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Posted on May 16th 2014 at 02:15:53 AM by (Boshamp)
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As I go through these boxes and bags of games and gaming related stuff to document it and put it up for display, I have noticed something. People seem to sneak the receipts for their purchases inside the front cover of the games they bought and forget about them. In opening every game and looking through the books and extras within, I noticed several of these receipts.

Many of them are full price or high price purchase receipts that they obviously traded back to the same store where I bought them for MUCH cheaper, (I will never understand the logic behind full priced Madden game purchases most of all); and some others are from places elsewhere in the country, that have a story to tell for how they possibly ended up in Denver.

I also started to notice that some games were also tagged with stickers or security devices from places that used to rent out games across the country. And although I really, really used to despise finding these...I have begun to develop a soft spot for them because it also hides a story. How many people rented you? How did you come across these scars, dents, and markings over the years? How did you end up within my collection?

Have any of you had similar thoughts when seeing those old receipts or stickers? Do you eliminate them from the games, or keep them as is within your collections? Do you have any outlying memories when it comes to game renting, or finding receipts showing that your game has been on the other side of the country at some point?

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If I find a receipt in a case I generally just keep it in there. I don't have many of them though, maybe under 3.
I may sometimes leave price stickers on pre-owned games if they show the original price.
I actually have the receipt and plastic bag from MVC kept inside my original copy of Burnout 3's case.
Was 29.99, but used a 20 voucher (Probably points card.)
9.99 for a brand new Burnout 3 on PS2 (30/12/04 16:57)
Found a receipt in a SFC game I got from Japan which I couldn't bring myself to throw out. It serves as an insight into the item's history (pedigree Cheesy ).

In a similar manner, I don't remove ACB/OFLC ratings stickers that have been added to imports.
I normally peel stickers off the cases for the most part, however I keep both my gaming receipts in the case and I will keep the receipts of the previous owners in there as well.  I also come accross cheat codes written down on papers or highscores written down on paper and I will leave them in there as well.  I think it is cool to leave it as is
I also keep the receipts in the case of the game.  Unfortunately, I've never been lucky enough to get a game with one in it.  I would say the closest to this would be the "Transfer Picking Tag" for UFO! on the Odyssey^2, purchased at a Hudson's, a Detroit-area department store (now dead).  It shows the date as 11/12/81 and the price is $29.95.
One other thing I actually do as of recent and I wish I would of did many years prior is I put a piece of paper in my original copy when I get a duplicate stating this is my original copy.  It sounds stupid but it is nice to know which copy of your game is your child hood copy or whatnot.  I have alot of duplicates now a days I have no clue which one was the original I might of bought on launch day appose to the one I found in the wild at a steal years later. 
Once I start buying lots so I can get my Gamecube collection completed and some more of the NES, SNES, Genesis, and N64 titles I have been missing from my childhood, I am thinking that identifying my original copies will be an awesome I idea so I can keep my childhood copies in my collection.
A copy of GTA IV I bought today has a receipt in it for a place ~66 miles away from me. It's travelled far.
It's a receipt from 27/05/2008 10:39, cost them 39.99

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