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Posted on Mar 5th 2017 at 08:00:00 AM by (Addicted)
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Everyone has a bucket list of games that they want to play or complete, but can't find the time for. This year I decided to do something about it and picked five games that I want to complete before the year is over. Let's take a look at the games I picked and I would love to hear what's on your bucket list this year.

10. Popful Mail (Multi Plat) -

I started this one last year and made it half way through before I stopped playing. The gameplay loop was fun and the graphics are colorful with good animation. The music is upbeat, but loops too much and can become annoying after a while. All things considered this game lives up to the hype and I'm looking forward to playing it some more.

9. Dishonored 2 (Multi Plat) -

This series is a love letter to the Thief games by Looking Glass. I've passed the first couple of levels, but have been distracted by time sinks such as Final Fantasy XV. Working your way through the environments and solving puzzles has  always been a big draw and I need to put some more time into this game.

8. The Adventure of Valkyrie: Legend of the Key of Time (Famicom) -

This game is as frustrating as it is fun. It's a mix up between Ys, Dragon Warrior, and Tower of Druaga. Enemies can swarm you without warning causing an untimely death and you have to grind a lot to make any progress. I've completed around 75% of the game so far and want to see the end.

7. Sturmwind (Dreamcast) -

I love this game. It's a love letter to the Dreamcast with great graphics, gameplay, and sound. It's a game I would recommend to anyone who owns a Dreamcast. I've made it over halfway through the game and I need to finish it.

6. Shantae Risky's Revenge (Multi Plat)  -

I've started this game twice but haven't finished it. I love the metroidvania gameplay combined with the upbeat soundtrack and bright colors. After playing Pirate's Curse this game feels a little sluggish, but the gameplay loop is still solid.

5. Skyrim (Multi Plat)  -

I've lost count of how many times I've restarted this game. I always end up around 20-30 hours in before I start a new game as it's too easy to spend hours exploring the land and ignoring the main storyline. I've set my mind to it that I'm going to finish it this time.

4. Final Fantasy 3/6 (SNES,GBA) -

I've started this game a couple times on the SNES and played about a quarter of the game on the Gameboy Advance. I loved the visuals and the story seemed interesting, but I couldn't find time for it. I keep hearing people gush over how great a game it is and how good the Opera scene is, so I'm making it a point to finish it.

3. The Space Adventure (SCD,TCD) -

I've heard great things about this game and I'm looking forward to playing it. I love the digital comic style and the story seems to be worthy of the manga. I hope it comes complete with cheesy English voice acting.

2. Snatcher (Multi Plat) -

I started this game last year and I loved the atmosphere. The game oozes style and the opening track is forever stuck in my head. I want to set aside a good chunk of time to play through this game. I've heard that the PCE CD version is the best, but my Japanese is rusty at best.

1. Earthbound (SNES) -

I haven't played any game in the Mother/Earthbound series. I've heard the hype for years and I'm looking forward to seeing if it holds up. Look for future blog entries on this game as I document my playthrough.

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I kept thinking about how this would be a really fun thing to do, when I realized I kind of do it now, when I write out articles I want to write during the year. 

Great article, zophar.  I think you have a great set of games, and I look forward to reading future posts with your impressions (especially of FF6 and Popful Mail).
@bombatomba: Thanks! I was thinking the same thing as several of these games will be featured in upcoming blog entries.
This is a really cool idea!  It seems like year after year goes by with the same games on my 100+ game backlog list.  Making a smaller list like this and sticking to it would be a good way to finally play through some of those games.  Now I just have to decide which games will make my 2017 bucket list!  Smiley
I'd love to play more Sega CD games this year myself, including Snatcher.

Never heard of The Space Adventure. I'll have to check it out.
Some top quality titles on this list. I can't vouch for all of them, but Skyrim is a great game, that eats up so much time. Final Fantasy VI is a true classic. I wouldn't recommend the GBA port, as the music on the original is a huge draw. It's the version to play.
Your experience with Skyrim sounds like mine with Final Fantasy VII.  I'd start the game, get about to the end of the first disc, get distracted by another game or "life stuff", and subsequently forget where I'm at and feel like I have to start all over.  I probably did that 6 or 7 times before I finally powered through to the end.  I hope you can do that with Skyrim, because I suspect it will be worth the time to finish the journey.  I also have never heard of The Space Adventure.  As generic as that sounds, I love the 70's fantasy art on that cover, so that's a draw.  As for the PCE version of Snatcher, there was a project for a while targeting a translation of that version, but it never really went anywhere, so you'd probably have to play with a walkthrough.

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