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Posted on Apr 8th 2009 at 01:32:20 AM by (Crabmaster2000)
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This list is only going to be top 5 for two reasons

1) There are barely over 10 options to choose from
2) Im feeling lazy today

So on with the list!!!!

5) Mega Man 5 - Super Arrow

From Mega Man 5 the Super Arrow is almost useless.... but at least they tried something kinda different. It is a lot fun to play around with and use to climb walls however.

4)Mega Man 3 - Rush Coil

The original Rush Coil, much like the original Rush Jet rocks all other versions. Its pretty simple. Jump on your dog and a big spring bounces you way higher than you can jump on your own. Some of the other versions get annoying when the dog bounces with you and stuff. I like it simple.

3) Mega Man 2 - Item 2

This little gem lets you shoot out a long beam that sticks around for a few seconds. This is to help Mega Man by letting him run across a long pit, avoid enemies that have limited range or climb to higher areas by using several small ones. While its not necessary to use this item to complete the game it damn well makes it alot more bearable.

2) Mega Man 3 - Rush Jet

You get to fully control the Jet unlike some of the later versions of the Rush Jet that propel you forward without choice. Not only is it incredibly handy for passing over challenging areas, but useful for fighting certain bosses, because it gives you the ability to hover in one spot temporarily and just unload your arm cannon into them.

1) Mega Man 6 - Rush Jet

This personally is the highlight of the whole game for me. Rush transforms into a huge backpack that attaches to Mega Man and give him is own Jet boosting abilities. Plus he looks so badass.

Sorry for the long delay if anyone was actually waiting for these. I went on vacation for one week and then we had the server change last week. This one kinda felt uninspired so I'll try to make it better next week.

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