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Posted on Oct 1st 2017 at 12:00:00 AM by (Crabmaster2000)
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This could be me soon!

While I eagerly anticipate the arrival of October because of my trip down south to meet up with several rfgen members to once again attend the seminal Retro World Expo, I'm making sure I've got my wishlist in order and ready to rock. This trip gives me the opportunity to delve into the stock of dozens of stores and vendors that I'd normally never have access to while at home. My hope is to be able to find some of the more challenging games to obtain in different sets. Since completing my licensed NES and Turbografx 16 collections, I've been focusing on completing a few other full libraries. Some easier than others.....

Dreamcast - This is a very obtainable full set to go for. The prices on the most expensive games pale in comparison to most other systems. Games are typically CIB and in decent condition, even the rarer titles. It's very comparable to the N64 in size, but has far fewer titles that are in hot competition and nothing comparable to the rental exclusives of other systems. While I only need around 80 more titles for this system to be complete, the only real uncommon one left on my wishlist is Jojo's Bizzare Adventure. After that, it's just catching up on mainly $10 and under titles. Child's Play!

Virtual Boy - This is one collection that I've been plugging away at for nearly a decade! It's an incredibly small library, but the games are very hard to come by. Fortunately, I was able to get CIB copies of the most expensive titles out of the way a long time ago, so I'm hoping to come across a CIB copy of Nester's Funky Bowling, Vertical Force and just a manual for Tetris during my hunts. If I can manage those three things, then my set will be completed!

SNES - I've still got about 150 games left in this library, which might seem like a ways to go, but as with my collecting style, I've already obtained the worst games as far as budgeting goes. There are 12 games remaining on my SNES wishlist that typically go for around the $100 mark, give or take $20. If I can come home with 1-2 more off of that list, I'll be quite satisfied. On top of those, I'll also be on the lookout for some cheap sports/kids games that I still haven't had the luxury of purchasing.

Wii U - Since this system is still so new it's less of a priority right now, so I'm not expecting to come home with one of the 50 titles I still need for it unless I stumble across an amazing deal for something on my wishlist. I'd much rather focus my energy on the systems mentioned above for this trip and shift to full Wii U mode at a later time.

The best kind of carbs...

PS2 - This is an odd one as I'm not sure I'll ever actually get to a complete library. All I know is that I'm having a really fun time plugging away at it. I do expect I'll come home with at least a few new PS2 titles. Whether they are filler titles I bundle in with a more exciting purchase or some unique and interesting looking titles I don't want to pass over in fear of not coming across them again for years, I can't yet say. With such a huge library and me still needing about 40% of it, there will be ample opportunity to build it up a few steps closer to that full set goal.

Beyond the sets above and budget permitting I'll definitely be on the lookout for some of the more obscure items on my wishlist as well. Neo Geo games are non-existent up here thus far and last trip down to the same area I saw about half a dozen AES/MVS games for sale during our travels. It's always extremely exciting for me to add another Neo Geo game to the collection, so I'm hoping to spot some again this time.

If you know me you know I love collecting Atlus games. They have a couple potato themed GB games that are incredibly hard to find, so I'll be keeping my eagle eye out for one or both of those at each stop.

I have no intention of going for a full Genesis, Master System or Saturn collection, but I'm fairly close to completing my wishlist on each of those systems, so if the opportunity arises to get one of the more expensive games for each of those I'll likely be taking advantage of that opportunity. MUSHA, Golden Axe Warrior, and House of the Dead are all of special interest on their respective systems.

Money is far from infinite, so I won't be able to complete all of these goals during my trip, but if I can come home with 2-3 of these crossed off my wishlist, I'll be a happy camper. Even if I strike out completely, I'll likely come home a happy camper since I get to spend my week in some of the best company around!

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I bet we'll find a few to scratch off. 1 week!
Great job with your collection so far and good luck for what you are looking for.  I do have one question, though.  What does your wife think about you spending a lot of money for a single game?
@shaggy: She's seen me make a viable business out of buying and selling video games so she doesn't bug me about it. As long as we are paying the bills and everyone at home is taken care of it's all good.

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