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Posted on Sep 24th 2018 at 01:30:00 AM by (Mr. Mysterious)
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In the share market, you analyse the situation and make an educated guess about the outcome and earn money from it. But when it comes to cricket a tipster of cricket have to consider a lot of factors. Such as team combination, Weather, pitch report, strengths and weakness of players, spin and pace combination, past records, players form etc. Even though after analysing and making sure about all these things, you cannot always win the cricket bet because it can never be 100% accurate cricket predictions. Apart of these factors a cricket bettors also have to decide on what format they have to bet on. For example a match between Australia and Kenya, anyone can predict that about the winning team, so in this cases, one can bet on other factors like on toss, the number of sixes, highest score and many more. So today here we are going to discuss types of cricket format to bet on, so you end with a decision to choose the most suitable for you to predict and bet on.

So today here we are going to discuss types of cricket format to bet on, so you end with a decision to choose the most suitable for you to predict and bet on..

Match result: The simple first and most common cricket format cricket bettors do bet prediction is on Match result. It is the most straightforward bet for cricket games, betting can be done on either of the teams winning or the draw. There is additionally the tie, which is far more likely in a limited - over match than in a test match. In a test history, there have been only two ties in the 2000-odd matches since 1877.

High bat: Select the highest scoring batsman in a specific inning or match. In any case, you need to ensure that there might be two unique markets for first and second innings in a first and second inning in a Test or first-class match. You can also bet on the top-scoring batsman in a series or in a competition.

Most wickets: Bet on that bowler who will take the most noteworthy number of wickets in an innings, match or arrangement. Or on the other hand to be the main wicket-taker for the team or through in a tournament or even a round - robin rivalry, for example, the primer rounds of the World cup.

Series/ tournament result: Bet on which team will win a straight on series or tournament well ahead of time of the occasion. Or on the other hand wager on the correct series result; take an example, in a five-Test Ashes series, you may fancy a 3-1 result to the home team. The odds can be profitable.

Coin Toss: Truly, genuinely. You can wager on which skipper will win the toss before the start of the game. You should likewise consider the toss can be pivotal in choosing the result of any match, given the evolving conditions.

Highest opening partnership: Which openers will start their team off to the best opening, in terms of runs at least?

Method of the first dismissal: Will the first wicket fall caught, bowled, caught behind, leg before wicket, run out, stumped or in some other way?

Live betting on Cricket: In-the-run betting is massively well known on cricket, with different kinds or stages accessible. In specific purviews you can wager ball by ball, predicting if the next ball will bring a wicket, boundary or even a wide. You can bet on will's identity the following man out, regardless of whether a player will achieve a point of reference or miss the mark. As specified before, the choices are perpetual.

You can take help of cricket betting tips and predictions online websites. Such as Bhaiji is one of the best website which provide free cricket betting tricks and prediction by expert. Weather you are interested in t20, one-day series, ipl, world cup or all kinds of cricket formats.
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