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Posted on Feb 15th 2010 at 06:10:54 PM by (Crabmaster2000)
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The pictures arnt quite a good as the last ones because my camera decided it doesnt want to auto focus. Finally got some more shelves up and unpacked the rest of the games. Moved a few things around too.

First 3 pics are the old shelves re-arranged.

Top shelf has all my odd ball stuff such as empty game boxes, manuals, inserts, etc.
The small shelved area in the middle is great for storing games of weird sizes. 3DO, Saturn and Sega CD for now.

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Awesome pictures! I like your collection. Smiley
I like the way the closet walls hide a part of your collection when you look at straight on. When you first see it you're like Cheesy but then you look inside to one side you're like Grin and then when you look to the other side you're like drool

Also, I'm still very impressed at how well the all black worked out.
I'm glad to see that copy of Panic Bomber is in good hands Smiley.  Very nice set-up Crabmaster!
Its a lot of fun seeing it "expand" as you walk towards the closet.

I havnt gotten around to Panic Bomber yet, but we had a blast playing Cobra Triangle and Gradius III!!

I've got some really cool goodies on their way from a MR.Marriot_Guy so I should have a good update when that stuff gets here.
That copy of Sonic CD looks so sad sitting by its lonesome.  You should at least put a copy of Silpheed or Shining Force CD next to it for warmth and companionship...
Sonic CD is lonely, but dont worry he'll get some company soon enough....
Excellent storage area for all your games. 
I love how this all came together.  Looks really cool.

I really like those Saturn games.  LOL
@ Cverz2

About half my saturn stuff came from you!! Its not uncommon for large chunks of my game collection to come from rfgen members. You guys rock!!

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