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Posted on Aug 31st 2009 at 12:33:50 PM by (Crabmaster2000)
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The plans for the Saturday shevling consultation fell through, but luckily he was free Sunday afternoon. He Came over and I showed him the room and told him what I had in mind. He said it was all quite doable.

So if everything goes well next Wednesday we will be purchasing materials and starting to peice things together. We are going to line the entire back wall of the closet with adjustable shelving so that I can change the heights as my collection grows. There will be a solid, unadjustable board running along the top and bottom to give it a proper shelving look, but everything in the middle will be adjustable.

One of my concerns was the water shut off being along that wall, but he was come up with a suitable solution for that problem. We are going to build a box around it to keep it looking tidy and clean, but leave a small door with access to the shut off valve. This will take up some of the shevling space, but it only means I'll have to place large items in that particular area rather than rows of games.

Since we got done drawing and pricing everything out a little earlier than planned we had some time left over to play Contra, Sky Shark and Battletoads. A good afternoon!!

I'll try to draw up a rough outline of what I've got planned in Paint over the next few days just to give you an idea of what we will be doing next week.

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Sounds good, can't wait to see it.
Nice! Don't forget to take a few pictures during the building of the shelves, those are always fun to watch.
I'll try to get some "during" photos, that would be fun.

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