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Posted on Sep 16th 2009 at 06:50:33 AM by (Crabmaster2000)
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So I finally got (mostly) everything in order. I got my friend to meet me at Home Depot and we picked up our first batch of supplies. It was very exciting for me becuase its definately feeling like its "happening" now. We brought them to my place and did one last look over what we wish to accomplish, to make sure we were on the same page. After hammering out some details and mixed messages we had I think we've got it figured out. But before we could start putting anything up, since we are mounting right on the wall, we decided it would be best to paint the room first. Or at least the closet where the shelving it being mounted.

So on Monday I took my son back to Home Depot with me and we bugged the painting department for a good 40 minutes asking questions, getting tips and buying paint and supplies for the walls and trim. I've painted about 4 rooms in the last year and a bit in preperation for painting this room, so I'm feeling more confident about it than I would have before.

Spent some time on Tuesday (with my little helper featured in a picture or two below), and cleared out the room, sanded the shelving boards, removing closet doors and taping off sections of the room with painters tape. The plan is to prime the room tomorrow night, first coat on the walls Thursday night, and hopefully a second coat during the day sometime on Thursday. I will find time to do the trim later on, its just important to get the closet painted first so we can get the shelves up this weekend.

Here are some "in progress" pictures of the game room:

Room has been emptied out except for shevling and painting supplies

Closer look at the supplies

A very helpful man. He saw me sanding the boards so he brought his "wipes" so that he could help also.

A lengthwise look down the closet after its been cleared out. It doesnt look big in the picture but it is 11 feet long and about three feet wide.

Now I wasnt sure how games did when left around paint fumes so I did the safe thing and cleared them all out of the room for now. Here are some even sadder pictures of games in storage Sad

Just outside the game room. I had to cover the records because my stupid cats wanted to claw them.

Its horrible I know.

Living in the laundry room temporarily. So sad.....

Some of you forum members that have an especially keen eye and good memory for silly things may recognize some of the boxes shown above. So I just wanted to thank Logical123, Cverz, Izret, Tholly , NES Rules, Feechy and Antimind again. Not only did I play and cherish the games I got from all of you, but your boxes came in quite handy too!!

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Looks like you are making good progress, congratulations! I hate painting Cheesy. Good luck!
I dont mind painting, but I have to admit I am getting a little sick of it after all the painting I've done over the last year.
Great pictures, it'll be so worth it once it's done. Smiley

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