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Posted on Sep 17th 2009 at 04:09:46 PM by (Crabmaster2000)
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First 2 pics are the Primer, and next 3 pics are the first coat of paint.

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You'll be done in no time if you keep this pace up.

Does the room feel smaller since painting it? They say dark colors make rooms feel smaller, but I've never noticed it. Since you're doing black walls, are you going to replace the ceiling tiles with black ones as well?
Im trying to keep the pace up, because having all my stuff boxed up is driving me nuts.

The room doesnt feel smaller. I've heard the same thing and my wife kept warning me, but it still feels just as roomy as ever.

I've been contemplating what to do with the roof. For the time being it will probably stay white. I was going to paint it, but I've been talked out of that by numerous people. What I think I may end up doing is finding some sort of black fabric to stretch across the roof to hide the ceiling and just cut holes out for the lights.

I'll be painting the trim also once we get some shelving up. Shevling is my priority right now.
Looking good so far.  It really is going to be a dungeon, isn't it? Smiley
Nice paintjob! I wouldn't personally (dare to) paint a room that dark, but with the right amount of ambient lighting it'll have an awesome atmosphere I'm sure.
I had a lot of people "warn" me about the dangers of the dark room, but I thought it would be fun. And worst case senario I'll just repaint. I'm going to do the trim a "brick" color to simulate the night time levels from super mario bros.

I'm even thinking about painting actual bricks across the closet door in a mario bros style

It totally is. Its in the basement, windowless and totally black. I should get some shackles to  hang off the wall for the authentic dungeon feel.

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