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Posted on Dec 23rd 2015 at 08:00:00 AM by (bombatomba)
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We all have Christmas gaming stories.  Many have two or three, some maybe more.  Me, I have several, but the one that's been rolling around my noodle as of late happened back in good old 2001.  Remember it?  How about you and me sit for a bit, and we can exchange Christmas gaming stories, okay?  Great.

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Posted on Feb 20th 2012 at 11:13:52 PM by (bombatomba)
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I've decided to start using a numbered system instead of just associating my post titles with dates, partly because it will enable me to add a secondary post and title it in a more intuitive manner (Backlog Gamer 4.1, 4.2, etc), but also so I won't feel so guilty when I post the main article in the middle of the week.

Not a whole lot to say this week.  Due to my Game 2 selection last week I am starting to regret not being more selective with my game collecting.  If I would have just put the crap down my sense of self loathing would be at an acceptable level, instead of the gargantuan level it is at now.  Is this how Emo-folk feel all the time?  If I go stand in the corner with my crappy game(s) and cut myself with a game manual will I feel a accomplishment?  Man, that was dark.


Post Mortem

Enslaved: I really enjoyed playing this game, even though I have to recognize its often glaring flaws, but instead of focusing on camera angles, proportionate bodies, and the quirks of the Unreal Engine, I think I will instead view the game as a whole experience, because I feel that taking this game as a whole is the only way to truly enjoy it (much as I felt about Jak II).



Games For This Week


Game 1 Title: GTA IV: Episodes From Liberty City

Platform: PC (Steam)

Purchase Date: 11/25/11

Cost: $2.49

I was pleasantly surprised to see this chosen as a random game, especially as I had started playing it anyway as a pallet cleanser to the piece of trash below.  So far everything is fine, though in the beginning I had quite a bit of trouble with the controls.  I just don't feel that I will ever be comfortable playing a GTA game with a keyboard and mouse.  It just doesn't feel natural, almost like I am contorting across the keyboard like a damn Twister-nut just to powerslide into a turn.  I suppose that I could just play Lost and Damned on the 360 and come back to the PC for Gay Tony (that sounded awkward), but the game looks so much better on my computer.

The only downside is that the main characters swear so much during gameplay that I can't play this during daylight hours.  While this doesn't kill it, these games will take longer to complete.


Title: Stellar-Fire

Platform: Sega CD

Purchase Date:1998

Cost: $1.00

I spent around three days trying to beat this game and only managed a few levels.  On the plus side I learned how to beat the game, and on the negative side I don't think I want to go through the effort.  Dare I explain?  In the game the goal is to collect gems, which can be easily located by following the white bar displayed on the radar.  The problem is that the gems seemed to be scattered around the level, so that in some stages following the radar will almost ensure repeating the level (meaning that you will die).  However, if you make a map you can find a better, more optimized route than the shitty GPS route the game gives you.  This way of playing is just not an option in some of the latter stages.  Should I give up?  Should I pull an "Arino" and call in a AD to finished the job for me (which means using a cheat to see the ending)?  Only time will tell.  Likely I'll end up just giving in and making the damn maps. 

Once I find an acceptable recorder I'll try to record a playthrough.


Title: Treasure Adventure Game

Platform: PC

Purchase Date: N/A

Cost: N/A

I found this little title while mindlessly clicking on links in my Bookmarks Toolbar.  Even though I spend a lot of time on the Internet, I had all but forgotten that I have a Fileplanet link.  Weird, huh?  Although it is described as a platformer, I find it to be a pleasant combination of platforming, action, and RPG.  I especially like that the game has fully customizable controls (a rarity amongst free Indies games), so I can finally assign my movement to the WASD keys and the action buttons to the arrow keys.  I know you don't understand this but just believe me that it is important.  I might even be able to use a gamepad.  Oh, the possibilities.

Please play this.  You will be surprised then you will have fun.  You will exclaim the first time the character hook-grabs onto the edge of a platform, then you will want to play longer.


In The Bag For 2012
Alan Wake - 1/25
Dead Space 2 - 2/4
Portal 2 - 2/10
Enslaved -  2/17

Posted on Aug 30th 2011 at 03:31:11 AM by (bombatomba)
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Bomba's List is just that: a list.  It's not really dumber and certainly not smarter than other lists on the Internet, but it is the only one that is titled "Bomba's List."  Also, there are more commas and parenthesis used in my lists.  Welcome to Bomba's List.

Bonehead Moves has to do with stupid decisions.  While all the following decisions were made out of ignorance, all were sufficiently dumb and embarrassing enough to be labeled "Bonehead Moves."  I'd like to focus on games I played, rather than mistakes I made while collecting (which would be too numerous).  Let's begin.

GTAIII - Remember the game you played for months on end, forsaking all others?  GTAIII was mine.  I played it (and it alone) for nearly eleven months, only stopping to pick up the next game in the series (Vice City).  You'd think I knew the game in and out, right?  I did.  Well, everything in and out save the "X" button.  Yep, that would be the run button (hold to run, tap to sprint).  Guess what?  This continued well into Vice City, until a good friend pointed it out, then pointed at me and laughed.  Man, all those times I had to run for my life (slowly), jumping around like an idiota trying to dodge bullets.  The moral: read the instruction booklet, for it contains many truths.

Dragon Warrior - This was the first RPG game I played (I've never counted Adventure), which I rented based on the great artwork featured in Nintendo Power.  It came with no booklet, so I thought I could wing it, so to speak.  How hard could it be?  The good thing is I figured out the battle combos.  You know, the combinations on the D-pad that allows you to do critical damage.  I didn't the combo every time, mind you, but I did hit it enough to keep it going.

Final Fantasy - This remains one of my favorite RPGs.  Not because it looks good, or did anything revolutionary, but because I played it a lot when I was a kid.  I played it for months, all in one-hour increments (two one the weekends), all the way the end.  However, in one section I was nearly reduced to tears, all over a simple misunderstanding.  Take a close look at the picture below.  See the prices, and how they smash together with the Level of the spell? Based on this picture (which comes from the Nintendo Power Final Fantasy Strategy Guide), I spend weeks working towards saving up to buy level 6 spells.  I would still be doing it, had I not tried buying the spells without the required cash.  Stupid, right?  It should be my dumbest, but the next one takes the taco.


Simon's Quest - I received this game as an Easter present in 1990.  It was a surprise, mainly because I normally didn't receive anything on holidays outside of Christmas.  I never opened the game.  See, I had another game in mind, one that was a port of an arcade title I had spent far too much change on.  That game was Ikari Warriors II: Victory Road.  Yep, I did that.  This was the biggest Bonehead Move for two reasons, the first is I had Nintendo Power, so there can be no feigns of ignorance.  Second, I stupidly talked the game up as my Mom drove me to Toy's R Us to exchange Simon's Quest for (ick) Victory Road.  All I could think about was the tens of dollars of fun I had on the arcade version.  For those who've experienced the travesty that is Victory Road, there need be no further explanation.  I'd call it the E.T. of the NES, but that would be Urban Champion (duh), plus E.T. looked better than Victory Road.  Hm.  You'd think I would feel better after getting that load off, but I feel worse.  I'm going to take a shower.

Posted on Aug 24th 2010 at 01:42:45 PM by (bombatomba)
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In a move that has surprised many, the GTA 3 demake, Grand Theftendo, which disappeared sometime in 2006, has recently resurfaced at Gamescom 2010 as Retro City Rampage, an 8-bit style homage to not only GTA but Metal Gear, Back to the Future, Contra, Bionic Commando, and many others!.  It is scheduled to be released later this year on Nintendo WiiWare.

About six months after the game disappeared, I started making a habit of searching Google for it every month or so.  The problem was that I was searching for "Grand Theft Tendo" (which will only turn up questions about the game), instead of  "Grand Theftendo" (the right spelling).  So how did fix my problem?  I'm recovering from multiple hernia surgeries, so I have an abundance of time.  During one of the more slow periods, I mistyped "Grand Theft Tendo", but the right way.  I feel like an idiot, but I'm stoked that the game is still around, and looking better than before.

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