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Posted on Aug 20th 2009 at 10:45:53 PM by (Crabmaster2000)
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Hey guys. I finally got everything in order (camera, batteries charged, pics loaded onto laptop and photobucket, some spare time, etc.) and have some pics of the new game room. We have spent our focus during the last week getting most other rooms set up for a family visit tonight and therefor left the gameroom in dissaray for now. I am also trying to get a hold of someone who can help me put up some proper shelving before I unpack everything. Anyway here it is at last:

Door leading into the new room. I took a pic of this because I may change out the door in the future depending on a few things.

Picture from the door looking in

Left of the door. Full of Records and speakers which wont be in the final product but are being kept here for storage until our visitors leave.

Futon, which will eventually be upgraded into a proper gaming couch.

This is the majority of my collection. It makes me a little sad not being able to see it.

I took this picture of the far right corner to show the alcove. It looks like the perfect size for an Arcade Cabinet......

Pictures of the massive closet from both sides.

It doesnt look like much now, but I've got a lot of plans for this room. All the music stuff will be in another area of the house so that will free up a lot of room. I've been playing around in Paint for the last few weeks with possible ideas to paint the room. I would like to get some custom shevling installed lining the entire closet. An Arcade Cabinet in the corner alcove. Custom entertainment center to hold all my consoles and have them hooked up simultaneously. Maybe some carpet and other things as they come to me.

First and most important goal is the shelving. I've had sub-par shelving for the last 2 years and really need to step it up. I've had a carpenter friend offer to help me build something once we got a house so now Im just trying to track him down and work out the details. After the shelving is up I'll have to see what I've got for money to spend and figure out what will come next.

NES_Rules also sent me some helpful info to make my Blog posts look a little spiffier so as the room comes together I'll hopefully be making improvements to my Blog posts at the same time. This one was kind of a rush job to get the pics up before our family comes to visit so I'll put more time into making the next look more unique.

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Looks like a room with a lot of potential. I'm sure the end result will be great. Smiley
Best of luck getting it set up.
Custom shelving 99% of the time is really what brings the whole thing together.
Looking forward to seeing it all come together.
Can't wait!
Looks like you've got a great blank canvas to work with there. That closet looks like it would be perfect for putting in a few deep shelves to hold system boxes or other big stuff.
Also, I didn't notice any electrical outlets, are there enough in there to provide power for a lot of systems? And what color are the walls, in some pictures they look blue, but in others they look white?
I was thinking of lining the entire closet with shelving to keep larger items, strategy guides, controllers and other hardware, any maybe even some games. There are 3 electrical outlets. One in the alcove (like it was made for an Arcade Cabinet, lol), one just to the left of the door, and one on the opposite side of the room. This will be pefect for what I've got in mind.

The room is currently a blueish grey color. That will definately change over time, but for now its not to bad.

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