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Posted on Apr 20th 2013 at 08:09:49 PM by (Crabmaster2000)
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With my recent pick up of Pandora's Tower for my much adored Wii I was struck with the thought that it will likely be the final Wii game I buy at MSRP. I'm a bit saddened by that as the Wii was by far my favorite console of the last generation's choices. We picked it up on launch day and never looked back. It easily got the most usage of the 3 consoles in our house and that is because we primarily use our game consoles for gaming (*gasp*), and rarely for the other features. And with my aversion to digital gaming the Wii had the software that I was most interested in spending my money on. There are far too many great games for me to mention them all so I'm just gonna spend some time outlining some of my favorites.

If you feel I missed out on one of your favorites I'd love to hear about them too!

What a fantastic re-imagining of a classic NES game. This is how reboots should be done. It kept everything that made the original game fun like the puzzle solving and variety of options you had available. It also added its own beautiful art style and atmosphere as well as made it both challenging and user friendly for newer players. Both my 3-4 year old son (at the time of playing) and I had an fantastic time with it. A must have for any Puzzle-Platformer fan.

Many people seem to complain about the lack of diversity in modern gaming, but I feel that if you dig around far enough into certain libraries you can find something to fill almost any void, and I think that Shiren is a good example of that. Retail releases of Dungeon Crawlers seem to be disappearing so I was pretty please to learn about Shiren. It doesn't really do anything new to the genre, but all the things that it does do are exactly what I wanted. Random Dungeons? Check. Tons of loot? Check. Merciless difficulty? Check. Strong JRPG feel? Check. The game plays like something out of the SNES era, and I really appreciate finding experiences like that in this age.

Much like I said with Dungeon Crawlers disappearing from the retail space, Beat'em Ups have been quickly disappearing even quicker from the shelves it seems. Spyborgs was able to fill that hole in my modern library perfectly. If you and a buddy are keen to smash through countless baddies in a very Captain Commando-esque kind of way then I think you'll enjoy Spyborgs quite a bit.

For a system that was heavily promoting living room multiplayer it was odd to me to see Smooth Moves was a single player game. Because of that we held off on getting it until we found it for cheaper. Turns out that even though its a single player game it was one of our favorite multiplayer titles on the system. It was a blast watching your friends and family act like idiots as they held the Wii Remote in odd positions and attempted to play through a lightening quick barrage of mini-games related to the position they held the Wii Remote in. Not much to keep you playing by yourself, but soooo much fun with at least one other person around.

Seems there is a theme here of me lamenting that many of my favorite genres are either disappearing, changing drastically or moving into the digital arena. Luckily I've been finding that if I keep an ear to the ground I can occasionally uncover titles like Cursed Mountain that keep me from getting too depressed. Cursed Mountain is a survival horror titles that instils a very lonely atmosphere in the player. The setting of a Tibetan Mountain is pretty unique and the fact that you are climbing it alone for a vast majority of the game left me with a great impression of this creepy title.

I was/am a HUGE fan of Super Mario RPG on the SNES, but neither Paper Mario game on the N64 or Gamecube really hit the spot for me. Super Paper Mario didn't reach that SNES level for me either, but it did vastly improve on the previous two Paper Mario titles for me. Playing as 4 of the main Mario characters was great and the paper aesthetic was really nailed this time with the ability to from the X to the Y axis.

I'm ok lumping these two together since they are so similar. One genre that really lost me in the transition to 3D was definitely platformers. Being pretty much my favorite genre in the 2D era I was pretty sad (with a few exceptions) at 3D platforming. Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 were so polished though that I had no choice but to enjoy them. The second one was a bit better for me due to losing the hub area for a nice streamlined overworld map though. Just a lot of solid platforming in a time when I was rapidly loosing faith in the genre.

Most people seem to think its a bad thing to rehash the same game with minor changes to it. Not me though. If I love something I want new games, but I want it to feel very similar to the original game. Punch-Out!! doesn't really offer much beyond what the original game did, but that doesn't bother me in the least. In fact its exactly what I wanted..... more Punch-Out!!

A compilation disc consisting of 5 great ports of previous KoF games, one of my favorite fighting seires of all time, is a win in my books. In addition to having KoF 94-98 there is a nice little challenge mode in which you have to win specific handicapped fights which I found easy to loose a few hours in.

It should become apparent by now that I'm not exactly keeping up with the path of modern gaming. Fighters moving into the 3D arena have left me in the dust. I much prefer the 2D fighters, especially ones drawn with sprites as opposed to 3D models (Street Fighter IV is one of the ugliest games of all time Wink ). Guilty Gear not only looks great, but its a ton of fun. Large cast of very unique characters, sweet soundtrack, stunning sprites and backgrounds, fluid gameplay and tons of flashy moves. Easily one of my favorite fighters on any system.

As I mentioned above I havn't exactly embraced digital gaming. I'm quite confident that there would be a significant number of downloadable games that I would absolutely love. On some systems there might even be MORE downloadable games that I enjoy than retail releases. I still can't bring myself to spend money without receiving a physical copy of my game. So when cool things like Geometry Wars or Bit Trip Runner get talked up I'm a little jealous. So its really cool for me when those games get physical releases and they were definitely worth the wait Cheesy

This is one of the few genres from my youth that seems alive and well on consoles these days. You might have to look around a little bit or spend a couple extra bucks, but there are plenty of scrolling shooters around if you've got a keen eye. Castle of Shikigami II was one of my favorite on the PS2 so when I heard there was a sequel coming out on the Wii I knew I would eventually own it. And it didn't disappoint. Not only does it have the same awesome gameplay, diverse cast of characters, great theme and sound, but thankfully it kept the incredibly poor translation that added so much of the flavor I loved in the 2nd one.

Was anyone asking for a Mario Kart style racer starring Donkey Kong characters? Probably not...... but it works!! The course design is awesome and each area has a ton of boosts, shortcuts and items to keep each race interesting.

I love me some obscure scrolling shooters and getting 3 solid titles for the price of one can't be beat. The fact that I can only get one of these titles without importing (and its a great title!) is just icing on the cake. Really a great value here if you're a scrolling shooter fan.

When I played the Pikmin games on the Gamecube they were alright. Didn't really get what all the fuss was about. When I played Pikmin on the Wii I absolutely got what all the fuss was about though. Pretty much all the other New Play Control titles sucked. Pikmin though just blew me away. Even though I'd played it before it was like I was playing a whole new game for the first time. The pointer really added a lot to the game and made and already good game into something amazing for me.

Knowing of Sonic's bad track record lately first hand I had no intentions of playing this title. My wife, trying to support me as she always does, bought me this game as a gift. Seeing as she went out of her way to pick it up for me the least I could do was give it a try. It has since become of my favorite Sonic titles of all time, with the exception of the standard Genesis games in the series. Its soooo much fun and......wait for it...... its actually fast!!!

On top of the solid single player game there is a Mario Party clone tucked in there in the multiplayer mode. And its surprisingly solid as well. Who'd have thunk it?

One of the few games ever having me contemplating importing was Sin & Punishment for the N64. With my aversion to imports and to digital downloads it seemed as though I was destined to break down and choose one of the two options if I wanted to try the game (emulation is NEVER an option Cheesy ). Boom Nintendo surprises the bejesus out of me and localizes a sequel to the game. And its FANTASTIC!! The stages are so frantic and full of action in every second and some of the boss fights are just mind bogglingly epic.

An extremely disturbing re-imagining of the original Silent Hill game. They really play up the psychological aspects of the game by having part of it take place interacting with a Psychiatrist. How you answer the shrink affects the rest of the game in hopes of making it that much more disturbing for you. So answering truthfully should theoretically make the game all the creepier. On top of that your main character has literally no way of defending himself against the enemies. No guns, no pipes, your fists won't even do you any good. So you'd better run!!

I think this game make the best use of the Wii Remote of any game I've played also. It acts as both your flash light and your smart phone in some very clever ways.

I still remember checking the countdown site prior to this game launching. It was so exciting seeing what new characters were slowly being teased and announced. I've yet to be disappointed by a Smash Bros game and Brawl was no exception. One of the best games 4 people can sit down with.

One of the earlier games to experiment with the systems Point & Click Adventure possibilities and still one of the best. Great atmosphere, lots of content, amusing story and characters, very challenging puzzles and surprisingly large amount of replay value.

I'll admit that I'm a fan of the cartoon this is licensed from and that definitely factors into my enjoyment of the game. But Way Forward seem to be masters of taking a licensed property and entirely keeping the feel of the show and somehow still making a solid game around it. Granted some of their titles (this one included) are focused at a slightly younger crowd, I feel like they'll still resonate with fans of the series.

If you havn't seen the show its a very goofy take on the Batman universe. It pulls out all sorts of obscure heroes and villains from his massive history and has them sputtering out a TON of witty banter at each other. The game itself plays like an old 2D Beat'em Up (which is awesome on its own!!), but the constant stream of amusing dialogue during the game really stays true to the show and is just downright fun to listen to.

Kind of a 3D Puzzle-Platformer de Blob is a bit hard to explain and make it sound cool. Basically all the color has been taken from your world and you and a small group of resistance fighters are out to bring that color back and eliminate the baddies that took it in the first place. So you basically cover yourself in paint and then rub yourself all over the city. You kind of have to play it to see why that's more fun than it sounds Smiley

One of my favorite games of ALL TIME. Another gift from my wife and this time she really nailed it, and probably regretted getting it for me Wink. I got this game before my son was born, when I still had a lot of gaming time when I was at home. And I played the crap out of this game. I needed to beat it. Then I need to beat it on Hard. Then I need to beat it on hard with all the secret characters. Then I needed to beat it on Hard without losing a single character throughout the game. I find this to be the most addicting strategy RPG I've ever played by a mile. The story and characters are just awesome and the game play is perfect. The previous Fire Emblem game on the Gamecube is a great extension of the universe too, because if you're like me it just won't be enough Fire Emblem for you.

This game is kind of like Cursed Mountain in that I love it so much because of the atmosphere created in it. You play as a young boy in a post apocalyptic world. You "grand father" has just died prior to beginning the game and is basically the only person you've ever known. Upon leaving your long time home on a journey you encounter and enchanting young lady who promptly runs off. You are so desperate for companionship that the rest of the game involves you searching for this girl. You always feel very alone and weak during the game and even though its not really a survival horror (its an action JRPG), you can definitely feel that genres influence throughout.

I was a huge fan of Odin Sphere on the PS2 so Muramasa was a no brainer for me to pick up. It lost much of the cooking/collecing aspect of Odin Sphere which I was a little saddened by, but it kept the amazing art style, combat and added a weapon crafting system, 2 characters entwined in the same story and many multiple endings. Worth every penny!!

Who says RTS games can't work on consoles? Little King's Story has you exploring a very cute new world as your people's new king. While exploring, hunting enemies and collecting materials you'll also be expected to expand your city and keep your citizens employed. You'll eventually develop the technology you'll need to see the incredibly depressing ending (depressing as in emotional, not disappointing).

This is our go to party game. Its only got 4 mini-games, but 3 of the 4 of them are endlessly fun. The main reason to play this game is for the Tap Runner game. In this game each player sets their Wii Remote onto a card board box on their lap (yeah you need at least 4 boxes to play with your friends, lol). By tapping the box on each side you'll get your stick man moving along the course. Tapping them both together cause him to jump. Using those two simple moves you race your opponents through an obstacle course to see who is the fastest. We've had people of all ages and gaming experience have an absolute blast playing Tap Runner. Its a game that is easily found in the bargain bin for $5-$10 so do yourself a favor and at least give it a try. A few of the other games are pretty decent too, but Tap Runner is reason enough to pick up Let's Tap.

Katamari meets Cubivore. Each everything you can and evolve into a bigger monster that is capable of eating even more is the basic premise of the game. The game is basically propaganda for kids to each their vegetables, but man is it fun. mmmmmmm...... asparagus.......

The Wii gets some flak for its cheap on rail/light gun games. Both the Resident Evil Chronicles games have done it right though. There is a ton of content, solid multi-player OR single player gaming, a lot of replay value, and if you're a RE fan there is a lot of nostalgia and goodies tossed in there for you. Even if you're not the biggest RE fan, but just like light gun games these are both some of the best options on a home console.

As a guy who has almost entirely missed out on PC gaming during my life its great to see some titles like these get ported over to home consoles. Unsure what to expect, but craving more Pointing and Clicking after finishing Zack & Wiki I bought the first Sam & Max game and atually convinced my wife to play it with me. I can't even begin to describe how funny I find these games. The writing in them is just amazing. And the fact they the 2nd game somehow begins exactly where the insane ending of the first game finished up was amazing. The further you go into them the wackier they get, but the entire time they are both bizarrely amusing.

One of the few studios that puts out RPGs that interest me in this era is Mistwalker. I loved what they did with both Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon, so I was pretty psyched and then bummed and then psyched again to learn about The Last Story finally getting localized and released. A few members here at rfgen joined me in playing through this game and while it was slow to start it ended up being a very strong game overall with a fantastic blend of action and strategic combat with some cool characters and a compelling story.

There are many other games that I enjoyed on the system, but these above I'd call my favorites so far. I've also got many more games sitting on my backlog that I'm pretty confident will make this list eventually and that's not even mentioning the plethora of games on my WTB list that I'm always actively searching for to try out. So while the Wii gets a lot of hate, some justified some not, it was always welcome in my home and I look forward to digging even deeper into library.

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32 selections, and not a mention of Deadly Creatures? Huh.

I'm still lookin' for that one BTW, as well as Cursed Mountain.

And now I gotta find me that Ultimate Shooting Collection. Shame on you for not revealing the existence of this one to me until now.

Weird thing is, I actually wondered in the back of my mind what you thought of Spyborgs when I picked it up recently. I found out when I caught your review on the game's description page when I added the title to my collection...
Very nice list, Crabby; most I've played and could completely agree.  Some more of my favorites:

Bit.Trip Complete
Blast Works (oh, the unlockables!  a shmup-fan's dream!)
Boom Blox series (HOW YOU NO LIST BOOM BLOX!?!)
Data East Arcade Classics (my oldest son and I beat our first arcade games together from this)
Dead Space Extraction
Excite Truck
Ghost Squad (if you can get this cheap, its a 20 minute riot for 4 players)
Heavenly Guardian
Kirby's Dream Collection
Kirby's Epic Yarn
Lost in Shadow (so creepy...)
Mario Kart Wii
Mario Strikers Charged (me and three friends against the AI, so many intense matches)
Metal Slug Anthology
New Super Mario Bros. (I have to assume this was omitted because you ran out of room...)
Okami (OK, this must have been missed because I think the PS2 version is slightly better)
Phantom Brave

-I'm just going to admit that I have an unexplainable soft spot for every Rabbids game because for some inexplicable reason I still find them bizarrely hilarious.  I have no excuse.  Also fun party games.

Rhythm Heaven Fever
Samurai Shodown Anthology (I personally prefer SS to KoF)
Sky Crawlers
SNK Arcade Classics Vol. 1 (STILL WAITING FOR VOL.2-10!!)
Tetris Party Deluxe
the Trauma Center games

Those are what I'd add just looking over my own collection.

I just shake my head at folks who say the Wii 'has no games worth playing.' *sigh*
@Zagnorch: I really liked Deadly Creatures, but I wouldn't count it among my favorites. It was a great playthrough the first time, but there is little reason to revisit it. All the games listed above I have yet to grow tired of.

@slackur: Many of the games you listed I've played and enjoyed, but like I mentioned to Zagnorch, I don't count them among my favorites. I eventually grew tired of games like Blast Works, Ghost Squad, Boom Blox, New Super Mario, etc.

Depending on the situation I would recommend most of those games to others though.

I didn't really care for Okami and the PS2 so I've never bothered grabbing the Wii version though. And Phantom Brave didn't hit the spot for me either.

Xenoblade Chronicles is still sitting on my backlog unfortunately Sad

Lost in Shadow is VERY high on my Wii WTB list. Looks like it would be something I could really dive into.

Lastly I'm a bit embarrassed to say that I just plain old forgot to add Kirby's Epic Yarn to my list which is definitely a favorite at my house. My son and I have spent many hours together on that one and are eagerly looking forward to Yarn Yoshi for the Wii U.
great list, now i've got a lot of new games to track down. some of these i've thought of getting before but a lot i've never heard of, most sound like something i would be interested in.

i haven't played it myself but i wonder what you thought of Skyward Sword, if you've played it yet? i've heard really good things about it and would expect it on a lot of top Wii lists.
@techwizard: Havn't played it yet. I do want to track down a copy, but honestly 3D Zelda games don't do much for me so I'm not that stoked to get it.
Great List Crabby! You may want to check out the new Legend of Zelda on your wife's 3DS when it come out Tongue

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