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Posted on Feb 16th 2012 at 07:30:00 AM by (bombatomba)
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I kind of regret reposting my first Backlog Gamer article, so click here for the second one if you want to read it.

Well, my posts are getting closer to the beginning of the week.  At this rate I'll be posting on day one by the middle of next month.  All right me!

As I stated last week, when I first conceived this I thought it would be best to show some sport and only pick games randomly.  I failed miserably when the first group of games turned out to be some of the most highly rated recently released games in my collection.  However, this week I decided to play by the rules and  pick randomly.  Will I be rewarded for my honesty, or will I feel the flames of redemption?


Post Mortem

Portal 2: Wow.  I mean, wow.  The only way I think I can express myself properly is to directly beam the information to your brain in the pure emotional content (so as to not spoil the nice bits).  Ready?  Errrrrm.  Got it?  Yeah, what did I tell you!  Awesome, right?


Games List For This Week

Game 1: Enslaved
Game 2: Stellar-Fire
Game 3: Kyle's Quest 2



Title: Enslaved
Platform: Xbox 360
Purchase Date: 9/29/11
Cost: $9.99

At last, Enslaved finally gets the attention it deserves.  I know that in the past I seemed a little "blah" on it, stating that it seemed a little average and maybe generic.  I would now like to formally take this back.  Sure, in some cases the action can be a bit predictable (I'm speaking specifically of the general direction of the action, not the action itself), but Enslaved has sunk its claws into me, and not just the story this time: The characters, action , along with the story are equally as important to my experience.  I especially enjoy how, for all his supposed strength, Monkey is often completely outmatched by the mechs in combat (even against the "weaker" ones) and is forced to rely almost exclusively on his unmatched agility.

If I reviewed games I would give this game a solid B as long as it holds out to the end.



Title: Stellar-Fire
Platform: Sega CD
Purchase Date: 1998
Cost: $1.00

The funny thing is that I thought for sure that most of the games I randomly picked would end up being PC or NES games, which makes sense as those platforms make up over 26% and 20% of my collection (respectively).  In the end I think I had to hit the random button three times.  The first two were either demos or games I'd already beaten, and on the third Stellar-Fire popped up.  I have to admit I am rather nervous.  I have never played this game, not even to test.  I purchased all of my Sega CD games in a lot, and I was only really interested in the Working Designs games that came with it.

Playing this game might prove a little harder, as my Sega CD was acting "weird" the last time I booted it up.  Therefore, I will use my laptop as an emulator, which should be interesting at the very least.




Title: Kyle's Quest 2
Platform: iOS
Purchase Date: N/A
Cost: N/A

Once upon a time there was a group of devices called PDAs.  While they were mainly for organizational and productivity purposes, it turned out that people wanted to also play games.  Many of these games were fun, but most sucked.  A game that didn't suck on this platform was a little series called Kyle's Quest.  At heart modeled after 8-bit role playing games, this two Kyle's Quest games featured Japanese-inspired big-head characters but with a nice Western twist: you could make your own adventures.  While this sort of control didn't appeal to everyone, it wasn't long before there were a ton of great adventures to play.  While the games weren't free (very little quality titles were free on PDAs) the adventures were, meaning that one could easily make the $14.99 price tags a non-issue.

Kyle's Quest 2 (and the innumerable downloads for it) provided me many hours of entertainment in a very dark part of my life.  Because of this I didn't expect to care much when I found this game in the iOS App Store (just thinking about it brought back memories of hospital-sterility) for free, but I was surprised.  Though the game has lost the ability to load player made levels from the Internet, there are still twenty different games loaded in, and since many of them are short, they fit the aesthetics of a mobile platform.

I don't see myself deleting this game on Monday as I have done with the previous weeks "Game 3" title.

In The Bag For 2012

Alan Wake - 1/25
Dead Space 2 - 2/4
Portal 2 - 2/10

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