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Posted on Jul 6th 2011 at 01:27:42 PM by (Crabmaster2000)
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Some of you may remember me talking about doing a Speed Run of TMNT for the NES to submit to Twin Galaxies waaay back around Christmas time. I did infact record a run I was happy with (could be cleaned up a bit, but it was fairly decent) and sent it off to get verified. Unfortunately the same week I sent the tape in the NES ref left his position at TG.

It was unclear what was happening with submissions until a new ref emerged early in June. It was my hope that the tape was forwarded along to the new ref for verification, but it seems that he has cleared his submission backlog and my tape wasnt there.

Luckily for me I sent in a copy and still have the original. Sucks that I have to re-submit it, but at least its already done and hopefully things will go smoother this time. I'll update with some good news next time I hope.

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Good luck with that man.  Hope you hear good news soon.
Crabmaster, if you get the record, I will honestly sit down and set one for myself. Keep me up on the news and the process.
I really don't think there's any game I'm good enough at to go for any sort of record.
I had something similar happen to me with a speed run on ocarina of time back when it was released.  I submitted the first record attempt and durring the approval process the N64 ref at TG left.  I never got mine approved and others beat my time so I never bothered to resubmit it. 
@noiseredux: I'm in the same boat.

If you do get the record, that video has to go up online for the rest of us to see.
Thanks for the supports guys! I'll definitely keep you posted and I can walk anyone through the submission process that is interested.

@Noise & Bickman - You'd be surprised how many games dont have anything submitted for them yet. (especially handhelds, which you'd have to double check, but I'm pretty sure you can submit info for GB by recording a playthrough on the Super GB or GB Player). You may not have a unbeatable score, but you could always set the bar.

@Bickman - I dont have the setup or expertise to get a VHS tape recorded on my computer. I would be happy to forward it to someone willing to get a video of it up for me though.
@Crabmaster2000: I have the means to do it if you can make another copy of it.
Same. I have a VHS to DVD recorder.
SDA won't allow Super Game Boy recordings without offsetting the timer, but GB Player has the same timing. Not sure about TG.
I'll make sure to do an extra copy (need to borrow my dad's VCR again) and I'll ship it to whoever is cheaper. Thanks for the help guys!!
Good luck again Crabmaster. hope it goes smoother this time.
Good luck!  It would be awesome to see someone here get a record.

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