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Posted on Aug 24th 2014 at 04:37:34 AM by (Boshamp)
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I have found a very much under-the-radar, mom-and-pop local game store...and I will likely be spending my time and money there and no longer primarily at thrift stores. I was referred to this game store by a younger kid running rides at my local amusement park over the summer when I asked where he bought his sweet hoodie. (It was an imported Naruto hoodie from Japan. It had Sasuke's head in a small logo on the front, and the Uchiha clan symbol on the back. Not sure if there are any other anime fans here or not).

This store has EVERYTHING. I saw a lot of stuff in person for the first time here, Famicom games, Super Famicom games, an Atari LYNX, A Power glove, A 3DO, Neo Geo, and even a few Nomads. I guess they make enough to stay in business and continue to import new products from Japan like clothes, drinks, small collectables and such, but don't really move much older merchandise; proving my original thought that the Retro gaming market around Denver stinks.

The biggest problem was that my wife was with me, as well as our kids...if they weren't there, I probably would have stayed until they closed talking games with the owner and his son, but we only stayed for about 45 minutes. I will definitely be going back whenever I have extra time or money. It is so nice to finally have somewhere to go that isn't a big name store with multiple locations that price off Ebay when you ask about a game instead of putting price tags on stuff.

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