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Posted on Jun 1st 2014 at 01:00:04 AM by (Boshamp)
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In an effort to more accurately track my collecting in the wild, I am coming back to the blogs with my "Rookie Collecting" series.

Made a couple grabs today, A store closure liquidating everything at 50% off, (60% if you bought 6 or more at once), another local store with a couple GameCube titles to get me closer to completing that set, and one buy from a yard sale that was noteworthy, but not gaming related.

The store closure included Viva Pinata, GH: VH, and G-Police for $2 each, DJ Hero for $0.40, and The Sims, The Sims 2: Pets, and Scorpion King for $1.20 each after all were 60% off. After I told the shopkeeper I was collecting GC titles, he pulled Bratz and Wreckless from behind the counter and threw them in for free since they were loose.

The other local store was clearing all XBOX, PS2, and GC stuff for 2.98 each, but my wife and I budget well and keep each other in line when it comes to spending, so I focused on grabbing only GC titles I didn't have yet and grabbed those three sports titles in the pic and Top Gun. There were only about 18 GC titles on the shelf, mostly madden and tiger woods, but for the XB and PS2 titles, probably a few hundred each, but also mostly sports titles as well.

Finally, my non-gaming purchase...for my fellow parents, you should agree it was a great deal at $2.50, since they are 50-60 bucks new in stores.

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All great stuff, Boshamp.  G Police is a great game, and one that I hope to return to at some point in the near future.  Good buy on the organizer as well.  Mine cost around $40, I believe, and holds a shocking variety of toys.
I didn't know there was an MLS GameCube game...
I'm not sure if you collect GameCube variants or not, but Top Gun was later republished by Mastiff.
@Shadow Kisuragi: I noticed that in the database when I added this one. I for sure will be wanting variants like that. I also will probably want to collect the player's choice and original versions of applicable games eventually...but currently, my goal is one copy of every unique game and as much hardware, posters, and advertising content as I can get.

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