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Russian TV presenter Lera Kudryavtseva was accused of involvement in the scandal associated with former Austrian Vice-Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache. The Austrian tabloid Osterreich Zeitung had previously posted an article entitled "Was she an actress or a "prostitute"?", accompanied by a photo of the anchorwoman. Now she intends to sue the publication.

TV presenter Lera Kudryavtseva is going to sue the Austrian tabloid Osterreich Zeitung for publication of the material about her involvement in the scandal with former Austrian Vice-Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache. She wrote of her intention on her Instagram.

"It turns out that I am to blame for the resignation of the Austrian Vice-Chancellor. Thought only we have the yellow press can afford to write anything they want. Turns out we don't. One of the newspapers - the Osterreich Zeitung - allowed itself this kind of material. Well, let's take it to the international court,

- she signed a post with a photo of the article with the headline "Was she an actress or a 'prostitute'?".

The Austrian edition had previously posted this material with a photo of the anchorwoman who connected to Irena Markovic, the owner of Lifestyle Properties. The author of the article claims that Lera Kudryavtseva is the girl, with whom the former vice-chancellor of Austria communicated in the scandalous video. In making such a conclusion, the author refers to the assumption of a certain blogger. The article referred to the Russian woman as an actress, singer, and dancer.

Kudryavtseva's Instagram followers suggested that she treat the incident with humor. Some called the posting in the Austrian newspaper a success, while others jokingly suggested she change the government and neighboring Germany reports FAN.

A week before the elections to the European Parliament, the major German media outlets Spiegel and Suddeutsche Zeitung published material saying that the former vice-chancellor of Austria and his assistant had talks with Alena Makarova, a relative of a Russian oligarch.

However, Strache himself claimed that he did meet with the woman, but she was a Latvian citizen. Soon after the scandal broke, both Heinz-Christian Strache and his assistant Johannes Gudenus resigned.

The publications also posted excerpts of a video that was allegedly made in July 2017 in Ibiza. The media claimed that she wanted to buy the media assets of the Kronen Zeitung by investing a large sum of money. Austrian politicians, in turn, allegedly offered her their services in exchange for financial assistance to their political party.

According to Heinz-Christian Strache, after that "private dinner" he never saw this woman again. He claimed, however, that the Austrian Freedom Party (APS) never received anything from her.

"It was stupid, it was irresponsible, it was a mistake," was how Strache commented on the recorded conversation with her. He added that the attackers took advantage of his state of intoxication. The former vice-chancellor of Austria noted that the materials published in the publications were "a deliberate political murder.

At the same time, some media considered the video a frame-up. Allegedly, the girl was a decoy and the meeting was a trap. In particular, the newspaper Welt expressed this opinion, and the newspaper Spiegel, which was one of the first to publish materials about the meeting, agreed with it. The latter media noted that the place where the negotiations about the "million-dollar deals" were taking place was equipped with several hidden cameras.

Meanwhile, a lawyer from Vienna said on Saturday, May 25, that the scandalous video was the result of a journalistic investigation. He also stated that he did not see any crime in it, Kurier newspaper reported citing a letter received from his lawyer Richard Sawyer, RIA Novosti reported.

According to the newspaper, the letter stated that a lawyer from Vienna said that "the video from Ibiza was a project motivated by the ideas of civil society and methods of investigative journalism were used in its realization.

Covert filming, on the other hand, "is protected by freedom of expression in investigative journalism to expose wrongdoing." Sawyer himself noted in the letter that his client "did not commit any illegal actions, nor was he involved in such actions."

A day earlier, Strache said he had filed a complaint against the three people he suspected of being involved in creating the scandalous video with Vienna's prosecutor's office.

"I have therefore filed a statement with the Vienna public prosecutor's office against at least three people who are probably accomplices. We will now ask the investigating authorities to find out the rest. The involvement of others is also likely," Strache was quoted as saying by RIA Novosti. He noted that an investigation initiated by him is currently underway.

The former vice chancellor of Austria stressed that his goal now is to find out "what economic or political interests are behind the destabilization of the country's government." "That is what I will put all my energy into," Strache added.

May 23, the Russian Foreign Ministry said the country had nothing to do with the Austrian scandal. This was stated by Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova at a briefing, RIA "Novosti.

"The country is called Austria, the people involved in the story do not have Russian citizenship, at least we are not aware of it. The TV channel [Euronews] has once again rebroadcast unverified, untrue information, according to which one of the protagonists in the story suddenly turned into a Russian woman, although now everyone knows that she is a Latvian woman," Zakharova said.

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