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Posted on May 7th 2018 at 10:19:47 AM by (bickman2k)
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As some of you may know from talking with me, my wife and I recently purchased a new house. This series is going to chronicle how things are progressing as we complete various projects around the house.

So, my family of four have been living in a house that is less than 1000 sq. ft. and no basement. It has been tough with such little space, but we have made it work with a lot of extra storage (re: Ikea trips) and a storage unit. While it hasn't been ideal, it was ours. Over the last year and a few months, we have been on a bit of an adventure as our house was sold (without ever hitting the market, long story) and now we have recently purchased a new place.

The new house is quite a bit larger than our old place, including a partially finished basement. While the extra space is very nice, it's also going to be a bit of work to get things the way we want it. We still have our old place until October, so we don't have to try to paint, move furniture, and get things the way we like it while the house is full of stuff.

First thing's first though.

I've never owned an arcade cabinet before! My good buddy wildbil52 found this on a Facebook group that happened to be in my area. Works great, condition is pretty solid, and the price was right. The guy I was buying it from was nice enough to hold it until we took possession of the house, so it was one of the first things that we moved in...

In the short time I've owned it, I've learned a lot about cabinets, JAMMA, and kick harnesses. Part of why I wanted a CPS2 cabinet was the ease of changing games. Pop off the back, remove some clips, and take the top board off. Replace it with the new game, power it up, and you're good!

I did see one other thing though. With the CPS2, there is a battery on board. If that battery dies, the entire board can be rendered inoperable. One way to fix it is to replace the battery before it gets too low with a new one quickly enough that the board stays powered. If you come across a board that has failed or a board you own has failed, there have been recent developments that will allow you to resurrect the board by reprogramming it with unencrypted ROMs.

In the time that we've had the house, it's mostly been a lot of cleaning and painting, but there are a few pieces that will be installed that will turn the new home in to a new smart home. Look for that in an upcoming entry.

Thanks for reading!

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Looking forward to it, Adam, and thanks for sharing. 

I wish I had known about JAMMA and arcade machines back in 2005 when I bought my cabinet.  I realized later that if had I replaced the switching power supply I would have had a working Arch Rivals upright that had been stuffed into an old Taito Alcon cab.  I turned it into MAME machine, but not before I completely mangled the JAMMA harness.  Ug.  I still keep it around so that I can mourn over it occasionally.

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