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Posted on Nov 29th 2015 at 12:43:54 AM by (Zagnorch)
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After almost eight years of serious collecting, I was nearing a pretty impressive milestone: over 3000 unique pieces in my collection! And what better way to achieve such a lofty goal then by taking advantage of Goodwill of Silicon Valley chain's "Blue Friday" sale the day after Thanksgiving? Little did I know that it would become my longest thrift-crawl ever, clocking in at 13 hours, travelling 175 miles, and visiting 17 different stores, some of them twice. But would all this effort be enough to put me over the top? Let's find out...

- CIB Sam's Club-exclusive Intellivision Flashback plug-&-play console, $5.99 $4.79: includes a complete set of overlays exclusive to the Sam's Club release. Interestingly enough, the return slip was still taped to the box, with the reason why it was returned:

Whoever didn't like this most likely leads a sad and pathetic existence. And yet, I cannot bring myself to hate him, merely pity him.

ANYway, moving on...

- CIB Sam's Club-exclusive Sega Genesis Classic console, 12.99 $9.74: Includes an exclusive 12-Dino-Games-In-1 cartridge.

- Limited edition Mountain Dew XBox console, $29.99 $22.50: Devastator really dug this pickup for some reason.


He told me it could use some purple highlights, though.

On to the reading material:

- 6 game guides, $14.95 $10.45 for the lot

Now it's time for the games themselves, starting with my first-ever X-Bone pickup:

- CIB Halo 5 Guardians Limited Edition, $29.99 23.99: Not only is this complete, it's also practically brand-new.

Howzabout a little international intrigue with these Japan-region finds:

- CIB Puzzle Bobble Pocket for PSP, $3.99 $2.99

- Sealed Tactics Ogre: Unmei no Wa for PSP, $5.99 $4.49

- Sealed Dragon's Crown for PS3, $5.99 $4.49

- Persona 2: Innocent Sin (no manual) for PS1, $5.99 $4.49

On to some of the more mundane game scores:

- CIB GUN for GameCube, $2.99 $2.09

- CIB TouchMaster for DS, $5.99 $3.89

- Pong-Asteroids-Yars' Revenge GBA cart, $3.59 $2.33

- CIB Lego Batman 2 for 3DS, $5.99 $3.89

- CIB Croc: Legend of the Gobbos (Greatest Hits) for PS1, $2.49 $1.99

By now you're probably wondering which game put my collection at 3000. Why, it's only one of the greatest pieces of electronic entertainment that's ever been pressed onto a digital disc! As you already know, obviously I'm talking about:

I'm sensing homicidal levels of jealousy from you.

And there you have it: a legendary thrift crawl that culminated in a very enviable milestone. Pretty cool, huh? But don't leave just yet, 'cuz now I'm gonna show off my gaming thrift-scores of the NON-video kind:

- CIB Excalibur King Maker III electronic chess set, $10.49 $7.87: This one's for you, Shaggy.

- CIB 10 Days in Asia, $3.49 $2.27

- CIB Dungeon! Fantasy Board game, $5.99 $4.19

- Sealed Sharper Image Perfect Pitch Tabletop Baseball, $7.99 $5.99

And now, the most awesomely awesome board game ever:

Who wouldn't want to "interact" with that hot tomato? (God, I'm so lonely)

So, who wants to go a few rounds with me? I'll even let you go first-- wait, where are you going? Get back here, you prudes! Ahhh, who needs ya! I'm sure I can find someone who's willing to play this--

Errr... on second thought...


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1. You have an Xbox One? If I were a big spender, Halo 5 is what would convince me to buy it (I'm sorta a fanboy of Halo :/ )

2. Good find on the INTV thing. I want one. Not that I need it as I probably have almost every game on it though. But, yay! for you! There are lots of good two player games on the INTV but since Devastator can't likely deal with the 16 way joypad, you'll be stuck with some of the, still great, one player games. The D&D game 'Treasure of Tarmin" (though I think it's called 'Minotaur' on there) is good, B17 Bomber is interesting, as well as Bomb Squad.....opps, getting sidetracked here....

3. Gun is a good game, It's like GTA-Wildwest-Light.

4. Mt Dew Xbox is always fun.

5. If we were to ever play games together, you found one there I would certainly NOT want to play with you. I'll let you figure out which that is.
@nupoile: in response to your points:

1. I don't have an X-Bone, and I don't plan on getting one any time soon. My best friend is looking at upgrading from his 360 before the year is out, though. Which is good for me, 'cuz I get first crack at the 360 games he no longer wants. BTW I bought the Halo 5 set for flippage.

2. Devastator's too busy figuring out how to plug in his XBox controller to bother with the Intellivision dealie; they don't call it a "DONGle" for nothing, you know. Kinduva shame the flashback rerelease doesn't play INTV cartridges, since I have a dozen of 'em complete and boxed. I also have a complete boxed Intellivoice modulator thingy I'd love to try out some time.

3. Well if Gun is GTA-Wild-West-Light, then what is Red Dead Redemption/Revolver? Weird thing is, I have this game for just about every other sixth-gen console-- including PSP-- and never thought they'd put it out for the relatively family-friendly GameCube.

4. That's what Devastator told me this morning. I'll leave it to your sick imagination as to what kind of "fun" he was talking about.

5. Yeah, I'm not very good at chess, either.

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