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Posted on Oct 17th 2010 at 12:57:36 PM by (Crabmaster2000)
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I though I'd be a sheep and follow suit with the Halloween theme this time. While I'm not usually a fan of endorsing holidays I've been wanting to do this game for a while and it seems like a good time.

You've probably heard the old adage a million times: "There are no good 3D Castlevania games!". I would beg to differ. There is at least one!. Lament of Innocence isnít only good, I'd go as far as to call it awesome.

LoI plays around with a few different elements of the previous Castlevania games but doesnít really add much new to the series. That may be a turn off to some, but it really hits the spot for me. Toss in some fairly easy to learn hack n' slash style fighting (with a narrow focus on combos), tons of awesome ways to use your secondary weapons, a dash of platforming and puzzle solving and just a hint of Symphony of the Night style exploration and you've got a fantastic game.

I'm obviously a fan of the gameplay elements, but the game also shines in a few other areas. The graphics arenít going to blow you away, but they are moody and create a great atmosphere for the game. Since the Vampire you are assaulting has a stone that creates an eternal night you'll find the entire game quite dark. Even with the focus on darkness the level design is pretty varied ranging from Theater settings to Gardens to (this is probably my favorite name for a level ever!) Anti-Soul Mystery Labs!.

LoI also has a pretty rockinsound track. Easily one of my favorites on the PS2. If your a fan of game music youtube the songs from any of these levels: Anti-Soul Mystery Lab, House of Sacred Remains and Pagoda of the Misty Moon. There are a few stinkers in the game, but overall the music is fantastic.

One of my favorite parts is the story. Its quite sparse and short, and even has some pretty awful dialogue and voice acting. Why is it so great then? You get to learn the origins of the Belmont's favorite tool, the Vampire Killer! And it has a pretty freaking awesome twist to it. I'll admit that it sounds kind of lame learning the back story of a whip, but it really does have a disturbing tale to tell.

The game has a decent amount to do after completion. There are secret characters, extra modes and in most cases a lot more exploration to get to that 100% and find those secret items scattered about the castle.

Anyway donít let the cursed name of a 3D Castlevania keep you away from this title. Its dirt cheap to find and definitely worth the cost. Enjoy!

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This was a pretty awesome game IMO. The backstory of the Vampire Killer was pretty cool too.

Too bad the Vampire Killer is nothing more then a nickname for the Combat Cross in the new game. Sad
This is another one that's in my (enormous) pile of shame unfortunately. I'd love to get the time to play it before I eventually dive into Lords of Shadow, whenever that may be.
While I'm not usually a fan of endorsing holidays I've been wanting to do this game for a while and it seems like a good time.

Cue Beavis & Butt-Head laughter.

Yeah, yeah, I know-- I'm replying to this entry more than two months after the fact. Bite me!

Anyhoo: I bought the strategy guide to this at a garage sale, but I don't own the game itself. Looks like I'll be adding it to the search list. Thanks for the heads-up on this one...
Well, actually a little less than two months.

Sorry 'bout that...
People still read these months after I write them?!?!
@Crabmaster2000:I've only been registered with RFGeneration for about a month, and have only been checking out the blogs over the past week. I figured if I found an entry that I felt warranted a reply, I'd give it one regardless of how old it is...

...granted it shows up on "Hot Entries" and "Hot Community Entries" sections. If it's buried, I'm not likely to check it out.


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