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I collect everything I can find related to TMNT, Trading Card Games, and also have started a pretty extensive collection of freebies and items given to me for my performance and raffle winnings at work. (For those of you who do not know, I work for DISH Network in Technical Operations) I received a large coin for the commemoration of the launch of one of our newest satellites when I started working with DISH, and ever since, I have collected everything I have been lucky enough to acquire during my time with them. Premium network companies also give away a lot of promotional items to us to promote new shows and movies on their networks, which I have also collected.

Do any of you collect anything other than games? If so, do you collect anything you feel might be something nobody else collects?

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My other collections are fairly mundane.

I possess a large enough arsenal of Nerf guns that, were they real, would have given David Koresh an inferiority complex. The local garage sales are teeming with them, so I've been able to build my armory up quickly and cheaply.

I also collect Optimus Prime figures, about a third of which are Japanese imports.

I'm also a mark for the Battleship board game. Although I have a couple of the Battleship video games, I still prefer my LCD handhelds and Electronic Advanced Missions tabletop unit.

BTW is there a site where you can catalog and keep track of your other collections (there has to be one for TMNT stuff at the least)? If so, why not link up your fellow Generators in the Non-Game Collector's List thread:

I was not aware of that thread; in fact, I have been missing a lot on the forums over the past year. During which, I was without an Internet connection. I need to really spend some time on the site re-introducing myself to it and catching up on what I have missed. Thank you for the link.
I think I explained my many collectibles on your previous post, but my original TMNT figures are the only action figures that I've held onto since I was a kid.  I still have some cards sets and Pizza Hut promo items that I just sat on.
I've collected many things over the years.
As a kid, I collected Hotwheels cars, action figures (mainly TMNT and He-Man) and baseball cards. I still have all the baseball cards, but haven't touched them in probably 10 years. I remember my most expensive card was a holographic Frank Thomas (I'm pretty sure its him anyway) that was worth $35 according to the 1997 Beckett guide.
I sold off all my Hotwheels city stuff a few years back (used the money to buy Mario Kart Wii when it was new) but kept all the cars. The action figures are mostly gone, broken, or so far destroyed that they're unrecognizable. It bothers me now what condition they're in, but I had so more fun with them than if they had just sat on a shelf.

More recently (as in the past 5 or so years) I started collecting records and CDs. But I had to quit buying records because they were just taking up too much room for as little as I listened to them. And its kind of odd, but my CDs are all loose, because I take them out of the box, save the inserts in a shoe box, and use the cases for loose PS1 and DC games. I think my last estimate for records was 5-700 and I probably have around 200 CDs (6,000 tracks on iTunes).

There were various other collections I've had through my life, but they only lasted a few months and were more of my hoarding tendencies coming through than actual collecting.
@NES_Rules: My wife is really big into the documentary fad that seems to plague pay-tv right now, and as such, I have been known to get sucked in to some stories while she is watching them. Your mention of record collecting reminded me of an individual on some program who has collected over 400,000 records and converted his home to accommodate this collection. None of them were in boxes, every one of them was within some type of shelf; whether it was in the basement, living room, kitchen, garage, or even his hallways. I commented that he might make a good living opening a shop and selling records, but as soon as I spoke these words to my wife, the interviewer asked this gentleman the very same thing.

His response? That he was trying to sell, that he wanted to rid himself of most of the collection, and that he had made the decision to do so well before it consumed his home. What made him collect further? Trades. Once he started contacting people to sell his records to, these individuals never had much to give in the way of cash, but were always up to trade in some fashion.

His love and passion of music was shared by many, and he never turned down an offer for trade because of this passion, usually for many more no-name records in exchange for singular records that were much more popular or desirable.

I can empathize with this man. If another collector of video games was near my home, I would be more apt to trade and make deals with him/her over strictly selling for profit. Would any of you share this feeling? Would you more likely sell or trade from within your collection?

Also, what would be the difference to you all between hoarding and collecting? I feel the only difference has to be a lack of organization, but what are your opinions?

Just mapquested out of curiosity to see how easy we could get together and trade.  The good news?  Pretty straight shot travel-wise.  The bad news?  It's about a solid day (as in over twenty hour) drive.  So you know, if you ever get bored on a day off...  Cheesy

I miss the days of trading with friends locally, those are some excellent memories.
Now I don't want to permanently get rid of most of the collection, but I do end up with some extra oddities and dupes of great games.

What I would really like to do is find a local upstart collector to kind of grandfather in and give this overflow to a good home.  Most of my local collector buddies aren't into it anymore; in fact I'm in the process of buying a huge chunk of stuff from one of them just this week.  It is rather bittersweet, really; this guy really got me into collecting, and I managed his game store for years.  Now for various reasons he's selling most of it off, and while I'm thrilled to get some of his awesome stuff, it's very sad.

As to the difference between hoarding and collecting, for me it's more about where your heart is in terms of material possessions.  I collect because it's fun, and I have much I really don't want to part with, but I completely recognize that it's just stuff and I can (and have) had to part with it at times.  A hoarder, I believe, has a real trouble letting go, to the point that this person couldn't get rid if it without great emotional and personal cost, so that they let it become unhealthy by o allowing something to overtake too much of their lives.  I've seen organized hoarders and messy collectors, but you know which is which when they tell you how they feel about it.

For a very brief time I collected comic books.  While this has long since passed by the wayside, I still have quite a few X-Men and Uncanny X-Men from the early nineties (my last pieces were doubles of The Executioner's Song series).

I guess I tend to collect things that have memories attached to them (which more often than not are video games).  I'll have to take pictures of the binder I have of codes and maps that I found a while ago...

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