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Posted on Nov 3rd 2013 at 07:40:54 PM by (Boshamp)
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I have almost given up on blogging or even commenting on here because I feel my words come out sounding like something my 12 year old brother would type. That being said, sometimes I read something on here and wonder how it is possible that my thoughts are typed in a way that sounds so much better than what I would type. A blog I saw today is one of those times.

My point of view on the next generation has come down to my past, The Wii U will be my next console for the exclusives as I am tired not only of the nitpicking and mud-slinging, but of one of the corporations as well. Microsoft as well as "Cliffy B" (Cliff Blezinski of Gears of War fame) are taking this "Piracy" of console gaming too far. When Microsoft announced they would require online only gaming and prevent my from sharing games with my friends and family, (as well as other reasons), I decided to go elsewhere for my future. Even though they changed their stance, I chose to return to my roots, Nintendo.

I miss the Mario and Zelda franchises, and gaming in groups in one building instead of online. This brings me to my next topic, multiplayer next-gen gaming.

I have played many multi-player games with my brother and our friends over the years. In middle school, it was mostly Super Smash Bros., Mario Party, and Goldeneye 007; in high school, it was Timesplitters 2, Soul Caliber 2, Halo (first and only time I system linked, and it was with four consoles for 16 players), and Super Smash Bros. Melee; in college, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Halo 3 split-screen, and Mario Kart (multiple systems).

With that said, I also spent a great deal of time on two player experiences with my bro, namely Kirby Super Star, TMNT 2, 3, and 4, (Beat 3 with 1 pellet of life left between us and no continues remaining), and the Donkey Kong Country series; as well as some current gen multiplayer as we are living in different states. Dead Rising 2, Army of Two, and Resident Evil 5.

So where does that take us? To the Wii U. I have been missing the old days of single console play and nintendo's first party releases so far are more than enough to satisfy that...with my younger brothers in their teens and my son getting older, it is time to really get back into one room.

What multiplayer experiences defined your childhood? Do you prefer the Call of duty-like multiplayer of today over the old school? What would you like to see from the future in regards to multiplayer?

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