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Posted on Nov 16th 2015 at 06:00:00 AM by (Zagnorch)
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Welcome, fellow RF Gentlemen, to...

THE 2015


AAAAND that wraps it up for this year's edition of the Not-So-Secret-Santa giveaway. Hope to see y'all again this time next year!


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Am I early?

I'd like 1. (I was very tempted to pick 4.)
My sister is still at school, so I have to pick for her... 12

I'm guessing there are 3 20 sided dice.
GUESS CHANGE! I think there are 5 20 sided dice.
I wish I could just edit a comment...
I might end up changing my sister's claim, depending on if she emails me back.
10, I love DR
I'll take #6 for my daughter; she loves Peach. My guess on the dice is 14. Thanks Zag! Smiley
Dice guess: 47
3 Grin
There is obviously 38 D20s in that case!

50 dice?  I dunno, I'm bad at guessing.

Thanks, Zag!
@Crabmaster2000: Wait... are they all 20 sided dice? In which case... I change my guess again to 35.
My guess is 36, Also is 2 taken, yet?
Number 9.
@mumboking: better get things figured out soon, or there won't be anything left for your sis. BTW I'll go with 35 as your final answer on the 20D deal. Until then, item #12-- the black GBA belt case-- is still available for others to grab.

@Shepy: Care to guess how many 20-sided dice there are? If you guess correctly or get close enough without going over, you'll get a super-duper-special mystery thingy...

@Crabmaster2000: Although I have a few things headed your way for the yuletide, you're more than welcome to select an item from the list. Well, one that hasn't already been claimed, anyway.

All right, here's the claim / guess breakdown as of this posting:

Mumboking: 1, 35

Flee: 10, 47

Singlebanana: 6, 14

ProjectNintendo: 3, no guess

CrabMaster2000: nothing (so far), 38

IkariNiku: 4, 50
I guess that there are 31 20-sided dice.

Also, I would like to change my claim to the mini board games (3).
Blog has been edited to show the items that are left to claim.

@GamerNick: Care to take a stab at the 20-sided dice challenge, good sir?

Updated claim / guess tote board:

Mumboking: 1, 35

Flee: 10, 47

Singlebanana: 6, 14

ProjectNintendo: 3, no guess

CrabMaster2000: nothing (so far), 38

IkariNiku: 4, 50

Fokakis79: 2, 36

GamerNick: 9, no guess
Sorry, didn't see 3 was already taken. Woops. I'll stay with 12, then.
@TedLover12: I regret to inform you that #3 has already been claimed. Please check my updated blog for remaining items..
@TedLover12: All righty, 12 and a guess of Baskin-Robbins it is.

Um, are there any Baskin-Robbins in the UK?
@Zagnorch: I would have to say... yes.
I'll take 11.

28 dice.
I'd like to claim #8.

Dice guess? 42
The best part is, I actually have a GBA SP, so number 11 is perfect!
13 has been claimed by addicted via PM.

Bickman2k wins the guessing game. There are forty-two 20-sided dice in the case.
Unfortunately, I'll be asleep before there's any chance of a "call dibs on whatever's left", that's if one even happens.

I guess I could be cheeky and call dibs now though. Tongue (I'll understand if you won't accept this.)
If there is a call dibs portion later, that GBA charger looks nice. I don't have anything to charge my GBA with.
@leej07: I could be wrong,  but it probably wouldn't even work on 110-120v, even with a plug adapter. It's expecting 230-240v.
@leej07: All righty, I'll letcha have it. Not sure how you'll get it to work for you, though...

@mumboking: Maybe he can hard-wire it into his clothes dryer outlet... if he has one, that is.
Number 5!

@shaggy: You sure?
I'll take
#see you again next year!
@Izret101: I'm only gonna tell you this one more freaking time: I am fresh out of Van Halen guitar controller skins! Seriously, ya gotta get away from that lead-based paint...
@Zagnorch:  YES! Smiley  I thought it was Norv?  Not sure how I was granted that name by you...
3 Blind Dice. (I'm not funny)
..and, wow, I completely missed this. Cry
@Shadow Kisuragi: Me too.  I set an alarm but I got so busy at work I didn't even hear it.  Next year, then.

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