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Posted on Jun 23rd 2009 at 05:41:38 AM by (cant-grow-up)
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So here it is, hopefully time again for the two biggest names in racing games to go head to head.
Forza 3 and Gran Tourismo 5
On the one hand Forza 3 has just sort of popped up, very little hype compared to Forza 2 (no show on speedtv etc) GT5 on the other hand has been known about for years but yet no offical release date has been announced, although its being said that the game could launch at anytime. Could it be that october might be the racing sim fans dream month?
Heres some numbers (subject to change of course)
Forza 3- 400+cars, 100+ tracks including the circuit de la sarth (aka LeMans)
GT5 - 500+ (hasnt been said for certain but its sure to be more than in GT4) same goes for tracks, Daytona and Indy are two biggies

Improvements on forzas side includes 10 times more polygons per car, improved physics (including visable tire flex as shown in the trailer) a true in car view and real to life damage.

GT5 gets a dashboard as well, damage for the first time in the series, and another first ferrari. As well as the return of rally (Now officially WRC) and NASCAR ( yep another series first)

Both games will have online play (another first for GT5)
Forza is adding more types of racing as well-drag,drift,oval.
Thats just covering the basics on the whats new bin on both games.

Forza 3 has been announced as 2 disc, while GT5 is at 1 right now, of course in the modern gaming world expect lots of little goodies to become available on your live/psn account shortly after launch.

So putting they're repective systems aside which will be the game to have?
After seeing the trailers I have to say I dont think graphics can be the deciding factor if they're not equal they're damn close to it.
Watch the trailers, check out the pics and give your thoughts.

BTW yes I know its says of, it was an oops lol

Posted on Jun 6th 2009 at 05:46:44 PM by (cant-grow-up)
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So a couple of mornings ago I was taking the dog out and he tripped me up (100 ibs of his muscle vs my 180ibs of muscle and flab.) I put my foot down to balance out and CRUNCH! I heard plastic break I look down and see the shifter of my Mad Catz MC2 steering wheel sitting lower than it should be, its what I get for not putting it up. I decided to take it apart to see if I can fix it and luckily I can, as im putting it back together I notice how the shifter works and an idea pops in my head.
I can shorten the shift needed to activate the switches that run the shifter. Hince this mod was born.

The stock length the shifter needs to travel in either direction is over one inch after the mod it takes less than half that and there is room for more. Why you ask? Well ask any hardcore fighting game player that spends 100s of bucks on a fighting game pad the faster the buttons the better, same principle just diffrent kind of game.

How its done. And no you dont have to break your controller to do it and it takes less than 20mins to do.
1. On the bottom of the wheel is a bunch of phillips screws, take them all out and remove the bottom cover (dont worry none of the hardware is connected to the bottom so just pop it off)
2. Look up the shifter shaft (from the bottom), you'll see a small screw in towards the top, take it out and remove the knob
3. On the side of the shift shaft (toward the wheel) theres a plastic piece with two screws in it, this is where one of the dollys of the shift shaft fits, unscrew it and carefully remove it (shifter might come with it)
4. If shifter doesnt come out with last step simply pull shifter out towards the wheel
5. See the plastic peg thats molded to the shift shaft pointing out towards the side of the controller? Thats what is getting modded. It activates the switches that tell the game to shift.
6. The switches are 2 metal tabs connected to the circuit board next to the shifter find them because there the guages of how much modding can be done
7. Heat up glue gun and add glue to the sides of the peg, test fitting the shifter during the process (when the glue is dry!!). When you've shortened the clearence to your liking thats it! The mods done.
8. Reassembly is the reverse of taking all apart.
9.Pick your game and test it it out!

Im sure other things will work besides glue, basiclly all your doing is making the peg thicker to shorten the distance between the peg and the switches.
To much glue? Use the tip of the glue gun to melt of the excess, or scrape off with a razor blade
This was done on a Mad Catz MC2 for the Xbox 360 but im pretty sure all Mad Catz wheels with the shifter work the same way.
While its apart, nows a good time to grease up any moving parts in the wheel (springs etc)
Sorry about the sorry drawing I didn't think of taking pics until after the fact

Thanks for reading

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