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Posted on Jan 2nd 2020 at 08:00:00 AM by (Crabmaster2000)
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To get straight to the point, we did not make our goal of beating every North American licensed NES game in the year 2019. Is that a disappointing outcome? Heck no! We ended up conquering 514 of the 669 game list in a single year. We had 30 members participate throughout the year! Some of which I havn't really had a good opportunity to interact with before and it gave me a chance to get to know them better. Beyond those 30 players we had several other members offer advice and support and simply cheer us on. Even though we fell short at the end we had an incredible time exploring new worlds, gritting our teeth over challenging areas, mashing buttons faster than ever before and most importantly, sharing our accomplishments with our peers.

It was quite heartwarming to see people scratch games off their backlog, overcome childhood hurtles and discover new favorites. Every game is not a winner, but I do feel there is something valuable to learn even from playing a stinker. I hope that every player feels that the time they invested in this community challenge was as worthwhile as I did. Whether you joined us for 1 game or 100 I'm incredibly thankful for your participation.

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Posted on Oct 10th 2011 at 12:13:19 PM by (Crabmaster2000)
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3 more worked off the list tonight. I had a lot of trouble remember the order for the master robots on MM5 and just ended up beating 6 of them with my M Buster. Its a solid game, but probably my least favorite MM.

6 Does a few different things from the rest of the series that keeps me more interested. The music in both isnt up to par for the series though.

I had no blinking issues in either MM game, but whenever I got hit on Castlevania I'd lose sight of my character until he recovered. Wasnt a big deal since Simon is Invulnerable when he is flashing anyway.

Dracula was a pain, as usual, and definitely took the most time. Took a few attempts to overcome Death aswell, but didnt spend a whole lot of time anywhere else.

Heres tonights screens:

3rd day of Challenge = 10/100

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