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Posted on Dec 30th 2010 at 08:23:46 PM by (bickman2k)
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So, we made it. Our last episode of 2010 is here! We decided to do a little year in review episode complete with awards just as meaningful as the Spike VGAs! We have a little discussion and each of us has our viewpoint (as usual), but we also want your input on what you thought of this year in gaming! We didn't go the normal route of "Best game of the year", but once you check out our categories, we'd love to hear what you think about things. Did you agree? Disagree? Were we way off? Or do you have something else entirely that you think fits?

You can comment in the forums, comment in this blog post, e-mail us(!), and even call us(!!!). We hope to be able to take your quick questions over any subject via e-mail at You can also call us and leave a message! We can play your question or comment in the episode and we'll even respond to it! That number is (318) RFG-TIP5 or (318) 734-8475.

Here is the forum thread to comment: http://www.rfgeneration.c...m/index.php?topic=10730.0

The podcast, as usual, can be found and subscribed at as well as in iTunes!

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Just listened to it - this was the best episode so far in terms of production and content.  You had some interesting choices for games and categories, most of which I agreed with.  Seems that you didn't mention my favorites of the year, though: God of War III, Bad Company 2, and Metro 2033. 3D Dot Game Heroes is another good one, as was Joe Danger and Soldner X-2.

Good calls on Galaxy 2, Madden 11, NFS Hot Pursuit and Split/Second.  Super Street Fighter IV would be the series comeback for me...

Anyway, an entertaining listen.

There were so many games I wanted to give nods too, so many excellent titles this year!  I myself would back Metro 2033 and 3D Dot Heroes, didn't get to play Joe Danger and Soldner X-2 yet (though I know I should.)  For a series comeback last year I'd have definitely chosen Street Fighter IV, since for me that's the game that really brought the series back (though SSF IV is more refined, of course.)

I also intended to and forgot to plug Limbo, but oh well.

I hope we hear of some more alternate choices, because that means even more games were enjoyed as much as we liked ours.  I just couldn't keep up this year with all the games I wanted to play, and I can't be the only one.
Excellent podcast, gents.  This was your most candid and natural sounding recording so far, and in my opinion, the best.  Please keep it up, guys.
@bombatomba: That's exactly what I thought while I was editing it. I found myself leaving it more raw because it flowed better. Glad you liked it!
great episode! As the others have said, it really does sound the most comfortable and well-flowing. Keep it up guys (more often)! Smiley
Really enjoyed the podcast guys.  Keep up the good work!
Just listened, and really enjoyed it.  Keep up the good work guys!!!
Just listened to all four episodes, love the show!

I agree with most of your favorite games of the year.  Heavy Rain, Alan Wake and yes... Red Dead Redemption were mine.  They all had fantastic stories though I think I became most emotionally involved with Heavy Rain.

Alan Wake was probably the most tense gaming experience I had last year.  I absolutely love the Max Payne series and the it saddens me that Remedy (and Sam Lake) won't be involved in the sequel.  They make great games.

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