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Posted on Aug 15th 2011 at 12:04:50 AM by (Boshamp)
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I have some energy and I am trying to remain focused on getting organized, but I will take a few minutes to share my find from yesterday. I woke up very late yesterday and had cancelled my plans to look for yard sales, but ended up finding a single sale on our way home after doing some light shopping.

Originally, we stopped because of the large amount of kids clothes in the yard, but found games instead. We found the clothes were all too small for my son and started to leave when my son bolted across the lawn and sat down in front of an old computer and started to play with an old steering wheel controller that went with it.

The owner approached us and asked if I "Gamed" (On some level, he must have assumed I did, seeing as my son is VERY familiar with how to hold and use controllers) He advised me that he was having some trouble getting rid of some old games and was tired of bringing them all in and out of the house every weekend. There were three boxes of old PC games, I told him that I didn't have use for PC games, but he was desperate to rid himself of them. He said he would take 15 for all three boxes, not being at all interested in PC games, I said I would take them off his hands for 10. He accepted and even started helping me load them into my car before I could even pull out my wallet to pay him. He proved to me that he really was tired of those games.

After loading them, he and I talked about the games, or rather, he kept thanking me for taking them, over and over again. He told me that these were games that haven't been played in many years, games he and his mother played together starting as early as twenty years and only about a third of the PC games he had. This actually worried me because...1. I know VERY, VERY little about PC gaming. and...2. If this is the 33% he didn't want to keep out of PC games he started playing from 20 years ago, I can't be hopeful there is anything rare or even popular in the boxes.

I just went through the boxes...There are 85 unique titles in the box and as I expected, I know very few of the titles. Some that I have heard of include Fallout, Diablo, Warcraft, Starcraft, Quake, MYST, and Baldur's Gate. Those titles put my mind at ease regarding the 10 bucks I spent, but the title that stood out was "The Bard's Tale" from Electronic Arts.

This title didn't stand out because of the name, but rather because of the type of media it uses. It is unopened, and I intend to leave it like that, with a sticker covering most of the information on the back. I can't see a year of production or the original UPC numbers under the plastic packaging, but I can tell you it uses 3.5" floppy disks as the media and needs at least DOS 2.0 and a color monitor to be played. Again, I don't know much about PC gaming, but this game must be older than I am.

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