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Posted on Jul 15th 2009 at 12:13:13 PM by (Boshamp)
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To those of you not in the club, I will give a quick rundown of how I came to be in the situation I am in. I joined club Nintendo recently, and they have a system that rewards you for purchasing their DS and Wii games and registering them online using the inserts found in certain DS and Wii games. For each game you register, you get "coins" to use to purchase Club Nintendo exclusive items. (I recently used my accumulated coins to purchase a set of Nintendo's Hanafunda cards).

After reaching the 600 coin mark in a single year, they deem you a Gold Member, and after 800, a platinum member. After a year has passed, they offer a free reward to Gold and platinum members. As a platinum member, they offered me my choice of two items, a choice I have been contemplating for almost a week now...I can't choose, and I am asking for the help of my fellow collector's to help me choose and figure out which one would be worth more down the line.

My choice is between an official and exclusive true-to-life replica Mario hat. The hat is the classic red hat with the trademark Mario "M" and is one size fits all for adults. Made of cotton and polyester, this hat would fit perfectly into any gamers collection as an extremely rare and awesome piece. The other item is a club Nintendo platinum member exclusive Wiiware title, "Doc Louis' Punch Out!!!". The game plays just like the recently released "Punch Out!!!" for the Wii and is simply a one-on-one bout against your in-game coach and mentor, Doc Louis, which for anyone who has played the new game, or either of the originals, would be a real treat to experience.

I am just so torn on which to accept as my reward, I am looking forward to your input!

(Additionally, to any who are wondering, the Gold reward is a much simpler one. It is an exclusive 2010 Club Nintendo calendar, which actually appears to have some pretty cool and unique pictures from more than a few Nintendo titles for each month.)

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