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Posted on Jul 11th 2009 at 01:30:16 AM by (Boshamp)
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Not planning to do much this weekend as my wife and I are expecting our baby boy any day now and she isn't able to take the long walks, early mornings, and hot temperatures as well lately, so I took a stroll downtown for Powell's annual "Crazy Days" sidewalk sale. In the small local game store, today's deals were simple, everything in the store, (new or used) is 20-50% off depending on the system you are buying your software for. Hardware was also priced accordingly, but I already have what I want...although picking up a wii for $199.99 or a 360 Elite for 319.99 would be awesome. the deals on the games aren't great at all to begin with; however, I was able to pick up a couple games for what I thought, were good deals.

First I found Blinx 2: Masters of time and space for the XBOX priced originally at 4.99, and was able to score 50% off taking it to 2.49.

The other find was Star Trek: Invasion for the PS1. I have never seen this game before today, and figured with the recent release of the new movie Star Trek, it would be outlandishly overpriced. To my surprise, it had a price sticker of $1.99 and with a 25% discount, was taken down to $1.49. I have no idea whether of not it is a rare find, but for $1.49, I deemed it worthy.

I doubt I will blog anymore until after my son is born and old enough to sleep through the night. I will be on the site checking out everyone else's blogs and reviews though, so I won't be gone totally.

On Saturday, went out with Father-in-law and Brother-in-law to check out the festivities and the owner of the local game store bought a decent wholesale lot of games for the store. Distracted by the rush of people coming in once opening the store, the owner had told me that anything in the boxes of new stuff all belongs on the 50% off tables, so I looked through them. He had his son price the games that morning on the trip into town, so they were pretty cheap. (He uses to price his games, but the son just put whatever he felt the games were worth on the covers.)

I was able to snag 4 games all marked $1.99 for 50% off, leading to a 4 dollar haul of 4 xbox games. The games included Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath, Otogi: myth of demons, Phantom Dust, and Kung Fu Chaos.

Posted on Jun 27th 2009 at 10:09:36 PM by (Boshamp)
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Not much this weekend. I had a very long hard week at work on the rigs in the oil fields of Wyoming and southern Montana, so I slept in for the most part of today. Went to a couple sales after work on Friday however and found a box labeled "Super with games - $10" I looked inside and saw a SNES, 2 controllers, the RF and A/V hook-ups, the A/C adapter, and Mario is Missing. When I took the box over to the gentleman, before I could even ask, he said three bucks because most of the games in the box had been stolen during the day. I gave him the three dollars and left. I really wanted to ask how many games he had in the box originally and what they were, but I restrained myself because I might have cried if he had said something like Earthbound or Super Mario RPG or Chrono Trigger.

Posted on Jun 23rd 2009 at 02:37:35 AM by (Boshamp)
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My first venture into blogging my finds was inspired by my first halfway decent finds of the year. Living in the extremely small rural town of Powell, Wyoming; yard sales are few and usually full of antiques, but with persistance, I was able to make a few gaming related finds among the "Junk".


Ok, so this first entry includes three weeks of finds, and the first weekend was in my hometown of Englewood, Colorado. My father told me he had seen the SNES controller and told me to go check it out, when I arrived, I noticed among a small collection of DVD's an Atari Jaguar, cables, and the originally included game Cybermorph for $10 and a single SNES Controller priced at $1. It was getting late and they looked about ready to pack it in for the night, so I offered $5 for all three items and he hastily accepted my offer and walked over around the side of the house into the driveway (which I hadn't noticed before) and handed me three GBA games and a GB game and told me to take them too. These included Darkwing Duck (GB), Drill Dozer (GBA), Gunstar Super Heroes (GBA), and XEVIOUS (GBA).

The Second week's haul wasn't anything spectacular, but one garage sale caught my eye when I saw the gentleman carrying a large box outside with a PS1 controller hanging off the edge of the box. The Sale wasn't scheduled to open for another ten minutes, but he flagged me over to look and I went straight to that box. I found two PS1 controllers, and a few PS1 and PS2 games; however, these games were for the most part missing their original boxes and manuals, so I offered five bucks for the box, he countered with ten, (My first counteroffer!), I said seven, he accepted, and I left. Inside the box were 8 games, and 5 of them were missing boxes and/or books. The three CIB games were A Bug's Life, GEX, and Rayman 2: The Great Escape for PS1. The other five were Tekken 4 and Blowout for the PS2, and Namco Museum vol.1, Crash Team Racing, and Frogger for the PS1. The controllers were both in pristine condition and I was very happy to have a working PS1 dualshock controller again. Smiley

Finally, this last weekend I found only two games, Caesar's Palace 2000 and Tall. Both for the PS1 and only a dollar for both games. Very happy with that find.

I'm hoping to put up pictures of my finds in the future as it will save me valuable time typing my finds and the descriptions. ha ha Also, hoping to learn how to add polls soon.

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