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Posted on Nov 12th 2017 at 08:00:00 AM by (Addicted)
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On October 26th 2000, Sony released the juggernaut known as the PlayStation 2. PlayStation 2 or PS2 collecting has started to pick up with many collector's actively trying for a full set. In this edition of Collector's Corner, we will take a look at some of the more collectable US Special Editions and Collector's Editions for the PS2 and come up with a general idea of what you should pay.

Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3 Limited Edition
Original Price $50
Current price $42-$50
RF Page:

This Limited Edition was not retailer exclusive, so your chances of finding it in the wild are much higher. The limited edition comes with a Brody chibi toy, behind the scenes DVD with trailers, and the Budokai 3 game. The HD remaster is supposedly missing some of the licensed music so this is the version to get.

.hack G.U. Vol 1 Rebirth Special Edition
Original Price $50
Current price $100-$165
RF Page:

This was a Gamestop/EB Games exclusive. It includes the game, exclusive Haseo Action Figure and a Terminal Disc describing what happened in the previous .hack games. It's worth it for those who want a complete PS2 set, or those who love the .hack series. Everyone else should just wait for the PS4 re-release.

Bully Collector's Edition
Original Price: $50
Current price: $150-$300
RF Page:

A Gamestop/EB Games exclusive, the Collector's Edition includes a collectable locker box, dodge ball, stickers, comic book, poster, and the game. If you can find this version out in the wild, chances are it will be missing the dodge ball so make sure to check.

Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis Limited Edition Scholarship Box Set
Original Price: $100
Current price: $unkown
RF Page: None yet

A Rosenqueen Store exclusive, it came with Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis (Premium Edition) and a Study Hall Jess figure. The Study Hall Jess figure is confusing as it's the Japanese version packaged with the American version of the game.

Resident Evil 4 (Collector's Pack)
Original Price: $120
Current price: $unkown
RF Page: None yet
Other Info:

Sold from Capcom's store and limited to 100, this pack contains the limited Biohazard Sound Chronicle Best Track box (soundtracks for [/i]Resident Evil 0-4[/i]), a 7" Leon action figure by NECA toys, the PS2 game, and a Resident Evil 4 t-shirt (which only came in XL). This is one of those cases where a company took stuff they had in their store and bundled it together to call it something special. In some ways it worked, as if you search online you'll find the contents and availability information, but there are no pictures. So here is the only picture of this pack that is so special it almost doesn't deserve mentioning.

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Real men collect PAL ps2. Phoenix games, 505, play it, Midas, blast. The amount of companies releasing nothing but shovelware in extremely small quantities is insane.

Add on the crazy number of singstar, buzz and club football variants and you have a truly insane full set.
lol collecting full PS2 sets is nightmare mode.
I bought that Bully Collector's edition at release. I didn't know it had become such a difficult find.
@Schlibby: "Rule of Rose" alone makes PAL PS2 collecting hard enough, but what makes it truly maddening is making sure you have the right case for each variant.  There are THREE versions of the single-disc blue case alone, and a lot of games sold 2nd hand have the flimsy replacement cases which were introduced ca. 2009(?).  Also, Australian and UK variants of SMT3 are a pain to catalogue.

@Raidou - pal discs are normally the same whichever country variant box they are in. So with rule of rose thereís no issue of matching up discs and boxes. And the only really rare version is the UK release. The game was banned before launch so the copies you do see come up on eBay etc are most likely something like reviewer copies.

Also, canít say Iíve ever come across flimsy replacement boxes other than when 2nd retailers need to replace a broken box and use any dvd box they have to hand.

For real PAL rarities look to Phoenix games. Saint & Sinner, flickies Adventure, monster eggs, crabby adventures, mambo, hoppie...

Very cool. I've only got one of those 5 Special Editions. Might have to track down that .Hack one though. Looks cool.
@schlibby - Sorry, just to clarify:  my point on PAL PS2 game cases was regarding PAL PS2 games in general, and not in relation to "Rule of Rose".  Rereading my post, I can see that wasn't entirely clear.  Also, I am talking about the case itself, not the coverslip.  Sony used several different types of standard cases over the lifespan of the PS2, so when people replace damaged PS2 cases they often don't replace it with the right case type.

The flimsy-style case was introduced as standard for PS2 games in either 2009 or 2010, and they were also sold separately as replacement cases (which is why I refered to them as such).  If you have bought a PAL PS2 game or variant released in 2010 or later, you would have come across the flimsy cases.

Interesting article!  I've never seen, nor heard of, any of those special edition releases.  I'm especially surprised that the RE4 release went under my radar.  Interesting how many goofy variants and odd releases get snuck into any given console's lifespan, and for collectors, it becomes a nightmare trying to track them all down, or at the very least, keep track of them so you know they're out there.
I'm glad everyone found this guide useful. Thanks for reading and I'll have a PC Collector's corner coming in 2018!

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