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Posted on Jun 24th 2009 at 11:09:25 PM by (bickman2k)
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Ideas are interesting. For those who don't frequent the chat, I at one point made a YouTube video highlighting a portion of my collection that was kept in storage to show just how much was missing from my online collection. Fairly soon after that, logical123 posted a forum post of a video that he put on YouTube showcasing his collection and his setup. That's when I realized that I don't necessarily think that I can fully express myself with text like I can with my words.

Announcing the RF Generation podcast!

This will be for the members. While I was talking with logical123 one day, I was talking about how I got into collecting and other stories regarding finds, deals, or just interesting parts of collecting. I was able to elaborate much further on this than I feel that I could if I was typing it out. I also feel that the possibility of a co-host or an interview would allow the podcast to focus on the members of the site and their collections and experiences with the fluidity of conversation and truly allow their voice and excitement to be expressed to you.

As I mentioned in the forum, I will probably do a few episodes to see how it works for you and me. I also will be taking suggestions for show ideas so that this will become our show instead of just my experimental project. I hope to be hearing from you all soon.

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this is a very good idea! good luck with that Smiley
Adam, I would love to see this in action. Personally, I love podcasts, and if the opportunity for myself to ever be on it would come up, I would appreciate that very much. Good luck! :thumbsup:
Im eagerly awaiting this. Do you have any kind of timeframe in mind for when the first one will be ready?
Sounds cool, I'd like to be on it myself.
Great idea!
Oh you silly children and your ideas. However, I do agree that I sometimes find that saying something out loud often sounds better than when I put it into text in one of my articles, so I've been kicking around a few ideas with how to deal with that, didn't think of a podcast, and that's really not a bad idea.
I have been waiting for someone to give this a shot!!!

I was on a few podcasts a while ago.  They're so much fun!  Let me know if I can give you a hand at all.

Awesome can't wait

Oh and...

Ok. I am way out of the loop on this one. I don't believe I can be too young or too old to know what a podcast is, so at 22 years of age, I have no excuse other than being away from civilization after moving to the rural area of Northwestern Wyoming. Anyone care to tell me what a podcast is? My best guess is that it might be some type of application available to IPOD owners.

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