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Posted on Nov 16th 2020 at 08:00:00 AM by (Zagnorch)
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Welcome one and all to this very special 10th Anniversary Edition of...

THE 2020


To celebrate both the 10th NSSS and my 10th anniversary on RF Generation, I offer 10 humble items for your first-come, first-served consideration! Just remember the rules:

-   Just one selection per person.

-   The first person to claim the item gets it. First come, first served.

How to make your claim:

-   Take note of the number of the item/lot you desire, and...

-   Post that number in the Not-So-Secret-Santa blog's comments section. Only claims made in the blog comments section will be honored.

All RF Generation members from anywhere in the world are welcome to take advantage. Just be aware that, that unless otherwise noted, all games being given away are NTSC U/C coded for use in machines for the North American market.

As for shipping costs: I'm covering it. Just note that I'll be mailing this stuff out using the cheapest shipping methods possible, so it might be a while before your claim gets to you. You'll receive a PM informing you of your successful claim, and either requesting your mailing address, or confirming the one I have on file.

And now, it's time to count down the swag, starting with...

10.)   NAKI lanyard

9.)   PlayStation 2 lanyard

8.)   Benjamin Bumchen Vorsschulspasse for Nintendo DS

7.) Loot Crate TEAM FORTRESS 2 pinback button collectors set

6.) Mega Bloks Skylanders Possessed CYNDER mini-figure

5.)  K'Nex WARIO mini-figure

4.) Wendy's Design-Your-World 8-BIT ARCADE playset, sealed

3.) Dragon Advance Boy GBA game cartridge vertical stand with box

2.) Sealed cube of Super Mario sticky notes


Whelp, that's it for this year. My most profuse thanks go out to all who have participated in this silly little give-away over the last decade... here's to ten more years!
Until next time...


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Number 5 for me!
#3 please
I almost forgot what day it was!
9.)  PlayStation 2 lanyard, please!
Since my sister's browser keeps freezing, she'd like me to claim this for her:
7.) Loot Crate TEAM FORTRESS 2 pinback button collectors set
She says "please" too.
#4 please, and thank you Smiley
Can I get #2 please?
@MetalFRO: I was thinking about this one but had no idea what it was.  What is it?

@shaggy: We'll explain it to you when you're older.

Anyhew, we're already 6 prizes down, with just numbers 10, 8, 6, and 1 left.
8 please.  I need me an edumacation.
Thanks for all you do here Zag!
Just #10 (NAKI Lanyard), #6 (Mega Bloks Cynder mini-fig), and #1 (Super Mario Bros. for NES) are left.

Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?
#6 Please. My son is starting to play skylanders.
Just shipped out all but one of the domestic claims. Sorry, 'Fro, but you'll hafta wait a little longer...
#1. I actually have a good friend who wanted me to find a cheap copy and a light gun for him. This will be half the battle. Thanks Zag!
Hey now,

If no one claims the NAKI lanyard by the end of Monday, November 23, I'm gonna shut this down.

That having been said, thanks to not only those who participated in this year's NSSS, but to the participants of all past NSSS give-aways as well. Hope to see y'all again this time next year!

Best holiday wishes to all...

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