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Posted on Mar 23rd 2010 at 12:45:05 PM by (Crabmaster2000)
Posted under Off The Shelf, Banjo Kazooie, Platforming, Adventure, N64, Last One

Like many of the games we've played here this one needs very little introduction. Its one of the most critically acclaimed and commercially successful games released for the N64. Banjo Kazooie plays quite simliar to Super Mario 64, but with a much heavier emphasise on collecting items and battling enemies.

So your fellow rfgenners and I in April to play one of the best games the N64 had to offer!

IMPORTANT - Because of a general lack of interest and participation this will be the last month we do an Off The Shelf. If your ever looking to have someone to discuss a game with as you play it, and that game is in my collection, feel free to PM me so we can get to it. Thanks for gaming with me these last few months those of you that have. It was fun!!

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It's really to bad this failed to get off the ground, there was so much interest at first. I for one will be joining in on one of the best platformers on the N64 Smiley
Hey this lasted longer than the one i started years ago.
Of course the site has gotten much larger since.

Shame your not going to keep this up. It was the only thing drawing me away from my 360 games.
Maybe you should grab one Crabby :-P

Anyways i'll pick this up on XBLA probably since my N64s are still at mi mamas house and i don't have anywhere to hook it up at my place.
@Izret101:as someone who completed the XBLA game, I'll tell ya the only difficult achievement is the puzzle one for Bottles

I've heard rumors of a new model 360 coming later this year. If it proves to be more reliable than the current offerings I may be inclined to pick up a 360. Glad I could pry you away from yours for a little while Tongue.

@Crabmaster2000: My RE5 360 has given me no troubles at all. Only cost me ~340$s brand new which was pretty awesome.
Just hold out for a coupon deal from eBay/Paypal(mine was 10% off) and check it out. Usually people offer free shipping on them too. Or at least they did when i was looking.

It's been fun either way Smiley
$340 is waaaaay to rich for me. If I was spending that kind of money I'd grab a PS3 over the 360 without hesitation. I'd only grab a 360 for around $100 if they release a more reliable model, $50 in their current state.
@Crabmaster2000: Agreed. There's some awesome games in the 360 library, but I hate the fact that when you buy one you're playing a game of console roulette with 50% chance of it breaking.
@Sirgin:Things have most certainly improved though since the inclusion of the Jasper chip in 360 Tongue

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