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Posted on Oct 10th 2011 at 12:13:19 PM by (Crabmaster2000)
Posted under NES Challenge, Mega, Man, 5, 6, Castlevania, Beaten

3 more worked off the list tonight. I had a lot of trouble remember the order for the master robots on MM5 and just ended up beating 6 of them with my M Buster. Its a solid game, but probably my least favorite MM.

6 Does a few different things from the rest of the series that keeps me more interested. The music in both isnt up to par for the series though.

I had no blinking issues in either MM game, but whenever I got hit on Castlevania I'd lose sight of my character until he recovered. Wasnt a big deal since Simon is Invulnerable when he is flashing anyway.

Dracula was a pain, as usual, and definitely took the most time. Took a few attempts to overcome Death aswell, but didnt spend a whole lot of time anywhere else.

Heres tonights screens:

3rd day of Challenge = 10/100

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