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Posted on Jul 5th 2011 at 01:13:28 PM by (Crabmaster2000)
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Its been to long since I've updated the pictures in my game room. Its grown and changed a lot since my last update in February 2010. I've added several new system with gems like the NEO GEO AES and SEGA CDX and some oldies like the Colecovision and Intellivision and even rounded out my modern system with a 360 and PS3 (neither of which are pictured since they are hooked up to the living room TV for now). My collection has expanded slowly in some parts (PS2, PS), exploded in others (TG16, SEGA CD), stayed the same in some (XBOX), but grown moderately in most areas.

We had out basement flood during the winter and even though it wasnt close to my game room I unhooked everything and made sure it was safely away from the ground. This caused a bit of disorganization, but it seemed like a decent trade off. When rfgen had its last submission contest I was interested in contributing. Because we dont have a scanner at home I had to transport every single item that was scanned or added in some way. This just demolished anything resembling organization in my room. Game were scattered around the room in tubs and boxes.

Last week it was finally warm enough to remove our outside door frame and get the pesky leak (which was being held at bay by a tarp I rigged up underneath our deck for the last several months) fixed. With that worry out of the way I finally had the drive to get this room back together. I spent hours cleaning contacts and stickers off cases in order to put as much of it as possible out on display. I nearly got it all with only around a dozen items not shelved at the moment (they are still awaiting cleaning or some sort). It became apparent that I was going to need some more space and to juggle a few things around. This meant adding yet another row of shelving. Luckily I saved my paint swatch (is that what they are called?) from last time so I was able to match it perfectly and paint the new shelf and also touch up a few spots that got scuffed.

With the new shelf up I set out to cram all my game related crap onto it. Turns out I was still in need of some room so I had to remove anything that wasnt gaming related that previously resided in the area. This mean bye bye comics, cds, and records. They were all moved to other areas of the house to make room for the good stuff.

Now onto the pictures!! I'll leave a little note under each one describing anything I think is important or new from last time. There is a really cool new item at the end too so make sure you scroll all the way down.

View when entering the room.

First box is the cleaning/repairing/shipping box. The other two are items for resale or trade. Guitar Hero drums are always out since my kid just likes to mess around with them when I'm cleaning up in the room.

A big upgrade in comfort from the old futon I had in the room. My in-laws left town and if that wasnt gift enough they didnt want to take this with them and gave it to us for free! Its in really great shape and was from a pet free home. Feels great to lounge around playing RPGs now.

View from the couch

Close up of the setup under the TV.

My crappy CRT

System tower. Comics on top have since been removed. Now I can add another system or 5!

Right side view of the closet


Up high Right

Up high left


Half a CIB VB set

Some of the rarest or valuable NES games in my collection. I meant to take a pic of my Recca also, but forgot. I'll definately add one to my profile pics soon though.

Now for my newest goody

I've been offering to buy various Arcade Machines from a place called Bubbabaloos (its like a poor man's Chucky Cheese) for literally years now. A little while ago we were having a dinner with my wife's cousins and someone mentioned that it closed down a few days prior. I was excited and nervous to hear that. It was really my only chance at having an Arcade machine for a decent price. It either meant I could finally score one or that I was to late. We drove down the next morning and my wife asked if she could go in and talk to them. After waiting patiently in the care with my son I saw my wife skipping out of the building. She said that most of the machines were gone to staff members, but the remaining few had to be gone by that evening or they were going to the dump. Knowing I had my eye on the Metal Slug 3 Neo Geo machine my wife recognized it was still there with a staffs name and number on it. She gave the owner our number to call if they were hauling any machines off to the dump for us to pick up. I had to work that night so it was off to bed.

My wife startled me awake around 18:00 the same day which was about 4 hours into my sleep for the day and said they just called and wanted the machines gone. We called my father and borrowed his vehicle while he watched my son. Grabbed my brother and sped off to see what they had left. All that was remaining was a Virtua Tennis cab and a WWF Dual cab that had been stripped of some of its hardware. After chatting breifly with the owner about the games, (and seeing my wife grin from ear to ear when learning there would now be 2 NAOMIs in the house) we loaded them both up and took them home. No you didnt miss the part where money changed hands. Free Arcade Cabinets!!!

Since we had our door frame off to fix the leak in our basement it made moving the Virtua Tennis cab in relatively easy. Which was nice since it weighs a freakin ton. I did manage to sneak a game in on my driveway against my brother before hand though. We scuffed the back of the machine a bit when moving it in, but its mostly unharmed and it pretty good overall condition. The marquee lights work, sound it great, screen has very minimal burn in and no discoloration, coin slot works like a charm and the buttons and stick are all very responsive.

Unfortunately the WWF Machine wouldnt fit into our house even with the frame of our door off. I stripped it for its parts and its making its way to the dump now. Got 2 monitors, 4 joy sticks and a big ol box of buttons and wires out of it so it wasnt a complete waste.

My wife also surprised me that she had secretly gotten the name and number off the Neo Geo cabinet. We bugged the girl a couple times offering her a few hundred dollars for the machine, but apparently her brother was very attached to it. We left the offer on the table and our number, but dont expect to hear back from her. Still a good day! So I went back to sleep to squeeze in one more hour of zzzzzs before I started work. Man was I tired all night, but it was totally worth it.

I probably wouldnt have had this cabinet if it wasnt for my wife, so she likes to brag how great she is now and I cant argue with her at all. She is definitely great to have around.

Now I'm just looking to convert the machine into something more my style. Any suggestions for good NAOMI games??

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Gigawing 2?
The NAOMI board is basically like having a Dreamcast in your arcade cab.

Here's a list to get you started:
I am a fan of Gigawing, but it would be nice to get something unique that I couldnt aquire on any system I own.
Great looking room man.  Love the set up and the shelving.
Looks fantastic, maybe when I move next I'll have a room to do something as cool as it.
Beautiful! The system set up is quite nice! A couple of small white sheets sewn to fit loosely about the top of the consoles would help keep dust off any machines you don't use daily, or to protect them while you're out on vacation or business. I seem to recall my grandfather had something like that for his monitor, keyboard and mouse, back in the C64 days, but it's hard to remember that far back.

Do you have Game Boy games? I keep mine in one of those cardboard cases made for Magic:TG cards, with boxes and manuals folded up and stored away for safekeeping.

Congrats on scoring the cabinets, btw!
@Singlebanana - The shelving was tricky and took a lot of planning to figure out how I wanted to set it up. I was tempted to tear down the closet walls, but decided to keep them once I saw what we could do with the custom shelving. It was a bit of work, but I'm very pleased with the outcome.

@pdrydia - Luckily the dust isnt to bad in this room since its fairly low traffic and our entire basement is devoid of windows. I dont have to dust to often because of that. No handheld games other than my DS stuff at the moment. There are a few GB and GBA games I'd love to get, but I cant stand the loose carts for either system and they are VERY hard to find CIB and also pretty expensive. Hoping to get a PSP for a decent price when the Vita hits stores and start building a small library of those games I missed out on.
Lucky you with the dust. We've got an ancient cat and some cranky ventilation in our apartment complex, the dust has a life of its own here.

I guess I'm lucky that I prefer cart only Game Boy games--they take up less room and I don't have to worry about the boxes, which are so easy to crunch. I can definitely appreciate the collector's impulse, though -- I can't make myself throw out the boxes I have! (And certainly not the manuals.)
Nice setup! I like the Virtual Boy-esque color scheme. Loose GB games are all I go for, lots of fun and easy to store. One of my friends showed me that a Velveeta box is perfect to hold them.

I'm a bit jealous of the NES rarities. I've been putting off most of the expensive titles for the end of my collection.
@Duke.Togo - The color theme was actually matched to the colors from the night time levels on Super Mario Bros. Thats why the trim is darker than it would be if I matched it to a VB.

The thing that bugs me about loose GB/GBA games (and a few other systems) is the lack of end labels. I like to display everything so I dont have to search through it to find what I want to play.

Whenever the opportunity arrises or I just happen to have a bit more disposable income than normal I've made a point to cross an expensive game off my list. It would be so painfully slow when I get to the last handful of games to have only expensive and rare stuff left so I tried to space them out instead of having to do them all at once. I didnt expect to get so many done when I've still got nearly half the games left to track down, but its not exactly a bad problem to have. Now I just get to focus on grabbing expensive games for other systems when I get the chance.
Great blog post. The story of the Virtua Tennis cab is interesting. Shame you missed on the Neo, but oh well, can't have everything, not to mention that the cab you did get was free!
Awesome post!  I really love your game room, and your wall of games in your closet looks fantastic!  It looks great, and is how I'd eventually like to have my games set up.  Awesome score on the Virtua Tennis cab.
Yeah, the lack of end labels on GB/C games is definitely irritating. My current system for finding game is definitely "homemade", not as neat as I'd like, even if they are all in alphabetical order. One day, I'd like to just buy a plastic case for every game I own and put a label on the end of those cases. But I have going on 350 games now, and most people want to charge you $1 or more for a case...there's no way I'm spending that kind of money on cases!

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