders items.
3 bc it looks pretty slick.
6, just because i want something!
@RetroRage: Long gone, try again.
Blog has been edited to reflect remaining items:  #5 (Disney Infinity), #8 (handheld carry cases), and #10 (Trapper Keeper set). 
I'll take number 8.  I really like the smiley face with glasses next to it (and this will give me an excuse to pursue the systems I don't own to put them in).
5 please if still available.
I will take 10, I can donate them to my Wife's classroom, I am sure some students need them. I might use one for cataloging my games for insurance purposes
And that's a wrap for this year's NSSS,  the first ever clean sweep! Many thanks to all who participated this year! Hope to see y'all again next year!

- 'Late
Wow......I totally missed this. How did that happen?
@singlebanana: You ain't missed nothin', as you'll soon find out.

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