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Posted on Jul 29th 2009 at 11:31:06 PM by (Crabmaster2000)
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Well we just got a call back from our Mortgage Broker and our financing has been confirmed!!! The house is ours to move into August 29th!!!

Here is the listing if anyone is interested in checking out some pictures of the house:

Its pretty exciting and once we get in I'll by starting a Blog, with pics, to chronicle the setup up this game room. I'll also be asking for advice on many things im sure.

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Very nice looking home.  Love the finished basement and I'm sure that is going to be home to the new gameroom.  Looking forward to pictures of the setup.
The new gameroom is in a seperate room in the basement. Its not pictured on that site, but I'll be sure to post some pictures when we move in. That room in the basement you can see on that site will be the family/rec room.
Congrats!  2252 sqft.  NICE  I wish my house had that much room.  Can't wait to see the new gameroom.
Hmmm, the link didn't work for me. Great that you'll be having a seperate game room though. Smiley
Congrats on getting the house and so quickly too!
One tip that might help you set up your game room, lay out all the furniture you want in it at once with nothing on them and nothing set up. While I was setting up my new game room I had a huge problem getting stuff to fit because I didn't do this and had no real plan and just winged the whole thing.
@Sirgin: Since the house sold, the realtor probably took it off the site. The link worked for me the other day, but it quit working since then.
Thanks for the tip NES_Rules. I plan to take my time and get this room setup properly so that was very helpful advice.

And yeah it looks like the listing has been removed from that webpage now, so the pictures no longer work.

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