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Posted on Dec 7th 2019 at 08:00:00 AM by (Addicted)
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If you find yourself in Paris head to the 11th District. Walk down Voltaire Blvd and you'll be surrounded by shops catering to video games, manga and electronic devices. Here in the heart of this mini Akihabra you'll find Trader Games. Established in 2002 they sell video games of all eras and specialize in retro games. I recently visited Trader and brought my camera so let's take a look.

Trader Games is broken up into two floors. On the first floor are modern consoles and games. Here you will find Xbox One, PS4, and Switch games, systems, and accessories. I didn't see much that you wouldn't see at Gamestop but it was good to see River City girls and some Limited Run games. 

The second floor is the domain of retro games and there they had quite a selection. Here you can find NES,Famicom,Master System, Mega Drive, Saturn, WiiU, Ds, and more! While browsing I  saw Techtoy Master System games, a SG1000 console, a PC Engine Shuttle, Neo Geo games, and some desireable Dreamcast Shmups.

So by now, I'm sure you've noticed the impressive selection. I could have spent the afternoon looking through everything. If you find yourself in Paris I highly recommend visiting and if you're not you still can through their recently launched English website at

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Looks like some pretty awesome stuff on display. What a fun way to spend part of your trip!
When I was in France a few years ago I checked out a retro game store in a small town not too far outside of Paris. It was nice and small but had a decent variety of stuff.

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