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Posted on Apr 13th 2022 at 08:51:52 PM by (bickman2k)
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Hey everyone! We recently went through a server migration for several reasons (OS no longer supported, security updates, space, etc), but, as you may have noticed, we have had some issues since the migration. I am trying to correct all of the issues as quickly as possible, but it certainly hasn't been easy.

Thanks to everyone in Discord who helped report the current issues. If you would like to reach out, please join the Discord where we have a site issues channel for people to report the issues. I also plan on posting those issues on a Trello board here so I can more easily track them. You can find the board here:

Finally, I can't say enough how much I appreciate the patience from all of you while we make the required changes to get the site up and running fully again.

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We never know what we have 'till it's gone, amirite? Thanks for all your hard work, and I for one am in for the long haul until we get to the other side of all this.  Already got a stack of additions for when we are ready 😀
Thanks for the heads up.  Just went to add some new games in the database and was getting a handful of errors.  Glad I came across this post which might explain a little bit.  I really hope any issues you have with the site ends up being a smooth transition to fix.  Been a active member since 2011 and have always greatly appreciated the hard work and dedication you guys put into running this site.
Thanks again for all the hard work and time spent on this site!
i stumbled over this, when i wanted to submit a game-version from Europe to Halo Wars 2 USA Huh

mySQL Error
Error Code: Field 'RELATED_GAMES' doesn't have a default value
There has been a problem attempting to update the database. Please try again.
Yeah I kept getting the same error as described above. No worries, and glad to hear it's being worked on. We'll still be here once this business gets sorted out.
@kaysow: Yeah no one is going anywhere.  Rfgeneration is the place to be. 
Thanks for all the hard work you guys tirelessly put in.  We aren't going anywhere.  This is one of the few positive places on the internet and we all want it to stick around for a long time.
Hi, I am trying to add a new title in the DB. I get this mySQL Error:

Edit Code: Field 'RELATED_GAMES' doesn't have a default value Query: INSERT INTO submit_games (TITLE, VAR_TITLE, ALT_TITLE, VAR_TYPE, CONSOLE, COUNTRY, YEAR, PART, BARCODE, DEVELOPER, MANUFACTURER, TYPE, SUBGENRE, PLAYERS, CONTROLLER, MEDIA_FORMAT, MEDIA_SIZE, MEDIA_QUANTITY, RATING, RATING_DESCRIPTOR, NAME, USERNAME, SUBMITTYPE, SUBMITID, NOTES) VALUES ('Madden NFL 22', '', '', '4', '215', 'US', '2021', '', '014633741926', 'EA Tiburon', 'Electronic Arts', '', '', '', '', '3', '', '1', '|2|', '|52|', 'n64ra', 'n64ra', 'add', '749914269625f0ae6d82895.18937178', '')

I don't see a RELATED_GAMES field.


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