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Posted on Nov 16th 2016 at 05:00:00 AM by (Zagnorch)
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Hey now, everybody! Welcome to...

The 2016 NOT-So-Secret-Santa Give-Away!

 This year I offer 10 humble items for your first-come, first-served consideration! Just remember the rules:

-   Just one selection per person.

-   The first person to claim the item gets it. First come, first served.

How to make your claim:

-   Take note of the number of the item/lot you desire, and...

-   Post that number in the Not-So-Secret-Santa blog's comments section.

All RF Generation members from anywhere in the world are welcome to take advantage. Just be aware that, unless otherwise noted, all games being given away are NTSC U/C coded for use in machines for the North American market.

-   As for shipping costs: I'm covering it. Just note that I'll be mailing this stuff out using the cheapest shipping methods possible, so it might be a while before your claim gets to you. You'll receive a PM informing you of your successful claim, and either requesting your mailing address, or confirming the one I have on file.

And now, the swag:

1.)   Super Mario DS/GBA system wraps set

2.)   Complete Sword/Link Kirby Plush

3.)   Sealed Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam papercraft figure set

4.)   Sealed Porta-Lock accessory for PSP

5.)   Ms. Pac-Man 2014 Awesome 80's Run participation medal

6.)   Official 007 GoldenEye strategy guide

7.)   Shadow the Hedgehog hockey mini LCD game

8.)   Radio Shack SPACE ALIEN mini tabletop game

9.)   Computer Games and Virtual Worlds: A new Frontier in Intellectual Property Law book

Aaaand now, the crown jewel in my stack of give-away goodies:

10.) Super-rare 1-of-1 The_8-Bit_Donald "Make RF Generation Great Again!" bobblehead!

It's dibs-callin' time, guys... get to it!


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Hmm... I like the look of number 5.
If it's alright, I'd like to claim number 2 for my sister. She's in school at the moment and can't get on the site.
Or at least... hold it until she can get on? She might be able to get on at 1 PM GMT.
I didn't think this was starting until later today.

Anyway, could I have '3.)  Sealed Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam papercraft figure set' please.
I call dibs on number 8, please!
I'll take 7.
2 please!
Wait, 9.

@shaggy: 6 than if mumbo\'s sister gets 2.
I usually shy away from freebies, but this year? what the hell. Either 2 or 10, would be cool.

@shaggy: 2 is available, TedLover12 is my sister.
@shaggy: 6 than if mumbo\'s sister gets 2.
The claims so far:

- MumboKing gets #5: Awesome 80s fun run medal. Sheesh, you always have to pick the heaviest item, don't you!

- The Lover of Ted, AKA the Sis of Mumbo, claims #3 the Mario & Luigi Paper Jam papercraft set. At least she knows to pick something light... ;P

- LeeJ07 claims #8 Radio Shack SPACE ALIEN game.

- FleeBitten claims #7 Shadow the Hedgehog hockey game.

- Norv-- errr, Shaggy claims #2, Link-Kirby plush.

- Ikariniku claims #9 Computer Games and Virtual Worlds book.

- Engineer Mike: #2 already claimed. I'm not sure if customs will allow something like #10 cross the border, but if'n ya really want it, it's all yours.
What time does this end officially?
@leej07: Whenever I damn well feel like it.

You got a problem with that, huh?!
No problem at all, mate, just curious.
@mumboking: Never knew you had a sister on here.  She doesn't come on here much, I take it?
@shaggy: The only time I ever see Teddy-L is during the NSSS give-away... which I don't mind. Anything to get this clutter out of my house and have it be someone else's problem...
@shaggy: Yeah, she just uses the collection tools.
Nobody claimed number 1? Just curious, because I have a GBA SP here that is REALLY beat up looking, and I think one of those covers could make it look so much more attractive.
I really want a red "Make America Great Again" cap. Yuuuge fan of the Donald. Yuuge.

@MaterialHandlerMike: You want a cap? I can give you a cap. We have the best caps. They'll be the biggest caps. I can give you all the caps. Tell you what, I'll let you all the caps... But first, I'm gonna build a wall around the cap factory, and make them pay for it.
@shaggy: 6 than if mumbo\'s sister gets 2.
@shaggy: How many times are you going to post "6 than if mumbo\'s sister gets 2."?
@shaggy: Dude, CHILL, willya? You're gonna get number 2. And if you don't lay off the caffeine, I'll give you a number 2 personally.

Now go to your room.
That is weird.  I only posted that post once.  I have no idea why it keeps doing that.
I wasn't even on at 9:46 last night.  What the heck?!
@shaggy: Perhaps a certain cowardly Great Dane with an odd lisp is behind it all? Jinkies!
#6 if it is still available, please.
Just #1 and #4 left...
I'll take #1 of your hands... IF nobody else wants it.
Kind of interested in that #1.

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